Tuesday, February 28, 2006

my left shoulder is still hurting. i wonder when this aching will stop. oh well it should stop soon i guess.

today am quite slack. woke up, went online then buy lunch then slack awhile and mug. play game dinner watch tv mug. and i think i'm done for the day. hope everything goes well tml man. haha a whole day's happening can be describe with just a few sentences. ain nth much happening seriously. i duno what am i suppose to do when holidays starts. should i go work or what? i duno finding work is hard inthe first place. hmmm. well see how. shall start working out during the holidays. its fats burning time. weehee. my target will be anfu. man he slim down quite a lot within a few weeks. Anfu will be my motivation target. i wonder how's he doing at camp. gg to see him on friday for his POP parade. so fast he pop already. thats really cool man. haha.People are so emo nowadays. seems like everyione cant wait to go into a relationship asap. hmm i wonder why. it somehow just makes u happy for the first few months after that ur be like kinda sian and wants to have a single life again. maybe some are still loving till the day i die. but how many are still doing this? i mean there's no need to rush for this kinda stuff. like what me n ame was saying bout my fren, true love waits. i guess somehow u dun have to rush things man. for me well, i duno. i'm fine with anything haha but right now i guess there's no need to do anything. i think the more u want a relationship, the more u wont get it so best thing is leave it to the one up there. for he plans out ur life perfectly. maybe tml is the day ur going to meet your maker? who knows? bla.

Tml test tml test. i hoped it'll be realllll easy. please dun come out some funny questions that makes everyone go uhh? please come out some easy questions that makes ppl goes hahaha. i wonder wonder what should i do during holidays. play game till i die? stay at home and let cockroaches and fungi grow on me? hahah count a day by a day then. when school reopens, i'll be year 3 already. going in army next year. hmm come to think of it its still long so yea slack first man. i wanna get my bike licensce like asap la. i cant wait to have my own transport. that makes travelling so much easier, at the same time, making a higher risk of getting injured or even death. well even if i dun ride one and i'm fated to die on some particular day, i might as well ride it man. hahaha. if not i'll just die with a lot of regrets.

i duno what to write anymore. but oh well. i guess things are kinda good now. i hope so.nth's happening. its all over. i guess.