Saturday, February 18, 2006

Haha i jsut finish playing game. its freaking 5.50 am, ppl hve already start standing at bus stop waiting for bus while i'm going to sleep. cool shit man.

Well ytd went to school for the F1 raching shit. my pink and black car, the fag mobile won 2nd in the race. Actually we could have got first if our front wheels ain that heavy. the other team use lighter wheels than us. but nvm. some china girls. they won and were so happy. i bet they really spend lots of time doing it and the credit should go to them. me? oh. i spend the whole night spraying paint n patterns on the car. not bad la too me quite nice. US car. haha means looks nice run fast. unlike my classmate. SG cars. Looks nice but run slow like shit man. hahaha. 6 ppl in a team, 3 came including me. so all of us got to take home 2 trophy. stupid shit. after that went home straight.

had dinner and was playing game since 10 onwards all the way till now, its freaking 6 am already. arrr crap. off to sleep then.

jackass ur such a evil daoster.