Tuesday, February 28, 2006

my left shoulder is still hurting. i wonder when this aching will stop. oh well it should stop soon i guess.

today am quite slack. woke up, went online then buy lunch then slack awhile and mug. play game dinner watch tv mug. and i think i'm done for the day. hope everything goes well tml man. haha a whole day's happening can be describe with just a few sentences. ain nth much happening seriously. i duno what am i suppose to do when holidays starts. should i go work or what? i duno finding work is hard inthe first place. hmmm. well see how. shall start working out during the holidays. its fats burning time. weehee. my target will be anfu. man he slim down quite a lot within a few weeks. Anfu will be my motivation target. i wonder how's he doing at camp. gg to see him on friday for his POP parade. so fast he pop already. thats really cool man. haha.People are so emo nowadays. seems like everyione cant wait to go into a relationship asap. hmm i wonder why. it somehow just makes u happy for the first few months after that ur be like kinda sian and wants to have a single life again. maybe some are still loving till the day i die. but how many are still doing this? i mean there's no need to rush for this kinda stuff. like what me n ame was saying bout my fren, true love waits. i guess somehow u dun have to rush things man. for me well, i duno. i'm fine with anything haha but right now i guess there's no need to do anything. i think the more u want a relationship, the more u wont get it so best thing is leave it to the one up there. for he plans out ur life perfectly. maybe tml is the day ur going to meet your maker? who knows? bla.

Tml test tml test. i hoped it'll be realllll easy. please dun come out some funny questions that makes everyone go uhh? please come out some easy questions that makes ppl goes hahaha. i wonder wonder what should i do during holidays. play game till i die? stay at home and let cockroaches and fungi grow on me? hahah count a day by a day then. when school reopens, i'll be year 3 already. going in army next year. hmm come to think of it its still long so yea slack first man. i wanna get my bike licensce like asap la. i cant wait to have my own transport. that makes travelling so much easier, at the same time, making a higher risk of getting injured or even death. well even if i dun ride one and i'm fated to die on some particular day, i might as well ride it man. hahaha. if not i'll just die with a lot of regrets.

i duno what to write anymore. but oh well. i guess things are kinda good now. i hope so.nth's happening. its all over. i guess.

Sunday, February 26, 2006

Tired. Didn't have a good rest ytd. Have soccer training today and i feel damn shagged man. my left shoulder joint is loose. while playing soccer, i jumped and head the ball and the joints on my shoulder sort of dislocate and came back again. in a split sec this shit happens and now its kinda hurting. if it doesn't drop down i think it should be okay.

Skit today was screwed. Tim said the wrong stuff, well f it. what's done has been done although i was stunned there for liek say 3 seconds? glad the head ain really that mad at me or whatsoever. Cg was okie also. Soccer was tiring. everybody didnt exercise for long and all were like senior citizens playing soccer. cant run to the ball that kinda shit.

damn my left should area is hurting.

Ytd was alrite la. didnt went for the worship thingy. maybe cos i dun like crowds. oh well. went out with jx tim n anfu. ate at tim's place there and went to jx house and we did a clip of us dancing spastically to michael jackson song - beat it. damn stupid and retard. after that was slacking around bathing and finally all was ready to sleep at 4 am. tim snores so loud that jx cant take it and went to the living room to sleep. he didnt sleep till 6 am. and he woke up at 7 which means he slept for an hour only. i slept for 2 -3 hours only cos tim's snoring woke me up too. its damn loud and irritating. f him la. hahah tim relak la. f u ar.

so yea that's about it. i haven mug for tue test yet. tml got to finish it up. i hope i have enuff time. i'm too tired to do anything now though. oh well.

Wtf is happening man.

Friday, February 24, 2006

I'm having a freaking test on Sat. come on who have freaking test on sat man. shitty school. f them all.

i just wan to kill that shithead lecturer call tan yong hoa who doesn't give a shit bout teaching. even if i wanted to concentrate fully on his lesson, i dun understand wtf his trying to teach. his voice is so deep and its so damn irritating + he reads what he put on the screen. like his going thru some slides. the jsut read them out like we're some 5 year old kid like that. and now i have to study everything myself which means i'm so going to die. i only studied like 1 n a 1/2 chapters out of 5. i'm going to skip 1 and pray it wont come out. so left with 4. hope i'll get everything done after i wake up. f man. not much time left.

till then when i have time. for now time is precious.

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Rotting at home.

Oh well i'm suppose to mug at home today which i didnt so i think i will tml which most probably end up doing nth. i suppose i really have to motivate myself in mugging by burning up the rest of my books and throw it in somebody's house so they can get burned to death and fire engines will all come and then fireman will be up putting out the fire. so cool reporters will all come and question me and i say i'm the one who did it and i'll end up in prison for the next 10 or 20 years for murder and vandalism.

Know what this means? i'm mentally retarded. yes i am. i watch hello kitty every morning when i wake up, watch power ranger when i'm eating and watch digimon after dinner. i play with soft toys and teletubbies when i'm not watching anything. i talk to the wall and read snow white and the 7 drawfs 6 times in a row. i take out a knife and cut water bottle and stab the refridgerator till my knife goes slanting. I pee on my parents bed and shit in the living room. I drink from my trophy cups and write with my chopsticks dip with soy sauce. and i'm writing my daily lifestyle for all to known to prove i'm mentally retarded.

Tml have to go buangkok green the mental hospital for check up. and most prob their strap me up with the strap jacket and keep me in some weird room. Make me eat peanut butter bread all day. i'm hungry. i cant wait.

OH YEA THERE'S BREAD AT HOME. whoo hoo. i'm going to spread water n detergent and eat it. so hungry. lemon flavoured detergent rocks man. then poo poo come out got lemon smell one. style sia. hahaha.

ok i regain back my mentality. Today was jsut playing game, watching tv, eat, slack. Did nothing much meaningful today. so tml WILL be a good day for mugging. definitely a good day. 100% i'm sure of it. even it isn't i'll make it a good day to mug. AWWW. i have a feeling i cant do it. seriously i have this kinda period b4 exams. like u know nuts bout this module and the test is coming soon and u just cant seem to be motivated to mug. wtf la. hahaha well, whatever happens tml, just settled it tml.

I am the shadow on the moon at night
Filling your dreams to the brim with fright

This is Halloween! This is Halloween!
Halloween! Halloween! Halloween!

Jack Skellington is so cool.

pugshead till the death!

Monday, February 20, 2006

In this town,
We call home,
Everybody hail to the pumpkim song!

Long day today. 1st of all i think i screwed up my test. Not enough time to finish drawing one of the parts and then i just anyhow do for the assembling of all the components becos i have like only 5 mins left to do? My friend whose good in this didnt even do assembly at all. Hope this test doesn't have a great percentage man. hope its like 10 or 15% only then getting a just pass is enough to get A i think. oh well.

After that had lunch at SIM and went home after that. Thought the guys will go gaming or jx will finish early so can meet up. Brought my helmet along and it was so bulky. Nvm bout that. I watch analyse that today. Damn funny man the mafia rocks la. the way they talk and swearing was darn cool. Sweet man. Time check was 3.30. packed up stuff and left house at 3.35. i'm amazed that i pack and change so fast. usually i tend to drag drag drag for like 15 mins? i think i can't really be late for bike thats why.

I pass today's prac 3. Have to do online booking or what for prac 4 becos the computer system is cocked up. That's what the instructor say though. So troublesome. i dun have freaking masterscard la. how the hell am i going to book? shit maybe i go take theory first then when i go to SSDC again i'll book. hmmm. Fri n next tue are my final two papers. i'm so dead i should start mugging tml. fri's paper i know nuts. seriously the lecturer is totally screwed up man. what a great year.

Next up was meeting at church. was late dude to the late 163 bus. Hmmm have to put up a skit for sun for publicity for no condition. i wonder how it goes. oh well leave the planning later since its a short one. kinda plan it with jx already during dinner. so have to just plan properly and get what we're going to say and thats it.



Sunday, February 19, 2006

What hurts the most
Was being so close.

Today was a long day man. i think so. Woke up at 7.30 am today and got prepared and off to church, meeting jx on the way there. Worship was alrite. hear my frens said that the hymns were a bit outta place. oh well i duno. i find it alrite though. Sermon was about let's see. making the right decisions ain it? Yea kinda lots of the same sermons nowadays. i can't really remembered if its that but nvm. Traded the present today. HUGO BOSS cologne man. that's crazy. 55 bucks? seriously you're crazy. haha but yea i like it very much. thanks asshole. your letter was such a headache man. but it was really nice, sweet~. ok that's a bit gay and mushy man.

And having so much to say
And watching you walked away

Had cg after service. it was okay, timothy was really crazy and retarded today. duno why. and jx keeps smacking his head. smacking his head was really fun though. Dun be sad u can't hang with her today huh emo kid? next time perharps. and that's next sunday again? haha chill bro. Went to Paradiz centre and play lan gaming with the guys. it was okay though, not really that fun or bad. just pure plain okay. After which we went to eat long john and the guys are just idiotic man. oh well.

And never knowing
What could have been

Oh yea. before that was at tp area slacking after lunch. found shop that sells ps2 game, 1 for 8 bucks and 3 for 20 bucks. i bought 2 while jx bought 1. Nightmare Before Christmas and some weird RPG game. yes i finally found nightmare before christmas that freaking game. like how long ago i have been searching it la. Went home and play a bit. Shall con't tml as dad's going to watch soccer and stuff. I'm having a Computer-Aid Design final test tml at 920, after which i have bike lesson. i hope i pass this time. then i guess i'll meet jx for movie or what first b4 going for fellowmin meeting. i wonder if its still on though. hmmm. alrite i guess i'll just go and slack around b4 going to sleep.

And seeing that loving you

PS: i'm copying your style of writing, are u mad at me or what. wahaha asshole where have you been? hmmm take things easy man. Once again thanks shithead.

is what i was trying to do

Today's saturday. i woke up at 1+ i think. Went to coffee shop and buy mee, my brunch. Watch Mr incredible too. not a bad show though hahahah. quite funny and interesting. just feel line punching tt ff(!@#$ face if retards duno) syndrome guy.

After that was gaming with my frens till 7pm. started gaming at 5 pm. straight after that was dinner time. dinner was nice. wahaha. then was slacking around watching tv and writing some stuff. i didnt know i took so long to finish it. like say.. 2 hrs++? Was watching tv and writing and designing. i think its nice. hahaha oh well must see what the receiver says.

Tml's going to be a long day i guess. yawns. its 1. i wonder how am i going to wake up. oh well. monday is goin to be such a busy day. i really hope i can pass my prac 3 man. sigh.

over and out.

Saturday, February 18, 2006

Haha i jsut finish playing game. its freaking 5.50 am, ppl hve already start standing at bus stop waiting for bus while i'm going to sleep. cool shit man.

Well ytd went to school for the F1 raching shit. my pink and black car, the fag mobile won 2nd in the race. Actually we could have got first if our front wheels ain that heavy. the other team use lighter wheels than us. but nvm. some china girls. they won and were so happy. i bet they really spend lots of time doing it and the credit should go to them. me? oh. i spend the whole night spraying paint n patterns on the car. not bad la too me quite nice. US car. haha means looks nice run fast. unlike my classmate. SG cars. Looks nice but run slow like shit man. hahaha. 6 ppl in a team, 3 came including me. so all of us got to take home 2 trophy. stupid shit. after that went home straight.

had dinner and was playing game since 10 onwards all the way till now, its freaking 6 am already. arrr crap. off to sleep then.

jackass ur such a evil daoster.


Thursday, February 16, 2006

My friend called at 10 today when i was still in dreamland stabbing the hell outta a jackass. And its damn irritating that he ask me questions where he can find the answer in the textbook. Irritating shithead so i just say i duno go find reference from the textbook, they have everything. Then i wanted to go back to my sleep but can't. Arghh. Then go wash up and prepare some notes for mugging later.

First test sucks to the core. i did the notes from home, in the bus and finally finish them when i reach a bus stop to change another bus to school. n i didnt read what i wrote cos i was late for it. Went in at 115 like that. sat at the front row. The question were all familiar but i cant do shit man. i didnt go n read what i wrote. So i handed in my paper 3/4 empty. Some answer were all taken from friend, in fact all. Wanted to cheat by can't cos i'm in the freaking front row. My friend got caught cheating and i duno what happen to him.

Went to eat lunch after that and some interview thingy for my project. Some minor mistake were found and teacher asked me n fireman to go n edit and hand in latest tml. So i went to edit some stuff and pass to fireman so he can go home and do the touching up. Test was next. It was much much better done than the previous one. Able to do all the questions and the 1st to hand in and teacher was shock. He thought i duno how to do them, oh well. Then wait for my friends to finish and went home together.

Here's the best part of all. When i board 156 from the bus stop b4 nanyang girl school, i sat at my fav. seat which is the right back seat. i was wondering how come it was empty and i realise why once i sat down. There were two bangala in front of me and they smell of rancid sweat and shit. i duno how to describe it but it stinks to the core. Lucky my fren had some medical ointment or what stuff to put at the nose area there. if not i'll just faint in the bus man. Their so gay, 1 sleep on the other's shoulder and it just look funny. The way they sleep that is.

And now i'm at home blogging, going to have dinner at compass point later with parents. Got to do my F1 car after dinner. have to sand it till its smooth and spray paint on it. black n white, some pattern thingy i guess. i duno, all i know now is i got to shit.


cheers my ass pugheads.

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

i find myself damn stubborn. but now i realise 1 thing. since ppl dun really care about some stuff and they dun give shit bout it, why should i? i mean why should i go n spend this special effort and stuff since nobody cares? Can't be bother with this shit anymore. do whatever u wish. i'm not aiming anybody in particular, saying it in general. if u think i'm saying u then fuck you.

Todays a fucked up day. have 2 test tml and i haven done revising it. i'm so going to die for tml. but doesn't matter, i still have sometime left. Today's just such a bad day ain it jackass. i really admire u that u can go oversea and study soon. i cant wait to leave singapore cos i think its not worth to stay. THERES A HELL LOTS OF REASON. but i dun feel like saying them cos u bastards are simply bastards who feed on human misery.

Fuck you retards,
cheerios my ass pugheads.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Happy Valentine's Day.

How i spend it this year? gaming with my frens all the way till this morning 6am. and i'm like going home and everybody is going to work and study and stuff.. usually this is the time i wake up to go to school but now its for me to sleep. I'll most probably wake up at noon time and get ready to go for my prac 3 which i got a bad feeling i wont make it. shit man but i just hope i'll pass, i mean who doesn't wanna pass? it's a waste of money if they fails you so i got to give in my best.

Maybe after bike prac its home sweet home and yea that's how i spend my pathetic little valentine day. muahaha. ok i duno what else i should blog about. ok bout ytd, i went to school, lecturers went thru pass year paper with us and there was workshop after lunch which is damn slack. The lecturer just give us the answer for the quizzes. muahaha.

after school went to watch fun with dick and jane and its a short movie. but its funny cos of jim carrey. got this part they rob the jap sushi bar and some fat guy. wa. damn funny. after that was pool, i won my frens every round due to luck and was gaming all the way till this morning. i'm feeling so dirty and yucky now. gotta go bath. update again later if there's anything to update bout. yes i sound pathetic muahaha.

i'm going to shit now. shitting 24/7 on v-day. shit all the rose-shaped shit out and give to everybody. muahaha.

tata idiots.

Sunday, February 12, 2006

3 days 2 night at jx house. starting from friday till sunday. well during these 3 days, we did quite lots of jackass shit. can i rmb them? i'll try.

Let's see... i went to school as usual, lesson was like shit as per normal and i handed in both my projects and i hope i got good marks for it. After that was bike prac 2 and among the 5 of us i was the only one who passed, maybe i'm the repeated one and i have some experience in it and that's why they passed me. Met jx after that. he came over to my place to take my stuff and we had dinner at my place. dad buy home and we left after we have done eating + packing my stuff. Reached his place, after a while timo came over and we went out for supper at prata house. journey there and back was full of rubbish man. timo pulled his pants down till half his ass was revealed and walked at jx house district there. nobody was there that's why all of us did all this shit. and it was damn stupid and funny. on the way back all of us did stupid shits. jx took of his pants n wear it on his head and ran around with his underwear on. i pulled down my pants and use my shirt to cover my face to look like a stupid shitty terrorist. Tim.. i think he just watched us. oh ya he took off his pants n undies and used his shirt to cover his brother for a few second. stupid idiots. upon reaching jx's place. we slack awhile and then all went to sleep after that. we slept around 430am i think.

Me and jx can't really sleep. fucking timothy snored like some radio amplifier and we were all irritated by it. i woke up a few tiems to pinch his nose and wack his head with the bolster and then he will shutup for a while only. super irritating. i feel like killing him man. jx slept at 7 am dude to the fuckhead snoring. he listened to mp3 to fight that snoring sound and in the end finally fell aslp. we were all damn irritated by tim's snoring and swore to cut his dick hair or wateva when he's aslp and snoring like mad again. We went funan today, to buy my sony walkman. 20 GB for 499 bucks.. i duno if the walkman is really that nice to use or not. oh well i hope it will last long and wont get spoil easily. anfu came n meet us at funan and we slack around and went for mission's dinner at a churchmate's place. she's leaving alone and her flat is very nice. simple and nice and spacious for a single person living in it. borrowed some dvd from her to watch cos tue and wed have no school, so can watch show to kill time man. the po pia was DIY, so they provide the ingredients and we have to make it ourselves. NICE. haha. look at the pictures we took at thai and did evaluation and angie told us that we have to share our testimonial in youth service, me koon and jx for youth, edmund for 11 am, liang for 8am. wahaha 3 person sharing for youth. koon n jx is gg to share bout the first few days while i'm gg to share those days that they were sick.
After that we met up with timo and guys at the bus stop outside church and went the prata house to eat again. i drank teh iced and didnt eat cos i was too freaking full. and on the way back we decided to play with zippo fluid and burn some stuff. went to 7-11 to buy fluid but they didnt sell, so we bought baytgone instead. the mosquito spray. nad its flamable which means flame thrower time. we went hunting for cockroaches and once we see them we burn them using the flame thrower technique, which is lighting a flame using a light and position it right in front of the spray and spray the stupid shit and thus create a flame thrower like thingy and burn the cockroaches to death. after a few times, we realise its damn hard to just like kill one by one. damn wasting of time. and so we decided to catch it and i'm the catcher, jx the sprayer to stun the cockroach while tim was the storage man. we went rounds and rounds for like an hour? and we caught freaking 31 cockroaches, half death as i stun them using the paper smacking technique which is just practically smacking them till they can't fidget that much.. can't hit them too hard cos their just die, so must hit using the right amount of strength so they will be moving a bit, but slower. Once we got enough, we went back to jx house to rest a while and charged up my hp for the videos that we're gg to take later. we wore our make up using powder and tim look like shit. pictures will be posted up once i got the memory card reader from my fren which is i think tml. tim really look like an idiot. oh well. wearing our stupid war make up, we set off to the nearby basketball court to commence our burning ceremony. Equipped with WD40 + Mosquitio spray, we burn the shit outta the freaking 6 legged digusting bug. first we spray WD40 inside this cardboard box, with all 31 cockroaches and some newspaper. then we light a small piece of newspaper and FIRE IN THE HOLE! burn morons burn! and some flame thrower attack on it. after a while tim pee on it to extinguish the flame. his so lucky he didn't burn his brother, if not i'll be laughing my ass off. ok guess what. the cockroaches didnt really got all burned. arghhhh. we pour them out, pile them up on the road,with WD40 all sprayed on them and few pieces of newspaper, flame thrower down the bodies and burn for like 40 seconds or more and when the fire extinguishes itself, we touch the cockroaches using a piece of small cardboard and u can hear the crispy crispy sound. timo was like smashing them like his smashing garlic or something. super crispy. we put them back into a tin container and decided to bring them to church tml.
After the killing spree, went back to jx hse and bath and we slept at 5am.

woke up at 8+ and we were all damn shagged. super tired la. cos of the stupid timo. he snore like a elephant again and jx n i really agreed on cutting his brother's hair or wateva stuff next week if this situation happens again. bastard man he. was late for service, and was half asleep durin the sermon but then i still listen to what reuben is preaching bout. standing up for the truth and stuff. he mention 3 examples during his sermon and stuff. style sermon today.
next up was cg session. shared bout what God has been doing in out life or what i think. can't rmb but it was something like that. everyone shared and then cg ended with prayers. went for the sports day meeting. and then scott say some are not compulsory to go. which means me n anfu dun have to go cos i'm in charge of some station which i duno is what and anfu just got out of army n knows shit bout this. so we went to find our cg and join them for lunch. ate at bk and then set of to ps cos the girls wanna take neo prints? i duno just go n kill some time lor. they take neoprint then we guys just slack around ps and then some went home after that n some con't to go out lor. reached home around 5+ i think. then was trying my mp3 thingy and stuff. the programme i install from the package given is damn laggy man. i think is my com too slow. sianzation. but after transfering songs and stuff, everything's good la. tml finally can listen to mp3 during the journey to school.. whoo hoo..

okay this is quite long i shall end it here.. a 3 days entry all in 1. 3 in 1 bloggie packet. just open, pour hot water and its ready to served~!

cheerios morockos~!!!

Thursday, February 09, 2006

I lost my mp3 player today.

sigh its time u finally gone, not dead or anything but been taken into custody of another owner. i hope they will treat you better, take you to see a "doctor" cos ur unwell now, but ur still functioning. i'm sorry for not bringing you there, and maybe that's why you ran away from me and never ever will come back. your mama the charger and ur brother the wire that connects u to the com misses u (i duno wtf u call it la. like ipod firewire). but i guess ur never come back. oh well. I think i'll go and adopt another one of ur brother or distant cousin this sat. i'm not so sure which one yet but i'll go funan and see. i promise i'll treat it well, such things again wont happen dude. so rest assure and enjoy urself with ur new owner.

School was long. left school at around 7.30 pm again but this time, i finish my project. like finally. deadline's tml and have to compile everything and stuff by tml and can finally slack a bit. next week have a few test coming up and its not too stressful i think. tues and wed dun have to go to school which is damn good. today is quite a fun day, especially after schoo in the computer lab. wahahaha my frens was like damn noisy shouting here and there and its damn irritating. i shut them up but farting in the air con room. the smell is awesome man. then all of them scold me. wahahahaha. their expression all damn funny.. muahahah. and my friends are damn retarded.

AFter that was just doing project, and printing them out and home sweet home. journey home was damn boring. i reached home around 910 and went to eat n bath n slack. talk to a gay pal and then i'm damn shagged now. so its zzz time. having bike tml and hope i'll pass it man.

cheerios morockos~!!!
Today is such a long day in school. went home at 730. first time i stayed up so late in school doing project, other than skates la. tml have skate in town. think i shall not go due to my leg and also have to finish up my project cos its due on friday. should be able to finish up everything tml. then on friday itself i'm kinda free already. there's a freaking mcq test tml n i have no study for it. i think i'll probably fail doing that test. oh well i guess i have to mug a bit tml on the way to school. Well it all depend whether i will sleep on the bus or not. if i do sleep then too bad, i have to do super last minute study in school. i think shouldn't be a problem, i think. sheesh.

Next week is my last week in school. how great is that. from 20th to 5th march is exam period + study break i think. so after 5th march i'm offically free and i'm going to slack like crazy. I wonder what will i do during my holidays. totally no idea bout it. oh well. i hope i wont really rot to death man. cos that's damn boring. i dun wanna work, cos it kills my holiday. last sem holiday i work and then i realise school's starting so fast and wtf i never enjoy my holiday and i'm damn sad. So we're see how about working. i dun think i will get a job if i wanted to work la. who would want a worker who work for like 1 - 2 month only?

Whoa i duno what to say anymore. hmmm. oh ya my wound is getting better already i think. stops bleeding already. did i mention that on the previous entry? i forgot but nvm it stop bleeding. haha. oh ya bout sports day i'm not in charge of food anymore. some station master. i wonder which station is that. hope its some travelling station so i can bring my skates there and not having to walk about. skating in east coast is fun, and tiring also, cos my skates are aggressive skates, not suitable for long distance skating. can use it for long distance skating, just that its damn tiring. still long i think. its in march n now its.. 9 of feb? 3-4 more weeks i think. aiya still long la. just do whatever the head gives me to do la. following the orders is what i have to do. dun care so much. just do as what you're told. this years on fellowship huh. Cool. i wonder wonder wonder and wonder. hahahaha.

now i got this stupid wooden so called "f1" car from one of my module workshop and i have to spray colours on it. i wanted to go black pink and white with my frens but i duno where to find pink spray. and i have to freaking sand the stupid piece of car till its damn nice and then i can spray colour. There's this f1 racing thingy going on in my school next fri. some secondary school people will come and compete with us like wtf. they better not win us cos their !@#$ing noobs. i'll break their neck b4 they enter my campus. kill all of them! hahaha i'm lusting for blood. crap. oh well i just wanna make this car look nice, no matter i win or lose, cos i get to keep it. the "racer" get to keep the car and tts why i voluteered to be the racer. the job is simple. u just have to be there during the race to press on a button and ur car will run. i think is some gas or whatever thingy that provides the thrust for the car. aiya i duno and dun care. all i know is i need to press the button and do whatever design i like to my car and tata that's all.

the best thing bout this is that i got 2 spray can home free. black and white. whoo hoo and its new. cool shit i can start spraying whatever shit i want already.

does anybody have pink spray to spare? or any idea where u can get pink spray? i'm not really a fancy of it but i just think it goes nice with black n white and my fren wants the car to have all this 3 colours. i think it looks nice with black.

Whoa this entry is kinda long. i dun even know what the hell i'm talking about. f1 car. i think i shall start sanding on sat, right now i have to concentrate on my freaking project and oh ya tml have mcq test. wa damn sian. what to do. fri will come asap. oh ya i have bike prac 2 on fri at 4.40 pm. shit man i hope i can pass and they dun freaking fail me again can. waste of money if i were to keep repeating man. got to listen closely to what he has to say, if not i'll just cock up and the instructer will jsut nag nag nag and nag. and once he nags, you're instantly know that you're most likely to fail. shit man. need a hell lot of concentration and have to pray super a lot of times to calm myself down i think. sheesh its late and i'm tired. well gnite than. update again.

cheerios morockos~!!!

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Alrite today was a damn tiring day.

I slept at 4 am ytd night cos i was playing game n i didnt know the last match lasted so long. so no choice and the my friend asked me whether i want to skipped the lesson tml, since its just going there to do some self evaluation thingy and u can do it at home too. so we decided to finish it at home and meet at 11 instead. guess what i woke up at around 1025 and reached school around 12. Went to the computer lab to meet up with them and started doing my project. So computer drawing and went to eat after doing it for like an hour. after go back to the room and continue doing it till 7 pm.. half a day spent in school doing project. how great can that be and i think thats my biggest accomplishment this semester. i manage to complete like say 60% - 70% of the project drawing only. tml is going to be another long day in school. I hope i can finish every thing by tml, so that i do not have to go for the lesson early in the morn on thursday. best still can skip thursday class, since its the 2nd last week of school.

Came back home at around 8pm. Aunt cooked fried rice and it was nice. bath, do the self evaluation thingy that was suppose to do this morning and i'm feeling damn shagged now. my eyes are closing, i think i have not been slping properly this few days and seriously all i think about now is sleep. my eyes need a rest, after spend so much time looking at the monitor today.

eyes eyes u need a rest. dad's snoring again and i'm going to disturb him now to wake him up.

cheerios morocks~!!!

Monday, February 06, 2006

Look at the time now man. its freaking 415 am. i fell asleep just now on the bed, WITHOUT BATHING OR ANYTHING FROM BBQ. tt's damn sick man. wtf sia.

ok i went home from bbq just now and reach home around 1030. and i rush my quizs which i completed just nice at 12 am, n i scold 72/100 for the first one and 40/100 for the 2nd one. heck la. as long as both add together pass enough already. then after that i'm super duper shagged. so i decided to lie on my bed for a while. and guess what. i woke up at 3.45. which is a good thing cos i haven bath n haven even set alarm for tml! lucky shit man. if not tml wont go to school again. now must wait for hair to dry cos i just !@#$ing bath! man oh man.

shit my wound stain a bit of blood on my blanket. crap i cant treat it cos i haven bath jus now. but after bathing seems like its getting better. i hope it stop bleeding asap. irritating man.

projects are due on friday. shit man i realise i haven really finish them up. gonna do them on tuesday after school. definitely must do and finish them asap, if not i'll just freaking die la. stressful week this coming week. but after that can slack a bit already. weeee. sianzation.

so sat i left my com on and forget to shut it down. zzzz waste electricity only. oh well. went to eat with relatives and stuff la.. some sort of reunion dinner la. the food was alrite though, then i go meet mr timo n jx and his botak la. hahah so funy i can't stop laughing my ass off for the first 5 mins.. was practically going " hur hur hur hur" even passer-by though i'm crazy. slack a while and off to jx hse. we all did lots of stupid stuff at his hse, from camp mass dance to spanking timo's ass, some fake wrestling thingy, more spanking of timo's ass and the next morning was jx vs the undies timo... it was all damn crappy. crappy night/day thruout. we slept at 5 - 6 like that and woke up around 940. whoa. timo didnt really sleep cos jx didnt give him a blanket and then its damn cold so timo cant sleep. the two of us sleep like pigs. oh well pity that asshole.

we got ready and stuff and head to church. it was damn full so we went parsonage. then after a while this worship leader i duno wat name la. miak or mak or wateva la. when i see her come in the room, i sense a presense that says "leave the room..." and yea i'm right. she told us that their be more babies coming and are there really no space in the worship hall? and i was like let's go jx, nehmind la go somewhere else la. so we went to the senior citizen corner, slacking away. jx tim n me were so bored we play jenga and tim lost the most no. of times. haha wat a loser. after that was lunch and off to melly's place.

Reach there, was slacking slacking, the guys played bb while i was standing at melly's hse the balcony there watching them play, throwing pineapple tarts at them. when they finish playing, they came up and it was more slacking slacking. we started pit at around 530? yea it was timo's first time. so he'll be very gentle with the charcoal. he's a sick guy. non living things like charcoal he also wanna rape. sigh. so 1st half was tim n jx cooking all the way for all of us and the rest were playing card games and slacking away. 2nd half was those who play the card games, but i went to join timo they all to slack. and there tim was so hyped out that he keeps on dancing to the song "beat it" by MJ. and we recorded some dance thingy he did. it was damn stupid. that dickhead is such an jackass man. that's damn good la. wahahaha. oh ya the bbq and stuff was for Ann. and ya she's a very happy girl ytd as u can see. hahaha. con't to be that way dude. and so around 10pm everybody start leaving including me cos i just realise i got some revision quiz to do when melly's mom ask if she finish her hw. n suddenly the quiz came into my mind and i was like " WHAT THE FCUK!!? AWWW SHIT SHIT SHIT.. OH FCUK MAN FCUK FCUK FCUK!!" then we went back to melly's hse, pack our stuff and i went home straight. and yea that's about it. the bbq food was nice, but the fire was a bit too small so cant really bbq that much. oh well i think everybody enjoy themselves, although i'm still a bit hungry now. ok off to sleep already. tml have to wake up at 8... 3 hr and 20 min till revival day.

loser. shitman why have ur disease of falling asleep and waking up at the middle of the night pass to me. u asshole idiot shithead bastard. argggh.

cheerios morockos~!

Friday, February 03, 2006

I INJURE MY LEFT SHIN. whoo hooooooo. i'm so proud of it.

this is the first time i freaking bleed a hell lot in my entire life.. just from a small wound it can make my a big freaking red patch of blood on my pants, my sock, and my skate. its on my left shin and yea its bleeding non-stop up till now, even if i bandage it. i still can see red patches on it. n its freaking big red patch. which means. the blood hasn't stop flowing and i wonder why it just can't stop bleeding huh? fucking wound. its being bleeding for like 2 hrs, since i fall till now. i fall at 11 pm. its 1 am now. crap man. see if tml my bed have bloodstains. later my aunt tot i have period. khuakhuakhua. oh ya my room stinks of blood just now. weird smell man blood. n while washing the blood of my hands just now, imagine i murder somebody and got all this blood on my hand. n it really thinks of blood no matter how long u wash it, if u never use soap or what that it.

Ok school today was alrite. manage to draw all of my components for the project on computer. so left a bit more and i'm done i think. shit tml have to past up the lab worksheet for mr bean class. i'm skipping it and have to finish it asap so can ask my fren help me hand in. i'm too tired to do anything though.

damn the small little freaking wound have bleed out so much blood that it freaking soak the bandage with it and when i touch the bandage, there's blood coming out. so it means its damn soaking well which means it hasn't stop bleeding at all. what a great day today is. today is really a day i lost so much blood man. sianzation. i dun dare to sleep. i duno what will happen if i wake up. patchs of blood everywhere?shit that looks like period man. i think i move my leg around too much and thus keep on making the wound open? arr fuck i duno la/ i'm not red cross or doc or st john or whatever. just hope tml it will freaking clot and if not. i think i'll just die.

what a great bloody day. bloody thursday. oh well. if i get to upload the pic from my hp to the com, i'll post it. but i guess it'll be better to show u face to face with the video i took. cos the video looks more bloody and i went to the kopitham, the air con food court near SMU with my left pants up till knee level and walked it. i think ppl were all grosses out by it. what to do. i went to the toilet n clean my wounds and there was this uncle who give me a plaster said the weirdest thing ever. he say something like, "u go to the "tua pek gong" (some chinese god la) there take the joss stick or wateva shit and poke it on ur wound" guarrettee it will heal" something like that la. i dun really understand him and said ok ok. weird man. and then after resting for a while took a bus home. i knew dad's reaction when he saw this and i predicted it correctly. haha. dad help me clean up the pant n sock and everything and the wound too. i ask if i need to go hosptial cos it can't stop bleeding(like period, can't stop bleeding for days.). he say no need la small case. so i hope its really nth man.. blood. please do ur job n whatever process of what PROTEIN FIBRINOGEN or wat FIRBIN or whatever crap terms of that i duno. just fucking clot will ya. stupid.

oh well i'm tired. hope its not lost of too much blood that causes this. i think i lost arounf 50ml or 100 ml of blood today, i think. haha. hope my leg wont turn purple tml. if not i'll freaking scream n faint. nites ppl. show u the nice videos soon. its a must watch!!!

cheerios morockos fuckheads.

Thursday, February 02, 2006

Today's a boring day in school again. Woke up and went into class, teacher check our calculation and say ok you guys can go and do ur computer drawing now. like wtf so we slack there till 11 like that we went off to KAP macs for lunch. we talk crap there and went back to school for lesson. stupid mr bean say you all can do anything you want but dun disturb the class.. fuck him la.. then i duno what the hell happen to him he keeps spitting n spatting at the rubbish bin. its damn sick. and he came to tell us.

"eh you all wait here ar i go n take toothbrush and brush my teeth."

WTF IS HE DOING? seriously his's crazy. brushing teeth now? i duno him man. no wonder he is called mr bean. the way he talk sounds like him, the way he behave also like him. weird shit. then lab was damn boring. he have sample of the graphs we are going to draw, i freaking hell just bring them home. haha heck care la. he dun even know i took it home la. i think his shagged already. muahahah.

so after that my fren keeps on pestering me to go flesh imp with him and i dun feel like going cos i just wanan go home n poo. hahaha. i duno la. then after a while he called me and ask me to go skatepark and skate. was thinking bout it but still went in the end. when i reach there i was fucking scare to even take out my skates and wear them. there's like 40+ ppl, 15 are skateboards, 5 are bikers, none aggro skaters. and i'm the only one. like WTF? HOW TO GO AND SKATE.damn paiseh n extra la. so ireach there around 9+ n the guys came at around 915. then we slack and when all decided to go skate, it was 9.55 and skatepark freaking close at 10 pm. i was like wtf? just when i was motivated to go it got close. and all were damn sian. but we went else where to skate. we went to the new SMU and skate and everyone got hyped out. and all started to jump here jump there grind here grind there. totally crazy. i try jumping off 4 stairs and fell quite a number of times but succeed. my fren was freaking hell laughing at me when i fall haha. oh well it was fun though. cept igot a small bruise on my left knee. n my palm are red. haha. hope tml i wont sprain my ankle or dislocate anything la. sianzation. all projects are to be due next friday. ain got much time left man. oh well. but heck care go n enjoy tml man. weee. tml my whole skate club is heading down to skate park. around 10 -20 bladers. whoa shiok sia. hahaha.

oh well. its freaking 2 am n i haven even bath can. shit shit shit. going to bath now then. oh well.

u think i'm a stalker? cool then be careful u never know i'm always stalking u home asshole. wahaha. ain u happy i fell today. or are u not cos u said u ain a sadist. n since when i say eating leftover is a loser. ur a loser already n eating leftover or trash food ain gonna change anything u know. dumb dumb. go be a jackass man. i'll respect u if u do jackass stunt u shithead. send me send me send me send me send me send me. ASSHOLE MUAHAHAHA. u must be saying wtf or f u in ur peabrain eh? sucker !

cheerios morockos fuckheads!