Saturday, June 23, 2007

Hey baby... I miss you so much, today is saturday and i'm booking in tml night... Really can live without you dear, i'm trying so hard to adapt myself in army life, 5 and a 1/2 days of not seeing u and hugging u is really a torture. and i will be poping on 22nd of sep, it seems so long away from now, i hope time will really pass by so fast and sep is here already, cant wait to be marching in the parade square with you watching at me and when i pass out i can leave tekong for good! i wanna get posted to a unit where i have to be there only at office hour. 8-5. i dun wanna go to a commanding school, since i know i will fail my ippt, but if i can pass then pass la, but if i can fail i would wanna fail it, cos going sispec(sergeant commanding school) needs another 6 months of training, and OCS (officer school) needs another 9 months of training. become a clerk, can start doing work in office everyday from 8 - 5... more shiok and if lucky get to go to a camp that's near my place... hopefully can go to the one near my place man. zzz Really dun wanna go back tekong sia.. Sian man.. Go there v v v sian one, everyday seems like the same day, everyday miss u, everyday dreading for everything except for the next book out to come.. i hope i wont get confine at all man. if not i will really be damn sad.. Hai... Getting into army really changes the way u think man, the people who are always by ur side caring for u suddenly disappeared, leaving u alone doing every other thing.. Really miss my baby and my parents so much, feel like i have taken them for granded in the past.. no wonder they say army changes u from a boy to a man, makes u more matured in your thinking and the way u do things. i always feel so empty whenever i see dear's picture, feel like crying because i really miss you alot... you are like a part of me, not seeing u for so long is like a part of me has die and hard to live on... i will try my best to adapt well in it, i really hope i sep can come fast, i wanna leave tekong asap.. dear i miss you so much, just want to tell u that i love u a lot and will always be by your side whenever you need me k? even if i'm in tekong, just know that my heart will be always be in you and be strong k? i always think of it this way to boost myself when i feel down, sometimes i cant take it, other times i will be alrite after a while.. sigh.. 1 more day to book in day.. fuck.