Friday, December 22, 2006

It's being a long time since i last blogged. Exams was okay, was hoping to score well though. hmmm. holidays is coming to an end soon, left with one week and its back to school day again. these few days has been raining a lot and it has being a nuisance as i couldn't ride my bike out. I can la but i still get a bit wet even wearing rain coat out. i think i should go buy a set of rain coat for myself as i'm still using my brother's one and now we each have a bike of our own, i think its better to have a set of rain coat for ourselves too.

Seeing Isabel almost everyday and the time spent with her are all meaningful and i'm glad and thank God for having found her. I feel so loved and fortunate and everything. its like i have finally found the other half for me. Thank God for having her in my life. Thanks Bel for being so nice to me and everything. love u. HEEEE.

Hai. have to go back to school for projects and everything. last year in school already and have to be so troublesome. holidays aren't even holidays man. but me and my partner didnt really go back though. maybe next monday have to go back and do our final report. deadline's due soon hmmm.

Level 22 undead mage for now. 38 more to go. ahhhhh. i have to chiong chiong chiong chiong. dear jia you!

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Fucking hell damn stress ar nbccb.

Tml have a presentation on Rwanda. for those who duno, there have been a genocide in rwanda in 1994. read about it if ur interested.

Let's see. Project final report to be submitted on friday

next mon - mmm paper.

next tue - icon paper.

church rehearsal on wed sat and sun.
PLEASE dun do it on sunday man. hopefully by sat everything will settle everything. i wonder if anybody receive my email about the OASIS stuff i send back or not. Didn't even reply saying they have receive or what, so if anything cock up i dun really care anymore. I'm really stress for my school work so dun bother me with anything liao. i have done my part for what wee koh asked. and hopefully dun have any rehearsal on sunday. i dun wanan spend half of it in church when its a special once in a year kinda day. 9 - 4 in church during bday? to even think about it makes me wanna burst into flame. i duno la ah. wan say i am not responsible or what i also dun care la. put urself in my shoes n u will know lo. fuck.

fuck la fuck la dun bother me la ccb