Sunday, February 19, 2006

What hurts the most
Was being so close.

Today was a long day man. i think so. Woke up at 7.30 am today and got prepared and off to church, meeting jx on the way there. Worship was alrite. hear my frens said that the hymns were a bit outta place. oh well i duno. i find it alrite though. Sermon was about let's see. making the right decisions ain it? Yea kinda lots of the same sermons nowadays. i can't really remembered if its that but nvm. Traded the present today. HUGO BOSS cologne man. that's crazy. 55 bucks? seriously you're crazy. haha but yea i like it very much. thanks asshole. your letter was such a headache man. but it was really nice, sweet~. ok that's a bit gay and mushy man.

And having so much to say
And watching you walked away

Had cg after service. it was okay, timothy was really crazy and retarded today. duno why. and jx keeps smacking his head. smacking his head was really fun though. Dun be sad u can't hang with her today huh emo kid? next time perharps. and that's next sunday again? haha chill bro. Went to Paradiz centre and play lan gaming with the guys. it was okay though, not really that fun or bad. just pure plain okay. After which we went to eat long john and the guys are just idiotic man. oh well.

And never knowing
What could have been

Oh yea. before that was at tp area slacking after lunch. found shop that sells ps2 game, 1 for 8 bucks and 3 for 20 bucks. i bought 2 while jx bought 1. Nightmare Before Christmas and some weird RPG game. yes i finally found nightmare before christmas that freaking game. like how long ago i have been searching it la. Went home and play a bit. Shall con't tml as dad's going to watch soccer and stuff. I'm having a Computer-Aid Design final test tml at 920, after which i have bike lesson. i hope i pass this time. then i guess i'll meet jx for movie or what first b4 going for fellowmin meeting. i wonder if its still on though. hmmm. alrite i guess i'll just go and slack around b4 going to sleep.

And seeing that loving you

PS: i'm copying your style of writing, are u mad at me or what. wahaha asshole where have you been? hmmm take things easy man. Once again thanks shithead.

is what i was trying to do