Thursday, June 29, 2006

Ok i may be getting the bike by next mon or tues. Bro said that his gf's mom is in oversea at the moment and nobody's driving it currently and thus he might get to drive ir through out the holidays. so Nth is confirm yet and if that is confirm, hurray for me. Bus concession will be passed to Ann Ang Mo Kio as i dun see i have a need for it when i have a bike so, why waste it. oh yea this month have been wasting money. bus concession, some gym card, which i dun go often. dang. Hope tml will be a short day, might be visiting the gym again. My shoulder's hurting though. oh well. i'm beginning to like taking bus especially in the morning. can sleep all the way to school, that is if i get my fav. seat. lalala.

Sunday, June 25, 2006

Brother's back! Its a good thing, that after so long i get to see him, but oh well the bike still eventually belongs to him so yup i have to take bus to school. downgraded! ahhhhhhhh!!! hahaha. nvm i get to save money on petrol i hope. wahahah. its back to no bike kai, which means i'll sleep early everyday and yea wont get too tired from insufficient sleep.

Bedtime.. hmmm 1230 i think. i need sleep so i'll be off at 1230 then. definitely 1230. oh well. school's tml, and its 156 - 74,151,154. nvm at least i could sleep on the bus, provided there's space la. arrr. i'm tired.

Brand new Scars to update. This is what a motorcycle pipe can do to your flesh.

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This is a minor burn, got it while waiting for fren and trying to sit on the pillon seat of my bike and then i accidentally touch the pipe on my left leg.

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This is quite a big one, got it while pumping the petrol. i stood too close to the pipe and lean my right leg onto the pipe and yea it got burn. then bubble with unknown liquid inside was form after a while and i squeeze out the unknown liquid. squirt out like nobody';s business. my skin was there and when i went to thai, i accidentally scrape the skin off by brushing against something hard and tata it became like this.

Call me injure boy mmkae. haha

Saturday, June 17, 2006

Zzzzz. Flying off to thailand on monday. hmmm coming back on sat night, by then my bro's already in singapore. his coming back on sat morning. wahahah. chances of riding bike will be low. oh well its OKAY. i dun wanna take bus. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

Arrrr World Cup fever now. there has never been a night i sleep b4 12 am since i got a bike. man oh man. i'm deprive of sleep now. its freaking 4.20 am and i have to be in church tml at 1pm to pack stuff into the china bag. in charge of log? oh well. slwoly take my time man. then sat night. think there's meeting. is there, is there not? ZzZzZzzZZzzZZzzZZ. And the sun's 8 am service. sleep. sleep. sleep. totally deprive of sleep. and monday i have to take bus i think to church. or cab? wa sian. 1 month never take bus already. i'll feel weird boarding the bus. oh well.

i haven change money yet. like wtf la. tml then go change la. change 100 baht enought already. nothing in mind to buy, maybe some stuff for my frens and a jacket? and yea thats all. 1 day of shopping, night bazaar? aiya there nth one also. lots of pirated porn DVDS only. now so hightech, even porn have DVD. salutes~

ZzZz i wonder how's the mission's gg to be like. heard thai's damn hot now. die already. paint church, dig fish pond, teach english. hmmm. i shall corrupt the kid's mind with my vocabularies. hehheh. Then i'll get kill by all of them. sigh. what the !@$% is wrong with them man. i said vocabularies. not anything else what. all give me that look. sheesh. kill'em all. muahahaha.

Arrr. its 4.30 am. i haven even bath yet. hmmm let me see i'll most prob sleep at 5.30. shit man. i'm really deprive of sleep. sleeping in morn's like a habit. damn it. oh well to the GRAVE.


Wednesday, June 07, 2006

AHHHHHHHHHHh The pain's killing me. The most painful period will be after bathing time. shit man. Please don't rain tml, if not i'm dead meat for sure. Ok i'll wear longs tml. please dun rain also. arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.
Okie here's a trick question for you guys. What will a motorcycle with a bald tire gets u into?

TATA! Skidded situation. Damn it, when ur tire is bald, change it immediately, don't be as stubborn as me to wait for a brand new tire to drop from the sky. Suffer some minor injuries, Bike didnt got scratch that much though. Damn it i got a paper at 1.3o later and i have to revise it now. should be alright, God, please bless me that i'll do well for the paper and the journey to and back from school will be safe. Amen

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Back box suffer some scratches

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My left knee, always the left one kana injuries like wtf la.

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Left foot, minor scratches

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Best toe of the year goes to me.

Bro sorry man i cause some minor damage to your bike, i'll go full service tml after my paper and change that stupid tire. Fear not!

Oh may God Bless Me for safe journey always


Thursday, June 01, 2006

Ahhh. i need rest, sleep, and time time time time. Paper's next week, i really got to spend my time wisely. today's being wasted, tml's going church for this banner design stuff which i think will finish fast if we settle the design and colour chop chop. Sat have mission meeting from morning till evening, whole day dedicated to church, sunday service + soccer which means half a day gone, monday church again for this acting rachie asked me to go, hopefully it wont take up too much of my time, cos i'm having my test next week hello? i hope monday i wouldn't have to go to church for the fliming of i duno what stuff, or if i really have to go becos i told rachie i could make it, hope it'll be a fast one and yes i have to start to discipline myself not to play that much for this few days. Mugging man.

These few days of my life will be dedicated to studying, i hope. oh well vroom vroom here we go.