Sunday, February 04, 2007

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The wounds behind the bandages.

People who happen to pass by, pray for my speedy recovery k? hai.
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Accident, Big patches of abrasion, bel bel suffer super minor injury compared to mine, just abrasion on her left knee and very tiny small patches here and there.

Mine? patches as u can see on the photo, left arm a bit sprain, but still can move around

Went to traffice police station there to write my statement and hopefully i'll win the case and the driver conpansate me man. i believe i'm not at fault at all la.

ok i'll just briefly write down what happen. i was at 2nd lane and the car was stationary in front of me due to the red traffic light. then that car was 2 cars away from me when i signal right and check blind spot and turn and off my signal light. When i just got in lane 1, that car just swurf out towards my lane and hit me hard. i had no time to react and what so ever. and da ta i was on the ground the next moment. whose fault u tell me. damn it i hope that driver will tell the truth and admit its his fault rather then trying to bluff his way thru in making the police think its my fault.

May God be with me.

Thank God i suffer minor injuries, just abrasion and didnt affect my bones and stuff. Thank God isabel didnt really get injure.

Psalm 4:8 on my number plate.

I will lie down and sleep in peace, for you alone, O LORD, make me dwell in safety.

Thank you Lord for making me dwell in safety and isabel too. Lord please be with me and be at my side and help me win this case. Lord you be the judge in this scenario and i believe u will treat it as a fair judgement. thank you lord.