Thursday, September 28, 2006

Went to Changi airport ytd and took some pics and talk a lot of cock. reach home at arund 530 and bath, play game for a while and guess what. i selpt at freaking 8 am++. what the hell la. i broke my own curfew so many times alrdy. even now also, its 4am++ alrdy. damn, sleeping so late will really wore me out like crap and then make one so lazy and tired and dun wanan do anything except sitting down and stone. nonsense. oh well i msut start to sleep early alrdy. got to learn from small children, cos they always sleep early. hmmm hmmm. here's the pics.

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There's a TP bike parked at Terminal 1 and just took it for fun. artistic shot? nonsense.

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Then there's me and monkey fuckface roger.

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The Self-Proclaimed champion, no#1 racer and stuff(nonsense) and act cool shithead. jeffry, also known as penguin boy.

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Mr weijie a.k.a. ah head. hahaha. nice pose!

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Let's have fun with Ronald Macdonald

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Hmmm such a disapointment that Ronald has being caught smoking and his trying to camouflage in the forest so he won't let the small kids see. hai u dumb fuck.

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Look at that number late. SO RUBBISH ONE. hanging there for quite a number of days. finally got it fixed today when i was in JB. and guess what? my p-plate drop. fuck.

Ahhh. O's level coming soon again ain it. haha. I still remember what i love to do before a paper start. I'll hide at some HDB block staircase, usually is the same old 3 floor and same old block and then mug myself till the time arrive. Usually they would give time allowance to wait for latecomer and i'm always the last one to enter the room. hahah so fun. like some big fuck like that. in the end my result is slightly average i guess. secondaty school life is... fun i guess?

42 - 60. how many days to accomplish that goal? sigh.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Oh sunday i went to wash bike with sp dude, aiya his name is Roger. refer this to him easiler. can call him fuckface also. wahahahah!

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Fuck face bike

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Bro's bike

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Clean n washed bike. Fooo!

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Poser rider.

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Kai act dumb Rog act fierce

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Kai trying bang Rog, Rog trying to wack the sky

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Kai meteor garden Rog thinking hard what show i am acting(dumbfuck)

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Rog thinks Phantom is so cool and he can believe it Kai's trying to act fierce but he is fierce.(Fuck Rog)

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Cb Rog wanna ask me to upload his "cock""pit" of his NSROGERSP(cb bike)

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And his white sp butt(his so white that i bet his ass is pure white also, suit him and his bike, both white asses!)

Here's a tribute to all the injury i got so far.

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Right side of my left calf, new injury gotten from mr P's pipe

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Left side of my left calf, gotten from mr's P pipe

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Left side of my right calf, gotten from mr's P pipe

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Left leg's big toe, gotten from skid accident.

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Left leg's foot area, gotten from skid accident.

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Left leg's knee area, gotten from skid accident.

Hope this will be the last injury i got. haha. have fun and ride safely!

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

I didnt went out till late today. its a good start. i feel so energtic today after i selpt at say 2+. its late but hey. its better to sleep at like 4 am? heh heh. tml's going to school again. man oh man can we please start doing some shit for the project. damn nonsense la we haven start doing anything yet. we got our own working place but we ain doing shit. what nonsense.



This record for myself was made at TPE towards changi and on the way home. Nah i'm not a speedster okay, i'm just trying to see if mr P can run. i dun do that all the time k. i only travel 100 - 110km/h on expressway only. its equalvent to car's speed of 90 - 100 km/h.

My left leg is so ugly. haiyo. its full of scars. i wonder how do i get rid of them. hmm.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

I'm tired of. everything. friends, riding bike late at night, getting suan by frens, school work, World of Warcraft, Bleach, Whatever crap. i just wan to sleep.

I'm gonna live my life as a normal person should have. Wake up in the MORNING. i mean morning, yes not pass 12 pm and to sleep early, ok the latest for my bedtime will be 2 am. no more later than that. and curfew is to reach home b4 1 am. I am totally tired and sick of sleeping late like 3 am 4 am. I am sick of gg out and waste petrol and stuff and have to get home so late. i am sick of dad scolding me for going home so late. i am sick of. everything.

fuck it. I'm going to bath and sleep now. i am so worn out from everything. WORN OUT. My eyes are always closing, i am always tired and feeling lazy and this kinda feeling totally sucks. it seems like i'm having some weird fucking illness like that. the lazyness. damn it. fuck it. hate it. fucking shit. i hate my lifestyle totally. Sitting in front of the com most of the time and gives me this fucking lazyness. fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck mother fucking computer. damn it. i shouldn't be so addictive to it. fuck. fucking piece of technology. fuck i dun wanna die in front of my com. fuck fuck fuck fuck. shitty bastard. argh. damn it. fucking shit.

I'm going to burn myself alive.
(nah i'm just kidding. i dun dare to do that. hahaha.)

Mr P is a fucking asshole. he burn my fucking left leg and give me a huge scar. cant u be nice for once and stop giving me wonderful patches of nonsense on my leg? ahhh what nonsense.

i feel so much better.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Mr P has been cured. Good thing.

MCR's coming out with a new album in this october. The Black Parade. one of their song called "Welcome to the Black Parade" is nice.

Your misery and hate will kill us all
So paint it black and take it back

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Mr P is currently having some stomach problem and i'm going to bring him see a doctor before going to school. i hope his alright man.

Okay Project E-L-L-W starts TODAY.

Hopefully Mr P will be alright. Let's hope ELLW will be a successful one, unlike the rest.

Sweet dreams Mr P.

Sunday, September 10, 2006

5 hrs more to sleep. Damn it.

I'm feeling all drowsy and high.

Nah i lie about being high.

Life's a bored.

More like i'm a bored.

Bedtime's awesome.

It gets me to places i never ever being too.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Walan ey. Sick again. sia la always sick. damn the flu damn the cought damn the irritating cough. sian. i wonder if i got lung infection hahaha. if i have. then sian liao. i will die soon. na bei i wan to see small little kai one leh. let me see liao then die can. blaaa.

This week no school again. damn the teacher, damn the stupid products we ordered. damn everything la. how to complete our project sia like this keep delaying. Hai. stupid damn crap bullshit rubbish.

NExt monday. u stupid ya ya papaya in charge better give us the stuff man. dun keep saying next week next week then later rush us to finish the work asap. i burn np down man. crash bike into ur freaking lab and light my oil tank and blast the hell outta ur freaking lab man. Sacrifice Level 50.

Monday, September 04, 2006

"Na Bei Fucking ERP Chao Chee Bye go to the orchard road too early. fucking hell!"

for more go dl the erp shit on mr brown podcast

Sian la have to go back school. also not bad la whole day at home also do nothing. Went jb again. got my "wife" the "wedding ring" and we're going to get married at india. moving like next year. :) i know u know i know u know. asksdfasgaisre

Kum weng went back to USA liao. coming back next year i guess. oh well. kumz wanks. sorry didnt really hang out with ya when ur back. perhaps when ur back next year we could go some where and have fun. i know ur fav. place at s'pore k? Geylang rite? ya ya sure sure. u must intro us ur good frens there ok? hehehe.

Anfu's flying next month, when his gone, i think lots of us will miss him as his the idiotic joker who never fail to make us laugh with him disturbing timo wank wank all the time. Oh well. anfu do rmb all the fun time we have and stuff k? update us about ur life there also. 3 more weeks or 4? not sure. enjoy urself during this period of time. we're throwin a party for u for sure, and then. we surely will get u drunk till u pee ur freaking pants. haha.

kk bath and sleep alrdy.

na bei chao chee bye fucking scratch my new helmet pua chee bye ka na sai. ARGH.

Friday, September 01, 2006

Happy motherf&*king teachers day.

What happen recently. a lot of dumb shit happen recently till i dun even know where to start. I think tuesday, me n my bike frens went to pierce resevoir and bukit timah hill there to slack. the resevoir is damn boring la nth much happen, except we're trying to find romantic couples there. found one only and go bukit timah there. Know what we did there? we threw a lot of stones into the pond and its damn stupid. Go to a park and throw stone. wonderful.

A moment ago just now when i'm with the same gang, my Nsr fren and my super 4 fren were playing some lame game on the road and its like who can travel in the slowest speed. i didnt bother to play such lame game so i was just cutting lane here and there as the road was kinda empty. then something stupid happen. the super 4 fren was in front of my nsr fren and then he did a sudden break. just then, the nsr guy wants to change lane n didnt have time to react to the sudden stop of the super 4 and bang the tire. the bike drop onto his left side and that idiot sprain his neck i think. His gear shifter was bent inwards and i have to go to the coffeeshop to borrow a spanner from the uncle n let the super 4 guy bent it back for him. After like 10 minutes, its okay already and thenhe test ride it and yup it was fine. NSR guy have a hard time going back i guess. he couldn't even turn right or left, or even tilt up. so mr super 4 have to escort that idiot back while i happily cruise home.

Lesson of the day : Never ever play stupid games on the road. "fast" or "slow" also dun. even riding at a slow speed could get u into accident. imagine they bump each other at high speed say 100 - 110. i think his neck wouldn't be sprain. he would have broken a bone or two and be hospitalised.

Best. dun get any driving license, take a bus or mrt instead. ERP very cheap ar? COE very cheap ar? Road tax very cheap ar? Bike/Car price very cheap ar? Petrol very cheap ar? Servicing very cheap ar? Go driving centre learn very cheap ar? na bei.