Sunday, February 12, 2006

3 days 2 night at jx house. starting from friday till sunday. well during these 3 days, we did quite lots of jackass shit. can i rmb them? i'll try.

Let's see... i went to school as usual, lesson was like shit as per normal and i handed in both my projects and i hope i got good marks for it. After that was bike prac 2 and among the 5 of us i was the only one who passed, maybe i'm the repeated one and i have some experience in it and that's why they passed me. Met jx after that. he came over to my place to take my stuff and we had dinner at my place. dad buy home and we left after we have done eating + packing my stuff. Reached his place, after a while timo came over and we went out for supper at prata house. journey there and back was full of rubbish man. timo pulled his pants down till half his ass was revealed and walked at jx house district there. nobody was there that's why all of us did all this shit. and it was damn stupid and funny. on the way back all of us did stupid shits. jx took of his pants n wear it on his head and ran around with his underwear on. i pulled down my pants and use my shirt to cover my face to look like a stupid shitty terrorist. Tim.. i think he just watched us. oh ya he took off his pants n undies and used his shirt to cover his brother for a few second. stupid idiots. upon reaching jx's place. we slack awhile and then all went to sleep after that. we slept around 430am i think.

Me and jx can't really sleep. fucking timothy snored like some radio amplifier and we were all irritated by it. i woke up a few tiems to pinch his nose and wack his head with the bolster and then he will shutup for a while only. super irritating. i feel like killing him man. jx slept at 7 am dude to the fuckhead snoring. he listened to mp3 to fight that snoring sound and in the end finally fell aslp. we were all damn irritated by tim's snoring and swore to cut his dick hair or wateva when he's aslp and snoring like mad again. We went funan today, to buy my sony walkman. 20 GB for 499 bucks.. i duno if the walkman is really that nice to use or not. oh well i hope it will last long and wont get spoil easily. anfu came n meet us at funan and we slack around and went for mission's dinner at a churchmate's place. she's leaving alone and her flat is very nice. simple and nice and spacious for a single person living in it. borrowed some dvd from her to watch cos tue and wed have no school, so can watch show to kill time man. the po pia was DIY, so they provide the ingredients and we have to make it ourselves. NICE. haha. look at the pictures we took at thai and did evaluation and angie told us that we have to share our testimonial in youth service, me koon and jx for youth, edmund for 11 am, liang for 8am. wahaha 3 person sharing for youth. koon n jx is gg to share bout the first few days while i'm gg to share those days that they were sick.
After that we met up with timo and guys at the bus stop outside church and went the prata house to eat again. i drank teh iced and didnt eat cos i was too freaking full. and on the way back we decided to play with zippo fluid and burn some stuff. went to 7-11 to buy fluid but they didnt sell, so we bought baytgone instead. the mosquito spray. nad its flamable which means flame thrower time. we went hunting for cockroaches and once we see them we burn them using the flame thrower technique, which is lighting a flame using a light and position it right in front of the spray and spray the stupid shit and thus create a flame thrower like thingy and burn the cockroaches to death. after a few times, we realise its damn hard to just like kill one by one. damn wasting of time. and so we decided to catch it and i'm the catcher, jx the sprayer to stun the cockroach while tim was the storage man. we went rounds and rounds for like an hour? and we caught freaking 31 cockroaches, half death as i stun them using the paper smacking technique which is just practically smacking them till they can't fidget that much.. can't hit them too hard cos their just die, so must hit using the right amount of strength so they will be moving a bit, but slower. Once we got enough, we went back to jx house to rest a while and charged up my hp for the videos that we're gg to take later. we wore our make up using powder and tim look like shit. pictures will be posted up once i got the memory card reader from my fren which is i think tml. tim really look like an idiot. oh well. wearing our stupid war make up, we set off to the nearby basketball court to commence our burning ceremony. Equipped with WD40 + Mosquitio spray, we burn the shit outta the freaking 6 legged digusting bug. first we spray WD40 inside this cardboard box, with all 31 cockroaches and some newspaper. then we light a small piece of newspaper and FIRE IN THE HOLE! burn morons burn! and some flame thrower attack on it. after a while tim pee on it to extinguish the flame. his so lucky he didn't burn his brother, if not i'll be laughing my ass off. ok guess what. the cockroaches didnt really got all burned. arghhhh. we pour them out, pile them up on the road,with WD40 all sprayed on them and few pieces of newspaper, flame thrower down the bodies and burn for like 40 seconds or more and when the fire extinguishes itself, we touch the cockroaches using a piece of small cardboard and u can hear the crispy crispy sound. timo was like smashing them like his smashing garlic or something. super crispy. we put them back into a tin container and decided to bring them to church tml.
After the killing spree, went back to jx hse and bath and we slept at 5am.

woke up at 8+ and we were all damn shagged. super tired la. cos of the stupid timo. he snore like a elephant again and jx n i really agreed on cutting his brother's hair or wateva stuff next week if this situation happens again. bastard man he. was late for service, and was half asleep durin the sermon but then i still listen to what reuben is preaching bout. standing up for the truth and stuff. he mention 3 examples during his sermon and stuff. style sermon today.
next up was cg session. shared bout what God has been doing in out life or what i think. can't rmb but it was something like that. everyone shared and then cg ended with prayers. went for the sports day meeting. and then scott say some are not compulsory to go. which means me n anfu dun have to go cos i'm in charge of some station which i duno is what and anfu just got out of army n knows shit bout this. so we went to find our cg and join them for lunch. ate at bk and then set of to ps cos the girls wanna take neo prints? i duno just go n kill some time lor. they take neoprint then we guys just slack around ps and then some went home after that n some con't to go out lor. reached home around 5+ i think. then was trying my mp3 thingy and stuff. the programme i install from the package given is damn laggy man. i think is my com too slow. sianzation. but after transfering songs and stuff, everything's good la. tml finally can listen to mp3 during the journey to school.. whoo hoo..

okay this is quite long i shall end it here.. a 3 days entry all in 1. 3 in 1 bloggie packet. just open, pour hot water and its ready to served~!

cheerios morockos~!!!