Friday, May 18, 2007

Fuck you blogger ask me to what sign up googles email thingy for what? Waste of time le stupid noobshit. Stupid chatterbox why the hell you gone missing liao, just a few months never type in anything u make stunt for what? oi still got people come see or not ar? na bei damn blog la.

Cheebye blog. so long never blog now blog feel damn weird. still like to fucking spam f-u-c-k on my blog. its so fun. damn u blogger go and rape urself la. i pwn ur ass. more like tim rape ur ass.

i wanna go in tekong to become a real man to take off the fats and make my dick big like nuclear missile. I'll miss YOU badly for sure lo. u know who are u? u are my love lebasi!! lebasi! my new gf! (spell backwards for those who are damn blur. know why ur blur? cos ur a fucktard and u can go eat egg tart u mother fuckers.)

Fuck off and DIE!