Monday, February 06, 2006

Look at the time now man. its freaking 415 am. i fell asleep just now on the bed, WITHOUT BATHING OR ANYTHING FROM BBQ. tt's damn sick man. wtf sia.

ok i went home from bbq just now and reach home around 1030. and i rush my quizs which i completed just nice at 12 am, n i scold 72/100 for the first one and 40/100 for the 2nd one. heck la. as long as both add together pass enough already. then after that i'm super duper shagged. so i decided to lie on my bed for a while. and guess what. i woke up at 3.45. which is a good thing cos i haven bath n haven even set alarm for tml! lucky shit man. if not tml wont go to school again. now must wait for hair to dry cos i just !@#$ing bath! man oh man.

shit my wound stain a bit of blood on my blanket. crap i cant treat it cos i haven bath jus now. but after bathing seems like its getting better. i hope it stop bleeding asap. irritating man.

projects are due on friday. shit man i realise i haven really finish them up. gonna do them on tuesday after school. definitely must do and finish them asap, if not i'll just freaking die la. stressful week this coming week. but after that can slack a bit already. weeee. sianzation.

so sat i left my com on and forget to shut it down. zzzz waste electricity only. oh well. went to eat with relatives and stuff la.. some sort of reunion dinner la. the food was alrite though, then i go meet mr timo n jx and his botak la. hahah so funy i can't stop laughing my ass off for the first 5 mins.. was practically going " hur hur hur hur" even passer-by though i'm crazy. slack a while and off to jx hse. we all did lots of stupid stuff at his hse, from camp mass dance to spanking timo's ass, some fake wrestling thingy, more spanking of timo's ass and the next morning was jx vs the undies timo... it was all damn crappy. crappy night/day thruout. we slept at 5 - 6 like that and woke up around 940. whoa. timo didnt really sleep cos jx didnt give him a blanket and then its damn cold so timo cant sleep. the two of us sleep like pigs. oh well pity that asshole.

we got ready and stuff and head to church. it was damn full so we went parsonage. then after a while this worship leader i duno wat name la. miak or mak or wateva la. when i see her come in the room, i sense a presense that says "leave the room..." and yea i'm right. she told us that their be more babies coming and are there really no space in the worship hall? and i was like let's go jx, nehmind la go somewhere else la. so we went to the senior citizen corner, slacking away. jx tim n me were so bored we play jenga and tim lost the most no. of times. haha wat a loser. after that was lunch and off to melly's place.

Reach there, was slacking slacking, the guys played bb while i was standing at melly's hse the balcony there watching them play, throwing pineapple tarts at them. when they finish playing, they came up and it was more slacking slacking. we started pit at around 530? yea it was timo's first time. so he'll be very gentle with the charcoal. he's a sick guy. non living things like charcoal he also wanna rape. sigh. so 1st half was tim n jx cooking all the way for all of us and the rest were playing card games and slacking away. 2nd half was those who play the card games, but i went to join timo they all to slack. and there tim was so hyped out that he keeps on dancing to the song "beat it" by MJ. and we recorded some dance thingy he did. it was damn stupid. that dickhead is such an jackass man. that's damn good la. wahahaha. oh ya the bbq and stuff was for Ann. and ya she's a very happy girl ytd as u can see. hahaha. con't to be that way dude. and so around 10pm everybody start leaving including me cos i just realise i got some revision quiz to do when melly's mom ask if she finish her hw. n suddenly the quiz came into my mind and i was like " WHAT THE FCUK!!? AWWW SHIT SHIT SHIT.. OH FCUK MAN FCUK FCUK FCUK!!" then we went back to melly's hse, pack our stuff and i went home straight. and yea that's about it. the bbq food was nice, but the fire was a bit too small so cant really bbq that much. oh well i think everybody enjoy themselves, although i'm still a bit hungry now. ok off to sleep already. tml have to wake up at 8... 3 hr and 20 min till revival day.

loser. shitman why have ur disease of falling asleep and waking up at the middle of the night pass to me. u asshole idiot shithead bastard. argggh.

cheerios morockos~!