Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Wahahah did burnout at PS carpark with rog too. It was kinda fun though, but the tire will go botak soon if i keep doing it. heart pain. oh well. i feel so happy i learn something new today! that is burnout! wahahaha.

its been a long time since i updated, life's so far so good, just that i have been spending quite a lot nowadays, gotta save up a bit bit here and there le, cannot always buy this and that for myself cos i'm not working now. hahaha.

wheeeeee. i wonder if my exams fall on the day of church camp. hopefully none of the days, or just 1 can already. let me go for church camp on LORD. PLEase!!!

hmmm nth much to say here alrdy though except that i got a SP. haa.

Friday, November 10, 2006

My Chemical Romance new album is nice. Thanks to wanker toh for lending man. thanks tim!

Lots of things happen in this few days. Brother if your reading this, i'm going to be like you soon, no more money liao. spend a lot man. sigh. Gotta start saving soon to go back to the remaining amount i have last time. lets see. this will take like... forever. damn it. Thrifty time!

I'm gg to watch S.H.E. world tour concert? hahaah! i cant believe i bought the tickets man. but oh well i'm kinda looking forward to it. sounds nice. hmm hmm. too bad's tee hee hee in taiwan. his gg to miss out his all time fav. band. hahaha. sucker to TEE.

My studies sucks big time man. damn it its like week 4 already and i dun quite know a single shit the lecturer's teaching. man oh man oh man oh man! next week onwards gotta stay home often already, must start revising and stuff for my common test and study hard for my final year in ngee ann. i dun wanna retain or anything. God Bless Me!!

Studies. I know i can do that, just that i dun know how to organise my time. Damn it, i can't go out that much everyday alrdy. i must organise my time well. must must must. ahhhhhh! And damn it i'm sleeping at such late hours almost everyday. arrr its like the third time i'm saying this. i miss those days when i get to take bus to school. i'll be home almost every night and now? i'll be at home every night around 12 - 1. damn it damn it. what happen to me. arghhhh i made up my mind, i must plan my time properly!

MMM and ICON are damn hard man. i dun even know the basic of it. i'm going to soooo die man. kai kai kai wake up and start revising! damn it oh damn it man! shit ass crap fuck!

my hair's dry alrdy i guess. i'm off to sleep. sigh. i'm so stress man. stress stress.