Thursday, February 02, 2006

Today's a boring day in school again. Woke up and went into class, teacher check our calculation and say ok you guys can go and do ur computer drawing now. like wtf so we slack there till 11 like that we went off to KAP macs for lunch. we talk crap there and went back to school for lesson. stupid mr bean say you all can do anything you want but dun disturb the class.. fuck him la.. then i duno what the hell happen to him he keeps spitting n spatting at the rubbish bin. its damn sick. and he came to tell us.

"eh you all wait here ar i go n take toothbrush and brush my teeth."

WTF IS HE DOING? seriously his's crazy. brushing teeth now? i duno him man. no wonder he is called mr bean. the way he talk sounds like him, the way he behave also like him. weird shit. then lab was damn boring. he have sample of the graphs we are going to draw, i freaking hell just bring them home. haha heck care la. he dun even know i took it home la. i think his shagged already. muahahah.

so after that my fren keeps on pestering me to go flesh imp with him and i dun feel like going cos i just wanan go home n poo. hahaha. i duno la. then after a while he called me and ask me to go skatepark and skate. was thinking bout it but still went in the end. when i reach there i was fucking scare to even take out my skates and wear them. there's like 40+ ppl, 15 are skateboards, 5 are bikers, none aggro skaters. and i'm the only one. like WTF? HOW TO GO AND SKATE.damn paiseh n extra la. so ireach there around 9+ n the guys came at around 915. then we slack and when all decided to go skate, it was 9.55 and skatepark freaking close at 10 pm. i was like wtf? just when i was motivated to go it got close. and all were damn sian. but we went else where to skate. we went to the new SMU and skate and everyone got hyped out. and all started to jump here jump there grind here grind there. totally crazy. i try jumping off 4 stairs and fell quite a number of times but succeed. my fren was freaking hell laughing at me when i fall haha. oh well it was fun though. cept igot a small bruise on my left knee. n my palm are red. haha. hope tml i wont sprain my ankle or dislocate anything la. sianzation. all projects are to be due next friday. ain got much time left man. oh well. but heck care go n enjoy tml man. weee. tml my whole skate club is heading down to skate park. around 10 -20 bladers. whoa shiok sia. hahaha.

oh well. its freaking 2 am n i haven even bath can. shit shit shit. going to bath now then. oh well.

u think i'm a stalker? cool then be careful u never know i'm always stalking u home asshole. wahaha. ain u happy i fell today. or are u not cos u said u ain a sadist. n since when i say eating leftover is a loser. ur a loser already n eating leftover or trash food ain gonna change anything u know. dumb dumb. go be a jackass man. i'll respect u if u do jackass stunt u shithead. send me send me send me send me send me send me. ASSHOLE MUAHAHAHA. u must be saying wtf or f u in ur peabrain eh? sucker !

cheerios morockos fuckheads!