Wednesday, October 31, 2007

hi everyone its being a long long time since i come here. this entry is especially dedicated to my love one, isabel chen xiu min min min! haha. hope u dun tear up till this point my silly girl.

Few more hours and i'll be onboard the plane to australia for about 3 weeks. Its a long way from home and from you too dear, no matter what happens, persevere till the end ok? i know you can do it de. remember to have confidence in yourself at work and do your very best for yourself and for me ok? I'll take good care of myself there and dont worry so much. once i reach there if possible i'll try to contact you alright?

During this 23 days, make full use of this time to catch up with ur close frens and everything ok? its being a long long time since u last hang out with them right? sleep early every night and wake up on your own k? dun get any sick leave if ur not super sick ok? if not $$$ v little then u get demoralise again hahaha!!! so silly + gong to the max!! i like. wahahah.

Just know that i'll always love you and cherish every single moment with you k? Can't wait to get back and hug and kiss and teng you again... Good bye for now dearest min min...

Dun cry! hahaha. i love you!