Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Hmmm just came back from anfu's place, at first i forget to on headlight, when i on it, headlight no light, then i change to high beam, have. ok nevermind. When i send apple back, and went home, i stopped at ang mo kio there, because the traffic was red. the first traffic light la. so i test the bulb. i switch to low beam, no light, then high beam, no light. like what the hell. When i went home, i call my fren, he told me his in ang mo kio now, and his having the same problem as me. high beam, low beam no light. before that at evening time, our headlight are working properly. so Isit a coincidence or i met something on the way? its 7th month now. oh well.

If tml the head light works okay, i duno how to explain all this crap man.

Sunday, July 23, 2006

Okay, i thought of something when i was shitting 5 mintues ago. i think shitting is kinda a meditation time for me, to think about stuff. Well here goes.

I'm thinking of whether to write a will now, because now since i got a bike, who knows i may get into an accident one day and just die like that. Things happen so sudden and nobody knows what to do, most probably all my stuff will be given to my brother and yea if i really die and have no will, just give my brother la. wahahahah. i sound as if i'm dying soon. well, i hope no lawyer will be able to read any of this. if they ever read this, means i'm dead.

hahahahaha. well. please dun let me die like that. kaka. i wan a full body when i die. i heard from my school fren that his fren just passed away last year from riding, and his body was ripped off. i mean one of his arms and legs were ripped out of his body and i think he bleed to death or suffer from head injuries. And just now i read the newspaper while eating rambutan ( the newspaper to cover the table so as not to dirty the table, a sub for table cloth la ) that 1 malay dude died at AYE at midnight i think. his going supper with his frens ( like i always did ) and on the way home, duno why he'll crash and ended up dead. so oh well. if i really die, sorry daddy that i make a mistake while riding and to all my friends, celebrate as i'm not here anymore to irritate any of you peeps. I'm just a pain in the ass ain i? haha.

Take care all and pray that i will not get into any shits, well if u wan, pray i die early lor.


Thursday, July 20, 2006

I'm feeling so not alright now. It's because of some stuff, that makes me in a contradiciting situation. I can't be happy and sad at the same time can i? haha. Ahhh. i hope i'll be over soon. i hope its worth it. i hope i hope. hmmm tml's going to be a good day, i hope, yes i'm hoping again. damn.

Saturday, July 15, 2006

Today's going to be a dvd-series, Supernatural day. i'm going to watch finish it if possible. its so nice and i miss it for two days, becos bro lend it to his friend. Ahhh. projects deadline are all approaching soon. this semester is full of project and its so boring. oh well. to the bed~ TO THE BED!! to sleep la na bei. dun think dirty faggots.

So take take everything and leave me scrambling
Reaching for something that wasn't there in the first place

Saturday, July 08, 2006

I have no more money left, broke, and i have to beg for friend for a few bucks. Pathetic when you have no money eh? Money is so needed in this world, without them your nothing, and this is a fact fact fact that i can't deny at all. So i'm really broke after sharing money with my brother to buy a scanner cum printer. oh well i'll be restored next monday i hope.

I have been watching dvd, vcd all day this week. Budget week i call it. oh well. projects and more projects deadlien coming up, next week's gonna be kinda stress, who cares. i'll worry bout them later.

till then.

I'm in love with you
And it's crushing my heart
All i want is you
To take me into your arms

When love and death embrace...