Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Moments of this waiting for hair to dry, will be damn boring. i decided to come n blog bout nth since i'm free. muahaha. so this is it. nth happen.

Sat. lets see. woke up n went to church for meeting. sports day meeting. i duno bout anything at all, cos there was this meeting last sun n i didnt turn up. only jia went n so i guess they just give us our roles. not bad la. i'm in charge of food n shing n anfu is helping me. whoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo hooo best part is i can select wateva i like. muahahaha. too bad if u guys got poison or wat. maybe i was planning a mass murder n then i put in rat poison n everybody die except me. then i'll run away far far away. mass murder! muahahaha. suckers. n Scott was in charge of the event. not bad la. he lead quite well. haha. n its still long, march 11th i think. n i will only start working on march i guess. FOOD LEH wat u expect. prepare early then bring chicken wing marinated with fungi n rotting substances? not a bad idea though. after meeting was meeting up with the guys, chill around, went marina square to slack, eat, n then it was home sweet home. slept quite late i think but who cares.

Sun. didnt wanna wake up at all. tired.but have to go anyway. cos have socer. service was alrite. steven shared bout ur plans and stuff. not bad. good sermon. ok then after that was lunch time. we got split up. guys a grp, girls a grp. guys ate kfc, girls ate at kou fu. oh cheok jas n yu heng changed their sexed already i guess. cos they went with the girls. muahahaha. kidding. n ya lunch time was good. bullshitting n crap from what each did during the weekdays. yup after that we went to koon house there for soccer. everyone was super shagged n cant really run. timo was saying we're playing senior citizen soccer and we were practically walking with the ball when everybody was shagged. n jx was shouting tiger ali. crap sia. tongkat ali become tiger ali. i bet he misses tiger airways during thai trip. hahaha. after soccer was home sweet home again. oh ya anfu lend me his bass n its time to rape his wife. then it was dinner n slacking msning gaming n coffin night.

Mon. holy shit! i dreamt bout me in the game i'm playing. crap sia. kinda nightmare cos they were chasing me n wanted to kill me. but wateva. the thought of pissing came n disrupt everything. so got up, went for a piss and prepare for school. school was ok. 1st lesson was like talking session with dickhead nic, after tt lunch then workshop was crapping with dickhead nic again. bloody asshole man he. i was falling asleep during workshop cos the teacher teach i dun understand n its after lunch. a good time for a nap. n when i wanted to go in dreamland he keep hitting me and ask me to wake up. idiotic. then during the quiz, teacher gave us all he answer. so whether u listen or not doesn't matter. this particualr lecturer is good. cos most of the lecturer will like. do ur quiz. not talking at all. but his quite slack n so it was good. back home, i overslept my stop. bloody hell super damn dulan. have to walk home cos i'm lazy to go n take bus. !@!@!#%!#$ u know bloody !@$!#%#%!#$!%!&^&^*$^$&^#$%^@!!!!!!!!!!! arghhh.
after that was gaming slacking n gaming n dinner n gaming n blogging n sleep.

which is now, to sleep. shagged out.

tml is a important day, n i hope it'll turn out good. i'm gg to pray like crazy. please ar! make it a good day tml. know whats happening tml? well i'm going to...

i'm not telling mofos. as if ur so eager to know it.
go !@#$ urself in the toilet la cb kias.