Thursday, February 09, 2006

I lost my mp3 player today.

sigh its time u finally gone, not dead or anything but been taken into custody of another owner. i hope they will treat you better, take you to see a "doctor" cos ur unwell now, but ur still functioning. i'm sorry for not bringing you there, and maybe that's why you ran away from me and never ever will come back. your mama the charger and ur brother the wire that connects u to the com misses u (i duno wtf u call it la. like ipod firewire). but i guess ur never come back. oh well. I think i'll go and adopt another one of ur brother or distant cousin this sat. i'm not so sure which one yet but i'll go funan and see. i promise i'll treat it well, such things again wont happen dude. so rest assure and enjoy urself with ur new owner.

School was long. left school at around 7.30 pm again but this time, i finish my project. like finally. deadline's tml and have to compile everything and stuff by tml and can finally slack a bit. next week have a few test coming up and its not too stressful i think. tues and wed dun have to go to school which is damn good. today is quite a fun day, especially after schoo in the computer lab. wahahaha my frens was like damn noisy shouting here and there and its damn irritating. i shut them up but farting in the air con room. the smell is awesome man. then all of them scold me. wahahahaha. their expression all damn funny.. muahahah. and my friends are damn retarded.

AFter that was just doing project, and printing them out and home sweet home. journey home was damn boring. i reached home around 910 and went to eat n bath n slack. talk to a gay pal and then i'm damn shagged now. so its zzz time. having bike tml and hope i'll pass it man.

cheerios morockos~!!!