Sunday, April 30, 2006

Johnny Knoxville
Bam Margera
Chris Pontius
Ryan Dunn
Jason 'Wee Man'
Preston Lacy
Dave England
Ehren McGhehey
Brandon Dicamillo
Chris Rabb
Rake Yohn
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Thursday, April 27, 2006

School ain that bad, photonics is kinda interesting though. the studies of optics and lasers. Laser are kinda complicating. it actually stands for

Emisson of

i think so i can't remember and lazy to check. maybe i'm wrong at phrasing it but who cares. Tml's another day of lesson on photonics and project. PROJECT! 2 in a grp. guess what i found a guy whose like those study type one. his GPA is like 3.5 or 3.7 like that so i should thank God i found a partner whose not a slacker. he listens in class and when i'm about to doze off he still manage to survive a bit. when lecturer saw the shagged look on us, he gave us all 15 mins break. every one of us went dead except him. his like reading the notes and about to knocked out too. aiya heng la. btw there's 7 ppl in my course only. shiok man. feel cosy. ah feel damn heng ar. weeee.

A little drunk I'm pissin on the street
As I'm walking I'm tripping on my own feet
I start to laugh and started to wonder why
I choose to stare
I'm starin' at, starin' at, starin' at the sky again.

Tell me now what i should try
These lonely days will stay and ride
Wanan follow through something new
Tell me what should i do
Tell me what should i do


Tuesday, April 25, 2006

If you should fall, you know i'll be there.
To catch your call, you know i'll be there.
I'll go anywhere, so i'll see you there.

I don't care if you don't mind
I'll be there not far behind
I will dare, keep in mind
I'll be there for you

Yesterday school is dead hell boring. i said "sian sia" like 100 times throughout the day? Influenced by mr timmytoh and i just keep saying and saying and saying and saying. Seriously i'm in dead shit for this semester la. I dun even know whether their selling the "textbook" or not. if not we have to print the same shit out ourself rather then they print out and photocopy and sell it to us. So what should i do without a printer. Bla. I'll think about it.

Great thing that today (tuesday) i dun have to go to school cos it's so late now and i'm tired. i really need a good rest. sigh.

i feel so restless nowadays.

i realise i sigh before and after i say sian sia. so i sigh a few hundred times today. sigh. there, another one. damn it.

Sunday, April 23, 2006

School Starts tml and i have to be up at 7 and lesson's at 9. I hate morning buses. Squeeze Squeeze and Squeeze. damn it. oh well hopefully tml's a slacker day. I have no school on every tues for this sem. How good's that. But the next sem. arr. boring.

Pocky's nice. 2 packet down, 18 more to go.

Dance, Dance
We're falling apart to half time.
Dance, Dance
And this are the lives you'd love to lead.
This is the way they'd love if they knew how misery loved me.

Why don't you show me the little bit of spine,
You're being saving for his mattress, love.

Saturday, April 22, 2006

I'm back from thailand. well nth much there, just eat a lot, shop, sleep and eat shop sleep everyday. didnt go any where nice or what. this trip was so so i guess. oh well. Got stomach flu a few days back. it was horrible. but on friday morn, i'm fine already. whoosh.

Ate fried locust there or grasshopper, i duno what. it looks disgusting but taste... nice. lol. the first bite was gross of cos, after that it taste kinda nice. so i ate quite a lot of it though. yummy. hmmm maybe update again with photos or what. my friend got sick so me and 1 more guy went back first. he and his family are stuck there and are coming back tml. poor guy have cold or fever, can't walk and stuff. super sick from what i can see. oh well hope he'll be better by today. yes today's sat haha.

Mon's first day of school, holidays coming to an end. arr.. i'm starting to miss days where i can wake up darn late... hmmm..

11th of may, doomsday is coming.


p.s. oh yea for all the gay fags and prositude fanatics out there, i did saw quite a number of them, the real girls i mean. why is that so? it's simple, by looking out at the balcony of my room, its the "pasa malam" style of shops and hell lots of pole dancing clubs and stuff. one of the name of the club is damn funny. "Super Pussy" man when i saw that i laugh my ass off. damn stupid names for their club. and there's this street i dare my fren to go in and he didn't really dare to go in, me too. cos that street was gay street. they have signs that says "massage, man for man", " Dream boyz" some fucking stupid gay shit name. YUCK. man its damn YUCK. i tell you my hotel was located right in the middle of red light district. its yucky man. Why? girls looks like shit, and some are drags and they all speak funny ass english. my fren got touch by a drag and he felt damn sick and give those weird actions. funny shit man. and we spot a couple of gay couples, its... !EAFSDGSGRWET@#%!#$!%!@$ *vomits* Arr. bangkok. the city of sex, full of ugly chickens, roosters and unidentified bird species. good bye bangkok.

Saturday, April 15, 2006

Hahahaha. I'm off i'm off i'm off.

back on fri night.

Bangkok here i go. Hope i'll find some drags there and laugh at them.

adios suckers.

Thursday, April 13, 2006

omfgosh. wtf. shit man.

The sun's so bright now. how the fuck am i going to sleep? i just came home. damn it, why does it have to be so freaking sunny now. MAN.

Good nite.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

i pass my prac 8 on my first attempt. next up is 11th of may, once that's over and i make it. hehheh.

Tml's an outing with the Ron clan. haha.

Ahhh. i have been having instant noodle for dinner nowadays. damn it having a slight stomachache. too much maggi mee is bad. oh well.

Hair's dry, time for bed.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Arr. Look at this ppor little deer. it got bang by a car and i guess his internal organs were damage and thus so much blood where been puked out.

Don't you wish the deer would be replace by a human being? well i duno. for me, there's so many ppl that i wish could be in this state. But i can't, We have to love each other, unconditionally, at times its so hard.

if God permits human being to kill one another, i guess there would be blood shed in every single church, and i'll probably end up in jail, serving a death sentence for mass murder in TPMC.

Do i sound like i'm kidding? ya i'm just playing around, forgive me, i'm just bit corrupted now, i should spend more time with God.

Enjoy the pic, death could be so gruesome sometimes, you just have to accept it. I hope the deer's fine, somewhere in heaven.

my left eye is getting irritated frequently nowadays. i think its becos its the only eye looking at everything i look as the right one is been cover up. how this irritating crap will end soon.

Erm let's see its the 2nd day of home alone. not so bad, everything seems like normal, feels the same with or without my parents, just that i feel weird not having to listen to the great snoring of my dad. hmmm.

Ahhh. ytd conversation with apple and rachel was fabulous, enlighten me on lots of stuff. how wonderful. oh well.

Tml's the last lesson of my bike course. damn it i'm kinda nervous and stuff about it but a tiny bit of me is feeling excited, as if i have been hoping for this day to come. to dread it or not, who cares? As long as i give it my best shot i'm satisfied. 50:50 i'll screw up and i'll not. depends.

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Monday, April 10, 2006

Sometimes i wish how i could know what's up in your mind man.


Sunday, April 09, 2006

Ar... I hope i didnt affect anybody today.

Damn it.

Sorry guys, i hope there's no next time. :)
How does the human mind work?

It's just so complicated sometimes ain't it.

Saturday, April 08, 2006

He seems like a total fucking asshole
Grandpa is a total fucking asshole
Who would ever want a dirty, greasy finger in his ass?
He rubs his dick in broken glass

blink 182 - Grandpa

Don't you just love the lyrics of this song. Nah i guess not. 99% of those who comes upon this blog will think its sick. Well doesn't matter hahaha. i just find them interesting and funny. blink 182's funny and it's so sad they disband already.

Well, the guys went in army already. Some on friday, some saturday and i guess it's going to be quite slack for the 1st 2 weeks. That's what i heard from jx? Welfare week. So they can slack there for a while before doomsday. Their going to have botak hair SOON. jx botak? man it's gonna be so funny.

I pass my practical 7 today, 1st attempt and 1st time pass for a lesson on the 1st attempt. Feeling's awesome, Last lesson this coming tuesday, i doubt i'll pass it on the first try, but i think i have the condfidence of passing it. So i hope i'll pass, i mean who wants to fail?

Life ain't that great huh? We're all noobs in all this lovey dovey shit la. So just chill and relax and everything's going to be alright. Don't think about it, Don't think about it and yea. Don't think about it. Well, 0% of it working out for me, what to do? Don't think about it, although deep down inside am still having this small hope that it would happen.

That's so gay but that's life ain it.

Ever get the feeling you can't go on
just remember whose side it is you're on
you're got friends with you 'till the end
if you're ever in a tough situation
we'll be there with no hesitation
brotherhood's our rule we cannot bend

Pennywise - Bro Hymn Tribute

Meaningful words for once.

Wednesday, April 05, 2006


i pass.

next up is on fri, practical 7, Road Test Route

Wild Wild Wet tml.


Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Hmmm. Don't really know what to say though. school's starting soon. and i dun want it to start anytime soon. okay maybe i do but having to go school at 8 am on wed thurs and fri totally turns me off. monday at 9 am and i finish school around 4 -5 pm. its like so boring la. then most of my friends are like in diff class as me. sadded. But anyway can't wait for next sat. its coming soon soon soon.

Cheok stayed over ytd night and yea i slept first as i was tooo tired. he's playing the ps 2 so i think he said he slept ard 4 am. he snored and its damn irritating. woke up quite early like 11+ and keep trying to sleep back. damn dulan. wanted to slap his face one but nvm la just endure with it. if its timmytoh i'll definitely slap. haha no la. Then we slack around, play game, have our lunch, play game, dinner, then ben came over to flim some stuff. After that, their gone and back to slacking and gaming and tml's the day. My practical 6, riding on road. man i hope i wont freak out again. scary man. scary ain the word, should be stress. can get accident and just died there. then also will kanjiong and then later ended up in Tan Tock Seng.

A new week, a new day, a new beginning. Leave the agony, sadness, everything bad behind. once u wake up, u can start ur life new again. forget the past, enjoy the present, and the future will be bright...

I think.

Sunday, April 02, 2006

hmmmm. didnt update for quite sometime. being busy this few days. i mean not really that busy but am lazy and yea. now its sunday. friday we went old changio hospital and tim koon jx cheok all were freaking out la. they grab my bag so tight and stuff and it was all damn funny. but we manage to go in inthe end after calming them down a bit and yea it was quite fun.

After that we go and see tim's friends working. hahah all so tall and some really look like girl man. then the rest all so yucky. man they got boobs man. like wtf sia. fucking bapoks. yucks. i wonder why would guys wanan !@#!$ with them man. shit ass dick heads.

Then on sat have this missio training thingy. me and cheok were KO from the start. we didnt sleep and went to church and attend the training. so we sleep most of the time and yea we manage to survive. after that we went dinner and yea it was ok la. the food's not bad though.

I'm shagged and its time to sleep. damn it have to wake up early again. oh well.