Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Happy Valentine's Day.

How i spend it this year? gaming with my frens all the way till this morning 6am. and i'm like going home and everybody is going to work and study and stuff.. usually this is the time i wake up to go to school but now its for me to sleep. I'll most probably wake up at noon time and get ready to go for my prac 3 which i got a bad feeling i wont make it. shit man but i just hope i'll pass, i mean who doesn't wanna pass? it's a waste of money if they fails you so i got to give in my best.

Maybe after bike prac its home sweet home and yea that's how i spend my pathetic little valentine day. muahaha. ok i duno what else i should blog about. ok bout ytd, i went to school, lecturers went thru pass year paper with us and there was workshop after lunch which is damn slack. The lecturer just give us the answer for the quizzes. muahaha.

after school went to watch fun with dick and jane and its a short movie. but its funny cos of jim carrey. got this part they rob the jap sushi bar and some fat guy. wa. damn funny. after that was pool, i won my frens every round due to luck and was gaming all the way till this morning. i'm feeling so dirty and yucky now. gotta go bath. update again later if there's anything to update bout. yes i sound pathetic muahaha.

i'm going to shit now. shitting 24/7 on v-day. shit all the rose-shaped shit out and give to everybody. muahaha.

tata idiots.