Monday, February 20, 2006

In this town,
We call home,
Everybody hail to the pumpkim song!

Long day today. 1st of all i think i screwed up my test. Not enough time to finish drawing one of the parts and then i just anyhow do for the assembling of all the components becos i have like only 5 mins left to do? My friend whose good in this didnt even do assembly at all. Hope this test doesn't have a great percentage man. hope its like 10 or 15% only then getting a just pass is enough to get A i think. oh well.

After that had lunch at SIM and went home after that. Thought the guys will go gaming or jx will finish early so can meet up. Brought my helmet along and it was so bulky. Nvm bout that. I watch analyse that today. Damn funny man the mafia rocks la. the way they talk and swearing was darn cool. Sweet man. Time check was 3.30. packed up stuff and left house at 3.35. i'm amazed that i pack and change so fast. usually i tend to drag drag drag for like 15 mins? i think i can't really be late for bike thats why.

I pass today's prac 3. Have to do online booking or what for prac 4 becos the computer system is cocked up. That's what the instructor say though. So troublesome. i dun have freaking masterscard la. how the hell am i going to book? shit maybe i go take theory first then when i go to SSDC again i'll book. hmmm. Fri n next tue are my final two papers. i'm so dead i should start mugging tml. fri's paper i know nuts. seriously the lecturer is totally screwed up man. what a great year.

Next up was meeting at church. was late dude to the late 163 bus. Hmmm have to put up a skit for sun for publicity for no condition. i wonder how it goes. oh well leave the planning later since its a short one. kinda plan it with jx already during dinner. so have to just plan properly and get what we're going to say and thats it.