Tuesday, March 28, 2006

i'm on the verge of getting sick.

Went town with the guys today. haha some funny shit happen though. I'm like buying for a gift to my friend but i can't really confirm the size cos i'm afraid later it'll be too small for her or too big so i was saying.

"eh jx u help me be the model leh. go in the shop try. if u can fit in then confirm easy to handle liao"
"basket everytime use me as model one. okay la."

hahah he say ok sia then when we reach the store...

"go try la. hehhehheh"
"siao ar dun wan la the shop so many girl bla bla bla bla..."

i didnt know he really plan on trying in the first place i thought we're all playing a fool. i duno if he's playing a fool or not but he sounds like his willing to try at that time but oh well. we spend quite sometime outside the shop got DUH its a shop that sells girl's wear and we GUYS going in buying some girly thingy like wth? i ask them to follow me in then all of them stand far away from that shop. damn it la. hesitate for a while, walk here and there action duno what to choose but actually i have 1 in mind already but jsut paiseh to go and purchase it la. slack slack slack then finally went in tell the lady the one i have in mind and faster pay and CHIAO. walao damn sian next time wanna buy stuff for fren from those girly shop, it's better to ask the girls to help buy. hahaha.

Ok then after that we slack around in town, walk here and there in search for koon's cap and we manage to psycho him that he doesn't need one cos his gg to be botak soon and wearing a cap with that kinda hairstyle looks weird. as if u wear = not wearing. so we went to play pool. after that met up with anfu n wilkson and went to ate pepper lunch. bloody shit pepper lunch serve food that's half cook then u have to like cook it urself by flipping the meat over. i concentrate too much on my beef and tow kay and forget bout my chicken and yea. half cook chicken totally sucks man. i should have cook the damn chicken first cos beef eat medium is nice too. damn it. next time. next time. after that was lan gaming and home sweet home and now its bed time. bla i'm tired to elaborate more. next time. its freaking 3 am for goodness sake.

doctor doctor help! My wound's healing!

Monday, March 27, 2006

There was a loud bang like 15 mins ago. its damn freaking loud. i'm at the living room watching a bit of the soccer and suddenly bang! my dad who was snoring like some loudspeaker woke up. imagine how loud the sound is. Then i got shock from it la. The first thing the comes to my mind was suicide. someone jump down from the building and landed on somewhere with a loud bang, but then nobody was to be seen. Could it be a gunshot? or maybe weird lightning? or perharps a bike? i rmb once my bro told me u could do a very loud bang with a bike and white smoke will come out from the exhaust pipe and stuff. Then i got kinda freaked out by it and death suddenly comes into my mind. DEATH. hmmm i think its damn strange la. i'm still having goosebump trying to figure it out. it's just so weird la. Where the hell can the Loud bang come from? Weird Weird and Weird. damn it i wanna know what it is. Could it be someone got murdered at this hour? or someone throw some weird shit down from their apartment? damn it.

Today had soccer and training's quite fun though. finally next week no cg and no soccer can hang ard after service already. whoopie. gg to town tml with the guys and before that i'm going to apply my Provisional Driving Licence (PDL) and book my practical 6. PDL is needed if i were to go outside to the main road for lessons. hmmm. I cant wait to get my own class 2B licence man. it's going to be so fun. For now. pass my prac 6 first. prac 8 and traffic police test is going to be a killer man. oh well. off to sleep then.

What the hell make the big bang sound man.

doctor doctor help! the bang scares the shit out of me.

Saturday, March 25, 2006

I pass at last.

Just saw a email with this woman crushing a kitten's head with her heels and its damn bloody and its damn sick and one of its eye ball rolled out. like what the hell la this woman's gonna die a miserable way man. definitely. i'm waiting for a email from my fren that show how this woman die. it'll be so fun.

Its been 7 years since i last saw you. Thanks for taking care of me for the pass 12 years and i really appreciate your love towards me. i'm living fine and yea sometimes its just hard been alone at times and i miss you so much. How great can it be that your here by my side. things will definitely change and if i could turn back time, i'll cherish every single moment with you. its funny how ppl will cherish the one they love when their gone and not really bother about them when their still here. I'm sorry for being a pain in the butt when i was small. Watching the australia video we took last time makes me feel so stupid. And i rmb this part you scolded me cos i was playing with the sand with my shoes and you said something bout its very hard to wash. haha. oh well. i got 1 AD, 2 A, 1 C+ and 1 C for my paper you know. at least for this past 4 semester i didnt get any Ds at all. proud of me? i'm gona work hard like brother and go to a good university for sure. although i'm quite lazy but i hope i'll do it and not being a disappointment for you. Times fly doesn't it. its been 7 years already. i'm 19 in poly year 3 soon and the last time i see u i'm going to take my PSLE. hmmm. There's so many things i wanna show you and tell you and yea i could only do it in my dreams. hai well. nobody knows the pain and suffering i'm having without u and i hope they wont know it cos its unbearable. Lifes like that ain it. tml i'm going to visit you and i'm sorry for trying to make up excuses for not going. i'm such a disappointment man, i promise i'll try to go when dad's going next time man. I love you mom.

Friday, March 24, 2006

ar.. wonderful. everyone's going to school while i'm going to bath and sleep. skate with my frens just now. it was tiring and fun of course. well after skating to jalan kayu i decided to change to bike becos my blade is slow and is not meant for long and fast skating. We went to punggol jetty which has awesome slopes and went to punggol park and slack for a while at the coffee shop and head home. it was like 6 am already and can see a lot of people taking bus to school and stuff. send my fren to compass point with skates cos they came back my house and take stuff so i just take my blade and blade around. just got home and are kinda shagged. still have to cool down my body before taking a bath and sleep. i wonder if i'm able to wake up later at around 11+ oh well. when the time comes then say haha. off to bed while those suckers are going to school. muahaha.

Thursday, March 23, 2006

i dun know what's happening to me nowadays. i'm like trying to piss everybody's off and yea that sucks la. i hope my prac on tue ain affecting me, or its just me. but well fuck it anyway. sorry to anybody who finds me pissing you off or just ain been myself. damn it oh well i hope i'll be okay soon. maybe a few hours time? a few days? crap la this entry is stupid. just take it as i'm angry at myself and u accidentally step in the danger zone and i exploded on you without knowing who are you and yea damn it i'm sorry.

fuck la.

Corruption and abuse, the salesman of our blood
for the public's craving, existence in the dark

It's in our nature to destroy ourselves,
It's in our nature to kill ourselves,
It's in our nature to kill each other,
It's in our nature to KILL KILL KILL! Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Recently I've been
Hopelessly reachin
Out for this girl
Who's out of this world
Believe me

For so many nights now
I find myself thinking of her now ohhh

Cause obviously she's out of my league
I'm wasting my time
Cause she'll never be mine
And i know i
never will be good enough for her
No no
I never will be good enough for her.

ahhh bring back memories.

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Like a rotten log
half buried in the ground -
my life, which
has not flowered, comes
to this sad end.  Posted by Picasa
lost the words
lost the nerve
lost the girl
left the line

i would wish
upon a star
but that star
it doesn't shine

i failed.
Tml's the day. damn it. if i fail then the entry tml will be filled with obscene words. i apologize in advance for that.

Did nth today. plain same old day as the rest. hmmm hope tml will be a better day. i'm like worrying for this the whole day. from the time i wake up till now. tml. tml's the day man.

doctor doctor help! tml's the day i die.

Monday, March 20, 2006

The moon awesome. i see a skull on this. Posted by Picasa

Sunday, March 19, 2006

The moon's gone. i have to wait for a few more week to see it ever again beyond my window. man. my existance vanishes with the moon.

Hmmm. i'm worried and stress for my practical 5 on tuesday. damn it. today's sunday and i'm already damn worried that i'll not do well or making some silly mistakes and fail. immediate failure mistakes are the worst man. i hope i'll do well. i have nightmare on this a few days ago. its enough. failing 2 times ain that awesome man. my record of failure is twice so far. i dun wanna go to 3 or 4 or 5 or even 6! damn it, DAMN IT. i really hope i'll do well. must concentrate. how to get the good news on tuesday man. please Lord u got to help me.

And today i got some dvd and vcd from my frens to kill time over the week. Lucky man. and during soccer training, its damn bored to just sit there and watch after the bag for like 2 hrs? wha. really damn nth to do la. but well after that just chill around with tee n tim. talk for quite a while and went home. hmmm my wound. haha. i wonder if its recovering or its not. damn it. why is my wound so different from all my previous injuries? hmmm. damn weird but oh well hope it will recover soon. cos its very annoying.

Ever wonder why red's the first colour on the rainbow? cos red's beautiful. says who? some cheesy corny guy who come up with lame stuff that makes u go *puke* i wonder how my fren could stand such a person. i shall salute her now. *salutes* i wonder how should i help my fren. she's suicidal. damn scary. i dun even know how i know her la. she say she cuts herself almost everyday with a penknife. i hope she's okie by now. saddening man.

ok got to go. enuff said b4 she comes and cut me with a knife cos i'm making up stuff about it. tata. WISH ME LUCK ON TUE MAN. sad.

doctor doctor help! a mentally retarded person is chasing after me

Saturday, March 18, 2006

Damn it blogger's weird.

Well igot something to blog about. i dreamt of the weirdest shit ever yesterday. i went to this library, then there was this talk or what. i went there early so i wanted to pay my fees for my overdue books and i'm the first to arrive (cool eh?) just chilling around there and then suddenly everybody starts to come. The 2 person i remembered cleary is jackass and Ravi. dun ask me why i duno why he appear either. then the talk starts, there were like only 15+ people and i got bored so me and ravi kinda play a game. the game i always play online but now, its real. the heroes are real that its small size hero and ravi has this scorpin as his and some devil elf as mine. i lost then i was like "damn it man ravi ur good" then the person whose giving a talk suddenly his face was super black and he screw all of us. i think i ran away can't remember.

oh yea jackass did nth much though. was just herself and yea talking and chilling together with the rest I THINK.

later then.
I have a thousand and one !@#$ in my mind right now for this blog. damn it stupid crap why the hell it got forbidden error and shit. so lucky for me to get mine affected. damn !@#!%!#%^! la.

ok so today i did nth much. it was a great day. A "GREAT" DAY. i didnt expect it to come back so soon so i dont really know what to write. maybe tml will be a more happening day. haha we'll see.

doctor doctor help! my blog's infected with the mother !@$!ing shit.

Friday, March 17, 2006

Hmmm. what did i do today. i rmb watching some anime. and eat my lunch, after that gaming. look up more informations and gaming and felt great. after finishing playing online played their campaign. play play play till dinner's ready. ate, msn, msn, msn, looking up information too. and damn it 74 heroes + each has 4 skills which is total 296 skills and each with what kinda ability is kinda hard to rmb. but after playing for so long, kinda know how each hero works though. oh well.

i should give up! yeap. alright then. fuck it anyway. haha. the burden's off and it's better now. muahahah. yay.

aww i fell so tired now but nevermind i still want to play my game later. one last round b4 ending up in bed. damn wound is damn irritating. the patches of stain is getting more and more. shitty wounds.

hmm what should i do tml?

damn it.

Thursday, March 16, 2006

Okay i kinda get over it but i'm still worrying about next tue's prac. Damn it how i wish i can pass it next tue. Its getting annoying and depressing and demoralising to keep failing it. Waste of money and time. Damn it Damn it. Can i just pass it next tue. ARGH.

Well didnt do much today. just sitting around slacking, watch vcd. spray my room. yea i spray it finally. image not up cos i haven upload into com so. wait till next time i get a card reader or what. its well, shitty or what i duno. aww F it i dun give a shit though at least the poster's gone. Dad saw it and he was like walao. What did it says. HAHA. dad oh dad.

To The Pilgrim:
hey yo wassup my bro. glad that ur taking things easy nowadays, thats what u said but i guess ur still trying hard righT? u can do it bro. have trust in the Lord and dun pursue it. the more u want it. the harder u get it. know what i'm saying?

To Sleepyhead Jackass:
hey shithead. try to get over it alrite? stop eating stupid stuff when ur sick man. cant u take care of urself. dumb dumb. haha. well. stay cheerful man. i bet ur a cheerful person, and u always have been until lately. i wonder. may God bless you.

To timmytoh:
well FUCK YOU! haha. ur the source of all emoness and u should just die. kidding! haha. bro. few months have pass and yea u have totally changed a lot. well for the emo part not really but u open up to us already. dun really hide things to urself huh? thats good. at least there ain so much things stuff in ur mind. Well as for the girl u like, let God decide for you huh?

To twin:
ey are u really that worried? or ur just playing with me. haha. dun worry that much la. he wont dare to do anything. if he does i'll kill him. :) good luck in ur upcoming papers. if u have any that is.

To kiddo:
ey happy birthday. nice entry u blogged today. hehheh. all the best in ur appealing and stuff.

just some random stuff up there.

man oh man. i'm so bored. what's with all those shit up there? oh well i duno i just feel like saying them. haha. enjoy.

doctor doctor help! she's dead!

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

What do you know. i fucking fail my prac 5. i hope i'll do a good job next tue. damn i have no mood to go anywhere. i think i'll pass for the meeting later. damn it.


Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Hmmm. Recalling all the things i have done, sec school life, poly life. And the fact that i'm turning 19 this year. it seems so fast. i'm finally 18. like. legal age already? a free man? free from parents consent that is. I wonder when will i get to ride on the road. having a motorcycle for traveling would be so much convienient especailly if your school is extremely far from the place u stay ain it.

oh shit. ASDAGSDGSHSDSW. bla i'm on the verge of getting in the gay mood. shit. i have my bike session tml at 8.35 am. i hope i won't make the two stupid immediate failure mistakes again. and able to pass it by tml. please God u got to bless me man. Hope things will go on smoothly tml.

anyway to everybody out there,
sorry if i keep always wanting to know what u peeps have in ur mind yea? i guess u all know i'm trying to help but if it really bothers u that much. just tell me go shoo off or fuck off if u prefer it this way. i can't really 100% tell what u peeps are feeling all the time but i just have this feeling that u peeps are not feeling alright and i just can't sit there and do nth can i?

oh well fuck it anyway.

i realise most of the time i love to keep things to myself. see. MOST OF THE TIME.

random fuck.

i wanna get a room makeover. its time to get rid of the posters and do some spray shit on the wall of mine after attempting it in church. i just have this feeling to spray them again. its so fun and at the end of the day u have a great sense of achievement and accomplishment.

bla i wrote a hell lot of rubbish and i decided not to publish it. hehheh
Mother !@#!$# shit ass !@!$ing piece of trash and !@$$ it like nobody's !@$$ shit.

!$!#%!#% !!#$!#% !#$!#%! !#% !#$! % !#$% !#$!%$@&$ @$%@

My !@#$ing wound is damn PAIN NOW RIGHT AFTER I !@#4ING BATH. shit ass oh mother !@#$!% man. damn thank God its not as bad as just now. i think its infected already. !#$@ it man. shit. today i did nothing meaningful. woke up and watch 40 year old virgin. haha. damn stupid man the show. not bad la. Ate my lunch while watching and after that went online for a while b4 watching a korean show call The Cool Guy. Hey not a bad show either. funny romantic show. then after that was msn msn msn msn msn all the way till i ate dinner and gaming and msn again. shit shit shit. i hope i'll sleep well tonight. the wound is damn annoying. stupid jx keeps asking me to amputate my leg. HAHAHA. stupid kid.

wa. nowdays being toking to ppl who are having problems and stuff. emo kids. lol. not bad la. it was quite good talking to them and knowing what problems they are having and been able to help eh? hahaha.

Today's not a bad day though. Let's see how tml will be. hehheh.

doctor doctor help! i think there's worms in my brain.

Sunday, March 12, 2006

OK FINE. i usually dun blog 2 times in a row which means. tata! i'm in a emo state now and its damn fucking gay but oh well. i wanna rant things out to feel alright. i dun like this feeling la. i mean who likes it. maybe timmytoh but i duno. it just sucks la.

Ok that was type like freaking an hour ago. now i dun feel emo and its damn nice. i feel different now. this feeling is so damn good. its like i dun give a fuck about what u think of me and i'll just say and do what i want. no rules mother fuckers. like this. so what if i say the f word. disgrace to christians? think about urself if ur such a perfect little piece of shit. ur just a sinner like me. u can be so oh good without saying the "f" word but are u really mr nice guy/girl? well fuck you. get it? so get lost mofo if u wanna leave any comments down about me.

Whatcha gona do? Whatcha gona do?

fuck off.
Today's dash. oh well. i fell. and everythings alrite. tiring day man. i guess the participants are more tired than me n jx though we walk back from our station to the bbq pit. i think the participants ran all the way from bbq bit to our station and back to bbq pit + they have to finish others station too. so i guess they are definitely more shagged than us. oh well. bbq was fun. was talking crap and playing and doing stupid stuff all the way. it was tiring and fun as well i guess. but oh well.

i'm just glad people enjoy today. Though i think i seriously 100% gone crazy during the way home. i duno why. i became a total retard and i keep telling chloe i like her. hehheh. so fun but its just playing only la.

Why isit have to be like this. sheesh. but nvm. i guess i'm just a loser hehheh. God bless me. hehheh.

At trouble times, put a smile on your face cos God is always there with you.

doctor doctor help! i'm not myself for now.

Saturday, March 11, 2006

man oh man. i fail my prac 5. not with the exceeding amount of demerit points but some stupid mistake like fail to stop before junction and this shitty stuff which causes me to fail immediately. !@#$ shit immediate failure for this? wtf man. nvm next wed 8.35 am. can relax slowly take time to go thru circuit. cos 12.45 pm is damn freaking hot man. hot like nobody's business ar. take out helmet my fringe is totally wet like soaked like that. oh well.

hope everything will go on smoothly for dash and pray that there'll be no rain. even though the planning is somehow kinda sucks but well. let's just hope for the best then. No campaign also. hope it'll be good. and everybody likes the wall. i think i did a OKAY job. not very good/very bad. OKAY OKAY only. i screw up some fonts. if i could do it again i'll redraw the fonts again. and the colours especially. jx says the colour looks like some cartoon dinosaur. i think it looks like to but oh well. hope everyone likes it. hehheh.

off to bed.

doctor doctor help! i shit my pants while wetdreaming.

Friday, March 10, 2006


Tee An Fu
is at my house now and his sleeping on my bed. his so damn funny. he said he wanted to watch jarhead so i let him watch while i go and play my ps2. then he was like " i'm very tired i cannot take it ar. watch next time" after saying those words, within 5 mins. his fast asleep already. sheesh got to prepare the mattress for him. haha sucker man.

Well tml having my practical 5 lesson. its like the overall circuit test. i hope i pass. i went to the circuit revision today and i hope i'll do well tml. there's meeting tml to pack some stuff for the campaign thingy. and then i have to cover the work in the worship hall so that winston can open it like a chairman or something. he is the chairman though. lol. oh well i'm tired. off to make bed for the giant titan.

doctor doctor help! there's a titan on my bed!

Thursday, March 09, 2006

Things that i have to do ytd, settled.



I thought the team doesn't really like the design and colours but well it turns out it was alright for them. so i could rest assure and do my shit. and yup i did it alone in the worship hall becos they have to cut the cards and were to busy to check out on me which is damn good. so i show them my finish work and i guess its okay. hahaha. its my first time doing this man. whoooooo hooooo. i feel so happy. i hope winston dun rant or complain anything bout it man.

just finish a 2 hr non stop gaming. freaking game last so bloody long and i'm damn shag. tml have circuit revision and theory trial test. going to practice on it. can't bear to fail my rtp on 22nd of march. hope i'll pass my prac 5 this coming friday. whoosh. busy week it is. next week i guess i got nth to do. and its holiday for small kids. no bad. hope the guys have outing. oh well. off to bed. am damn tired.

just some random stuff. i woke up today by the sms tone of my phone. guess what i did. i threw the !@#$ing phone on the floor and con't to sleep. and when i woke up, i realise what i have done and thank God my phone ain spoil.


doctor doctor help! i think i'm insane!

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

I'm having a headache now. okay its not really aching but my brain is just full of shit. colour combi, design and all those rubbish and being able to produce a good work is really giving me hell. Well i hope THEY let me do my job alone and TRUST and have FAITH in me to complete my work. please dun have doubt in me. i have doubt in myself. i practice all this shit on newspaper like 4 -5 times already? i'm fine with doing it but i'm just scare i'm not up to the standard. oh well seriously if i screwed up, then i apologize. lets not hope for the bad shall we. shit. i would like to know what u peeps think of the colour combi. if u can come up with a better one i'll use urs than. cos i cant think of any nice colour combi.

i'm not screwing anybody here seriously. i'm not saying its a stressup job or whatever. i'm just afraid i'll screw up big time. and the best thing is i'll be allow to do my job alone. its stress ful to have ppl standing behind seeing u doing ur shit. so i hope they will let me do it alone. and i pray hard i'll really do a good job.

Just wait till sunday. you will know what i mean.

Wilkson. haha i reply u at tagboard but i would like to say a few words here too. being emo is gay man. i must admit i have being in that state too. but not 24/7 or once every 2 day. its controllable if u know how. seriously, being in that state makes u into a pussy. ur balls started to shrink and you talking like a girl, thinking bout the girl u like or how's ur life like so far. thinking bout if u die today will ur frens even bother to come to ur funeral wake or just suddenly disappear. all that shit is wasting ur time thinking and ur intelligence. ur get stupid each day pass by if u con't to be emo. so ppl stop emoing! HAHAHA.

fucking losers. muahaha.

doctor doctor help i'm talking rubbish again.
its freaking 4.30 am and i'm still up. hmmm i want to get a tattoo.

tattoo tattoo tattoo.

dad dad will u let me get one?
i promise i'll be nice. ^^


David Desrosiers is so cool.

doctor doctor my dad wants to kill me.

Monday, March 06, 2006

I pass my prac 4 and my theory trial test. i book 4.40pm for my trial test. failed. book immediately after that at 5.30. guess what i passed. and my riding theory test is on 22 march. prac 5 this fri and circuit revision on thurs. haha. i hope i'll get my licensce b4 june though.

just randomly.

1.If i ever get baptised, i would want my name to be Lucifer. if not, Ethan.

2.I feel like being the middle man for all my life man. Am i just too busybody, or really helping people, or what? i duno tell me. Do people really trust me that much? Am i such trustable? A crappy boy who loves to joke around actually got the trust from people? haha. i wonder.

What if i betray all of you?


i will never do that. believe me? lets see how well u trust me then.

3.I feel so bad having daddy give me money while i just rot at home. i dun wanna get a job. i still have stuff to do like bike stuff? yea so when i grow up, i make sure i give them what they deserve. Dad u hear me. ^^

4.I realise, besides timothy, lots of peeps are in a emo state too. being emo isa popular thingy now isit? HAHA. oh well take things easy emo kids. Dun rush in relationship kinda stuff. like what i say in the previous post, if its yours, then it will be. if it ain, nth u could do to make it yours. it will unless a miracle happens.

5.i haven design any shit yet. perharps tml. ar i hope i do a good job. i haven get the freaking paint and stuff. !@#$ man. !@#!$!#%!@#$!@$!%!#$!@$!@


doctor doctor! i think i just pee on my pants.

Sunday, March 05, 2006

Few days since i last update. Well. thursday prac was alrite. mon which is tml is my prac 4 part 2. i hope i'll pass it man. Friday went to Anfu's POP parade. the parade was quite eye opening i mean. kinda stylo. and after that we went supper and back home via cab. oh yea clemence still owe me 8 bucks for the cab fare. better write it down somewhere so i wont forget. haha.

Went for meeting and bla. i dun wanna talk about it, i'll just get my shit done and dont care that much. Went out for dinner with the guys and slack ard and off to jx place.

The peeps came over and had steamboat at my place. It was kinda messy at first but everyone helped out in cleaning so it's still kinda okay man. And. yea thats all i guess. tml having my bike. got to read my circuit route and also take the online theory lesson so i can book my theory trial test. hehheh.

Why can't people wait for the one they love and try to get to know them more before doing anything? i mean seriously if u really love a person u will wait for he/she. but what if its impossilbe for u to be together? or what if u got rejected? should u really wait? that u have to ask urself and only u urself will be able to make that decision to move on or to stay on the track, hoping he/she will be ur partner for sure. I'm not a professor in this lovey dovey shit but that's what i really think about it. For me i think i'm just hopeless in this kinda stuff. so what should i do? just sit back relax and enjoy life, there's nth i could do. i wouldn't wanna spend my life being in a emo state or thinking so much about this kinda stuff. its not a crime or a bad thing to be in a emo state, its just ur giving urself "suffering" and stuff. its normal to be in that state but being in it 24/7 is !@#!$!#%!^/. Lastly i think just leave everything to God and chill. i'm sure He will guide u all the way. oh well. fuck this entry. this sounds gay.

Please put the doctor on the phone, because i'm not making any sense.

Thursday, March 02, 2006

Today was just slacking around like my usual routine except that i have no needs to revise my work or whatsoever. but today i did something. i went to jog and play soccer after that. working out time. i doubt i'll do it anymore. but oh well let's count it day by day.

tml's prac 4 part 1. i hope everything is fine.

ok been thinking about some stuff lately. i think chilling out will be fine. cos seriously i dun have much to worry about anymore. hmmm i guess i kinda sorted it out and that weird feeling. i guess its gone for good cos a new one has come as in NOW. seriously NOW. whats that? i feel like shitting. i can feel it in my tummy. heh heh.

dun understand? haha. i never do. always.


Wednesday, March 01, 2006

I'm free. Holidays starting NOW. till 24th of april. so i wonder what should i do for this 8 weeks. 7 or 8 can't remember but its somewhere there. can sleep and play all day i want withoug worrying about my studies. the result will be on 24th of March which is still long and i dun really care bout it la. cos what done has been don't, getting all freaked out for the result ain going to do any good either so just relax enjoy and leave it to God. haha.

Okie here's what my plan is. i'm planing to paint my room, maybe draw some stuff or what. i'll see how since i got all the time. maybe i'l do it maybe i wont. haha. sleepy already i guess i have nth much really to blog today. maybe tml is a better day then today. bla.

The Nightmare Before Christmas is so cool man.