Sunday, July 08, 2007

Whoa 1 month has passed since the day i got enlisted. Have a hard time adapting myself to army life during the first few weeks.. now, still not bad, just that training's quite tiring at some days though. Field camp's next week, duno how to survive man, the toughest thing i think in field camp is not about the training, its about shitting, sleeping, and the damn uncomfortable camo cream u have to put everyday. from the time u wake up and the time u go to sleep, camo have to be on at all times. can't wait for field camp to be over and hopefully they give us block leave, like 4 5 days off!!! 3 days also happy la..

Have to buy a few stuff for field camp. my stupiud buddy cum bus driver face now then tell me have to buy those things for field camp. cb him 4 his fucked up memory man.. walao long time no use com, type a few words my hands damn aching liao. sian ar!! next week cant book out. have to stay in 5 star hotel. gonna miss dear so much!

Watched transformer at last, nice movie man! i wanna go and buy the toy liao. whahahaha. i wanna go buy psp too when i have the money. Lots of nice games coming out on psp. gonna ask jx and gabriel to go buy with me one day when they are free, since gab is damn good at DLing games and porn, ask him to help out better, maybe wait for august payday then buy, by then the training wont be so shag liao since we will cover most of the important training by then.

Come to think of it, those stupid stuff we do and always complaining this fucker who sabo us and disturbing ppl, its quite fun actually, but the sergeant tekang us is damn fucked up la. Keep on telling my frens if only we can become officer we go back tekong to pay our sergeant a visit then ask them to knock it down, best is u become officer then they reservice come back under ur command, fucking tekang them back man. wahahaha. fuck gabriel.

Sian la field camp. zzz.