Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Alrite today was a damn tiring day.

I slept at 4 am ytd night cos i was playing game n i didnt know the last match lasted so long. so no choice and the my friend asked me whether i want to skipped the lesson tml, since its just going there to do some self evaluation thingy and u can do it at home too. so we decided to finish it at home and meet at 11 instead. guess what i woke up at around 1025 and reached school around 12. Went to the computer lab to meet up with them and started doing my project. So computer drawing and went to eat after doing it for like an hour. after go back to the room and continue doing it till 7 pm.. half a day spent in school doing project. how great can that be and i think thats my biggest accomplishment this semester. i manage to complete like say 60% - 70% of the project drawing only. tml is going to be another long day in school. I hope i can finish every thing by tml, so that i do not have to go for the lesson early in the morn on thursday. best still can skip thursday class, since its the 2nd last week of school.

Came back home at around 8pm. Aunt cooked fried rice and it was nice. bath, do the self evaluation thingy that was suppose to do this morning and i'm feeling damn shagged now. my eyes are closing, i think i have not been slping properly this few days and seriously all i think about now is sleep. my eyes need a rest, after spend so much time looking at the monitor today.

eyes eyes u need a rest. dad's snoring again and i'm going to disturb him now to wake him up.

cheerios morocks~!!!