Tuesday, January 31, 2006

CNY was okay this year. in fact its all the same every year. just that i went devil's bar this year only. oh ya i went to malaysia also, and the fire crackers there were awesome. boom boom boom so freaking loud. it would have been beautiful if i were to see it at night.

So today my relatives come over to play mahjong. and they freaking play some chanting thingy from their buddhist CD and it is damn super irritating. like wtf its new year and my dad is a freethinker i'm a christian can u play them at home? i'm going nuts hearing that and have to retreat to my room and blast the freaking hell out of my speaker with music, wateva music, heavy metal would be best cox its damn irritating. and the best part is. dad ask me to take over him in mahjong and i have to listen to that while playing. sigh. have to listen to it n SMILE. finally after a while they off it. today did nth though, except playing guitar in the room, play lan game, and just chilling out in my room the whole freaking day. except my cousin called me out to go watch fearless with them. it was okay. but the fighting scene were all nice.

school starting tml. its going to be the same as usual. oh well. i'm beginning thinking lots of stuff, bout life, bout future, bout friends, bout this, bout that, and i have come to nth. ok even if i have, i'll keep to myself cos seriously its just my opinion of how things works. if ppl were to know i'll get lots of comments back which is damn troublesome to reply. agreed? haha.

i'm so sian. oh well oh b4 i forgot i still need to say something.

stupid dumb dumb. hahahaa. i just love doing that after every entry. so fun, i guess ur numb to it alrdy huh? and yes, i need to have the last word everytime. ain it fun? hahaha. i cant believe u say sweet dreams ytd. WAS IT REALLY YOU? oh well u have been possess i guess. haha. unpredictable loser.

cheerios morocko fuckheads!

cheerios morocko!!

Monday, January 30, 2006

Ok this year is quite different from the rest. went to temple to visit mommy, after that to granny's house. watch kung fu hustle to kil time and got some angbaos. one of my cousin miss me out but i just kept quiet, its a bit thicked skin to ask angbao from other people, i mean it is thick skin.after the show has ended, we went go play black jack, the one who didnt give ang bao to me was the banker and the rest are players, like 6 kids n a few adults. hahaha. n guess what. i won the banker like 15 - 17 bucks i cant remember in like 6 games? cos dad says we need to go off so i play 4 bucks for the last game and the banker lost. he have 5 cards and its more then 21 so he have to pay us double. so i got free 8 bucks,. haha.

after that was my mom's side relatives. tml will be going my aunt's side place which is at malaysia. i think i have to wake up quiet early.. if its 7+ means i have only 3 more hours to sleep. reach there slack a while and off to arcade for some lan gaming. play 2 games for like 2 hrs and then head back to my aunt's place. its damn boring and my cousins decided to go to Devil's Bar and i was asked to ask along too. so total there's 4 of us, and 2 of one of my cousin friends. we went there and the bouncer checked my ic. he ask the boss whether i can come in or not and boss say can. age limit on gg in is 21 for guys and 18 for girls. Today really sucks lor there. !@#$ing hell there's a live band there singing chinese new year songs. WTF RITE U GO CLUBBING TO LISTEN TO CNY SONGS? wa they sing of like an hour or an hour and a half and when they finally stop, good music was finally blasted out. we drank chivas + green tea. i was shagged already man.. feeling dizzy and stuff but still know what i'm doing. just shagged only. now i'm super shagged so i sure blgo again tml then

nite shitbags!

daoster is a bastard jackass.

Saturday, January 28, 2006

Happy Chinese New Year all.

This year's new year is so different from the previous. its the first time without my brother. how boring can it be man. Duno what to do tml to kill time. i hope will get lots n lots of ang baos man. yawns. i'm damn tired. i mixed vodka vanilla with fresh squeezed orange juice and it rocks. nice time shall go buy peel fresh orange juice and drink it. cos it's nice. my dad say it sucks but i dun so. oh well. i'm damn shagged. not enough sleep. shall sleep early today before 12. ARRRRRRRR i think i can't sleep till late even its cny man. have to go visiting and surely have to wake up early. dad say tml ust wake up at 9. awww. monday's going malaysia. my aunt's a malaysian and so ya. heard there's firecrackers to play. oh well i hope it'll be fun.

And after all this enjoyment, its freaking school already. have to finish up my project asap man. the dead line is on 10th feb. 2 modules are link together and once i finish them, can slack. cos i only have to take 2 paper for the end of sem test. good man. surely have enough time for it. i pass my prac 1. next up is prac 2, 1245 this coming friday. i'm gonna pon 1 lesson though, but who cares. go that lesson lecturer also wont teach. waste time only. might as well go for practical lesson. i hope i can pass on first attempt man. then prac 3 then go and book theory test and complete it asap so when i finish prac 5 can straight away go book prac 6 then 7 then 8 and TP. and i'll get to ride my bro's bike. i cant wait for the day i pass my tp. life will be so great after that day.

i can feel heat on my face now. just a like a 1/4 cup of vodka + 1/2 cup of orange juice can get this effect. waahaha. lucky i'm in air con room, if not i'll weat man.. arr damn shag man. damn sleepy also. oh well some jackass is telling me that she'll get me pink tee for my bday. like wtf man. pink is a sissy gayish colour. thats damn gross can. ah beng nowadays have really no sense of taste man. why the hell they wear pink shirts man. they tot its so cool or its to tell the world that gangster in s'pore are now classified as faggots. useless bunch of morons. thier street fashion style sucks to the core man. they can just go n !@#$ their mothers.

what will happen tml i wonder. its going to be boring. i hope it wont be as boring as i expected. hai. oh well. my ah ma is damn funny today. my dad was like standing at the mirror then my ah ma was asking him whose the guy in the mirror. then my dad was like it's me.. thats a mirror there, not another person. my ah ma still doesn't get it in her brain. my ah ma is so cute man. blur blur one. haha so funny. she rmbed me though. power! she's gotten a hell lot skinner then b4 man. she must eat more.

i feel like shitting now. but i'm lazy to shit. so i shall wait till tml morn. and shit all the waste out and make into cake for the freaking loser jackass moronic fool to eat. i bet she'll love to eat it. cos she's a shithead and she eat her own shit and drink her own pee. grosssssss man. i wonder how she can stand all this gross stuff. eating her own shit? yuck man S.T.X.Y. ur so yuck. muahaha. are u pissed off now. dun u just wanna kill me now. come come come come. i'm waiting for u to stab me to death on CNY. u cursed child. muahahahaha. i asked for ur permission and u said yes. so cheerios sucker morock. happy chinese new year u slacker loser shithead shitbag faggot.

hey dun take it seriously k. i mean. we talked like that everyday. u asked me to blog u have to suffer the consequences dude. haha i dun think u will get mad. even if u did its only for a few mins rite? muahahahah. wat an asshole u are.

alrite, its sleeping time. good nite losers and happy chinese new year to all. get more ang baos and go buy things u wont ever need. haha such stupid ppl.

Friday, January 27, 2006

Living in this place, it's always been this way
There's no one doing nothing so there's nothing changed And I can't live when this world just keeps dying,

it's dying .

People always tell me this is part of the plan
That God's got everybody in his hands
But I could only pray that God is listening, is He listening?

Today is quite a weird day. Everyone in class is seriously not theirselves today. Everybody's dumb and crazy i think. maybe cny is drawing nearer and nearer that's why.it was fun today, and tired of cause.. I tripped while walking down the stairs, i was swaying here n there while standing on the bus to somewhere. We play lan game and we won all the games. and then it was home sweet home. i was planning to clean up my room but in the end i was too lazy to, perharps tml. tml got to wake up early n go to temple to visit mommy. its been 6 years. time does really flies. oh well. i duno why my eyes are half close since like 8 or 9+? i'm tired and feeling shitty. maybe cos i'm tired thats why.

Chinese New Year is coming. this year's is going to be so different. bro's not coming back. and its just me dad n aunt.dad n aunt always talk stuff i duno and i cant talk crap with bro. sian. so its just me and myself. i'll talk to myself then. come to think of it, my life's pathetic.

there's so much things i wanna say here but i wouldn't cos ppl can see what i blog about and then their go asking questions. ok maybe i think too much, maybe ppl wouldn't even read or bother but nvm. i have being train to lead this kinda lifestyle so it's alrite. i wonder what's my previous life like.

i predicted the total amount of $ i receive this year from relatives will be $120. oh wel i dun really care bout the money. all i want is sleep, and to pass tml's practical. please please please let me pass . i shall pray really hard tonight. i shall n shall. seriously i dun want to waste $ on a stupid practical 1. there's like a lot more to go? and fuck it seriously i wanna pass it. i wonder if the instructers are trying to eat our money or wat. last session not a single soul pass again. wtf rite? even those repeat students fail to. piece of trash. please let me pass tml man if not. i'll still go n take again n again n i'll feel damn sad cos i'm throwing money into the burning fire, like buring hell notes.

i feel like i'm the biggest loser in the world due to many reasons. wait i am one. ya. i finally found out today after such a long time. and also. i think we wont be as close as b4 like how we are last time. maybe we will, excluding me of cause. well.. that's life ain it?

cheerios morocok.

Thursday, January 26, 2006

wink wink wink wink wink wink wink wink

HAHAHAHA. today i went to school with black eyes. i drew them last night for fun n !@#$ i cant wash them away. !@#$ !@#$ !@#$ !!@#$ !@$!%!!!! argh. nvm. hope tml it will be gone. today's Ann birthday! happy birthday dude! sweet 17 huh? haha. gonna be a stressful year for her as she's taking o, oh well all the best ann!

School was boring today. seriously my TH lecturer(the one i say super slack one) call Tan Yong Hoa or wat i cant remember how you spell them but just call him mr bean can. mr bean taught for 10 mins and was break all the way. so me n my fren were watching some jackass flim on his laptop and we laugh like mad. seriously its damn funny. this guy just shits anywhere he likes. when on a van with his fren, he just open the window and shit while on the highway. you can see his shit flying off the car n thier van got his shit too. and they did lots of jackass stuff like peeing on a electric fence. and that guys dick got shocked and i think he teared.. cos the pain is too much for his brother. hahaha. jackasses man.

so after that was lab and it was damn boring. lucky we finish the work fast and then its home sweet home. the bus is quite empty and the driver drove quite fast which is damn shiok. reach home in an hours time and my ass is numb. oh well. was damn hungry and ate some chips and then shit some stuff out and then slack slack slack and more slack. i wonder how am i going to pass my modules this year. its been super slacking this sem, there's two projects, 1 my fren is like doing it and the other one have to do myself. some computer drawing shit. tml having that lesson and arrrr.. i hope i can do quite a lot of drawing for my freaking gearbox. there's skating tml too. today i shall sleep early like 1230 am which is soon. i really need slp, if not i'll be a angry kid during cny. cos most prob i will have to wake up early n go visit ppl for new year. i wonder how boring it can be without my brother. it'll be me and me and me. nobody to really talk cock and complain to. crap. money this year i think will be damn little. cheapos man.

american idol is damn funny. stupid losers. american top model up next. jayla is pretty, sweet~!! and then it was simple life, not bad la. quite funny. and there was ER. they are still showing ER? like wtf. i know there's this show since i was like p5 or wat? they still showing it? wao. !@$!%! them anyway hahaha.

alrites moving to dreamland to assasinate jackass S.T.X.Y. currently a shithead in singapore and have to be brutally tortured and kill in dreamland. thats the only place u can get away with crimes. muahaha. feel my wrath loser!

five iron frenzy rocks.

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

I'm tired, ytd slept at 3+ today i think going to sleep at 2 am like that. damn i need to sleep early starting from tomorrow man. sianzation.

Bought a headset today. was playing with the mike all day long. got bored by it already. haha oh well. Use it for game play only mah. n disturbing my friends. Today prac 1 sucks to the core. have to go retake this sat. damn sian la.. wasted like 40 bucks on it alrdy. if i fail it one more time, can say i throw 65 bucks down the freaking drain of singapore river man.

Presentation in school today was horrible. Teacher keep asking me stupid question like.. what's the difference between confidence and courage.. and ask me whether i got do anything for this project.. like come on la.. i did the presentation slides can.. see me slacker also no need to think i never do anything at all man. arghh.

Tml's going to be a tiring day. reason being not enuff sleep, lesson from 9 to 5, lessons are damn boring. and i cant blog anymore. maybe tml can talk more crap. i'm damn sleepy already. oh yeai draw my eyes today, cos i'm too bored at home. n the best part is. i cant wash it off. have to wait for it to ade awawy itself. sadded.

i'm damn damn shagged.. eyes are half open.

night losers.

Monday, January 23, 2006

hi mofos again.

i was expecting something like "WAKE UP JACKASS!!!" but who knows. it went like " hi kai. wake up already" something like that i cant remember. all i know is that she got shot and she was dying in my dreams and all of a sudden she called me. like wtf. hahaha. weird dreams these day. freaky. oh well thanks dude~ i shall do u back a favour n call u back later like 4am to ask u to go for a piss, so that u will not wet ur bed. hahaha.

service today was bout unity. i was half asleep half awake. slept too late ytd and ya. oh ya bout the yellow form wee koh ask us to fill them up, i completed them in 10 sec. i'm a neutral guy so i put all 5 to it. no comments no nth. maybe i was just tired to go figure them out but oh well. wat done has been done. muahahaha.

after service was kinda sian, so i went somewhere to chill alone then after chilling alone went to social hall to meet the rest n off to mac's for lunch. Reach there and something super funny happen. bout this cashier that looks like abigal( u know the super ugly girl who have big bunny teeth n its super digusting) n she was serving me. i never meant to laugh at her. jx la. cant tahan n keep laughing i also cannot take it n i was ordering for him la.. then in the end we both cant take it all burst into laughter when walking up macs to 2nd floor. jx was holding the tray of food n drink n he nearly spill the coke la. wtf sia. lucky i grab in time and we have coke fries. not bad la. the worse part was when the burger came(cos they ask me to wait n send me afterwards) and when i open it, the whole FARKING thing drop onto the trap la. the veg the meat the rice wa piang. i have to put them back nicely. its damn hot and i'm damn freaking pissed off with the burger. for every single bite, there's a nice word coming out from my mouth. BLAME THE BURGER. ITS CURSED @~@%!#%@$^#%&#$%^@$%@# burger man.

if u dun understand wat i'm saying then forget it.

after that was buying clothes at town. bought 2 shirts n long pants from flesh imp, a long sleeve shirt from topman n thats my new year clothes. settled already.maybe when get $$ during cny go buy again somemore. see how then.

went back to church afterwards for jamming session. gabriel said something shocking n i cant say it here. i was shocked la. like wtf. but nvm.. we all enjoy ourself n its fun. then its home sweet home. n tml have school. oh well. i'm off to bed then. tired. sleepy.

Rmb to stop animal abusing and start child abusing. population in s'pore is increasing, losing a few child doesn't really matter. :)

take care losers!~

Sunday, January 22, 2006

hey mofos.

rece today is really not neccesary for me i think. cos i'm in charge of food. wtf i go ecp to rece for? pits? oh well have a fun time there cycling around ecp with the rest. stupid chloe cant stop her nonsense n she's such a retard. ya a RETARD. chloe see this. ur a RETARD.. R-E-T-A-R-D. n ya after that was gaius guitar lesson. we learn bout different kinds of strumming for different time signature. it was alrite, but i have lots to learn bout basic music theory though. oh well. went home after that. was quite shagged from the ecp thingy. got home bath had dinner and watch we were soldier. nice show man.bang bang u die i die that kind show? blood everywhere? ya nice but war is bullshit man.

man i duno what to say anymore. blogging is damn shitty man. u always have lots of stuff to write here but when u starts writing it. ur mind go blank. like wtf man. hmmm life's a bored these days..

1. School project. presentation n report and everything have to be ready by monday. tuesday have to present. sunday n monday. are there enough time to do? wat if james didnt do anything on sunday. i'll be out till night time. and ya left with monday which we end school at 5. its going to be damn rush. and i guess my leader will probably scold the shit outta us again.

2. How long will it take to really finish up this thing? i'm planning to get it by march. can i get booking slots more faster instead of waiting for one week? and the instructor better freaking pass me man. please dun make me waste my money u money-eaters ccb.

3. Projects and more projects. have to do computer 3d drawin of gear box and to be submited by feb i duno when. calculations with my frens. have to get it back n do it asap. n i guess the other one he will settle for me.

4. I'm sorry. i realise i have a big tumor in my head. i went for checkup with my parents today. straight away after gaius lesson. having major headache and went to hospital to check it out. i have 3 more months to live if i don't go for operation. 30% chance i will survive the operation. fuck.

5. Everything will be alrite with or without me.

6.i'm so sorry i have to lie bout no. 4. i got nth to blog and feel like making up some stuff.

7.i'm so so sorry again for no.8 please dun get offended.

8. fuck you assholes.

9. thanks jackass for 7.30am! muahaha.

10. stop animal abusing. start child abusing.


Friday, January 20, 2006


i notice something. the guys seldom contact each other during weekdays. i guess everybody have their own life to lead and are busy with their own stuff.. not bad though.. at least we keep each one update on weekends. hahaha. alrite.

i got home today at excatly 12am. how cool can that be. i notice something strange while walking back home from the bus stop. i smell flower smell, i duno what kinda flower fragrance is that. definitely not perfume, so it has to be from some special flowers. for ur information there's no tree with flowers anywhere near the route from bus stop to my block. only trees. so i wonder. n when i turn to my right to look, it was a foyer kinda thingy beside my block. then i say this ah pek sitting back facing me. why the hell will the ah pek stay up so late. i'm not saying his a ghost or wat. just find all this weird. n i took life with a drunken. i think so. he smells so strongly of beeer. lucky he didnt bash me up n take my money.

reach home, slack around n ate food my aunt left over for me. cold.. sucks. but anyway just eat a bit to fill my stomach. while eating hear some weird sound, duno is the neighbour make one or wat. doesn't really bother me cos maybe its the air con generator or wat. so went to bath n ya. reach home at 12 am. wth la. so zhun meh. later when i sleep there's this girl with the look of ________ standing beside my bed with fiery red eyes and bloody everywhere telling me i should die. wtf should i do man. ok the bible is like a few m's away from my bed so i can take n freaking shout wateva verse i see. one problem is it will be dark so wtf just throw bible at it can liao.

i think i'm tired and i really do need rest. i'm starting to imagine stupid things. hahaha. n there's this sound i hear always at this timing. super standard. my dad's snoring. like wth man. his in his room, i'm at mine, with his door closed n mine too, i still can hear him snore. i wonder how the $#@! my aunt can sleep with a loud speaker man. last time when i was small i cant stand sleeping with him when we went genting. i have to like wake him up and ask him to shut up. like damn stupid la.

me: oi u snore very loud leh. keep quiet leh.
dad: (blurred) huh!? orh.

1 min of slient n his back to his snoring session. i'm gg crazy at tt time. have to wake him up so many times n then i can freaking sleep la. hmmm why am i toking bout this man. i seriously think i'm shagged.

skating was fun today. n i finally brought back my guards i left in school. its been in the locker for like.. 1 or 2 months? crap man. tml is the last day of school of the week. friday.! shiok man. i always love friday cos the next day u dun have to go to school. oh shit. have to do a projec due tuesday. sianzation. and sat have recce in ecp. have to meet at 10am. walao. duno will oversleep or not. hope will then can sleep at home. i think better go. i'm in charge of freaking food. later i never go then those helping me sure wanna kill me.

alrite i guess its time to end. oh ya the small girl on the bed whose gg to kill me. seriously when i first think of that. i duno why it was u. i can really imagine that n i think its really freaky man. N UR BEEN APATHETIC TO ME and eeeeee. u should change ur name to mary man. scary mary.. haha. enjoy u dumbhead.

nites mofos.

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

he dropped you off i followed him home
then i, stood outside his bedroom window
standing over him, he begged me not to do,
But knew i had to do
cause i'm so in love with you...

so in love with you that i have to !@#!#%!#%!#%ing kill him you know?
muahaha bullshit.

Ok. All my frens say u need to repeat again so as to pass that particular shit. wtf man waste my money. no matter how good u are u also have to do it 2 times. it was fun, really fun. i cant wait for next tue again. weee.

Lesson today was damn damn slack. went to class did some stupid grp work and then tata it was home sweet home. ok to my fren home that is to finish up the project that we have to do. so we went his house, we just discuss bout the work n then they started to play game. his daughter was damn cute. see me, show me the stupid face then cry liao. wtf rite. haha.

After that was that thing i have to go.

After that i had dinner at somewhere i duno where. it was good. i was damn full n shagged now. i need sleep so off to sleep. tml will be a better day i hope.

cheers u mofos.
Moments of this waiting for hair to dry, will be damn boring. i decided to come n blog bout nth since i'm free. muahaha. so this is it. nth happen.

Sat. lets see. woke up n went to church for meeting. sports day meeting. i duno bout anything at all, cos there was this meeting last sun n i didnt turn up. only jia went n so i guess they just give us our roles. not bad la. i'm in charge of food n shing n anfu is helping me. whoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo hooo best part is i can select wateva i like. muahahaha. too bad if u guys got poison or wat. maybe i was planning a mass murder n then i put in rat poison n everybody die except me. then i'll run away far far away. mass murder! muahahaha. suckers. n Scott was in charge of the event. not bad la. he lead quite well. haha. n its still long, march 11th i think. n i will only start working on march i guess. FOOD LEH wat u expect. prepare early then bring chicken wing marinated with fungi n rotting substances? not a bad idea though. after meeting was meeting up with the guys, chill around, went marina square to slack, eat, n then it was home sweet home. slept quite late i think but who cares.

Sun. didnt wanna wake up at all. tired.but have to go anyway. cos have socer. service was alrite. steven shared bout ur plans and stuff. not bad. good sermon. ok then after that was lunch time. we got split up. guys a grp, girls a grp. guys ate kfc, girls ate at kou fu. oh cheok jas n yu heng changed their sexed already i guess. cos they went with the girls. muahahaha. kidding. n ya lunch time was good. bullshitting n crap from what each did during the weekdays. yup after that we went to koon house there for soccer. everyone was super shagged n cant really run. timo was saying we're playing senior citizen soccer and we were practically walking with the ball when everybody was shagged. n jx was shouting tiger ali. crap sia. tongkat ali become tiger ali. i bet he misses tiger airways during thai trip. hahaha. after soccer was home sweet home again. oh ya anfu lend me his bass n its time to rape his wife. then it was dinner n slacking msning gaming n coffin night.

Mon. holy shit! i dreamt bout me in the game i'm playing. crap sia. kinda nightmare cos they were chasing me n wanted to kill me. but wateva. the thought of pissing came n disrupt everything. so got up, went for a piss and prepare for school. school was ok. 1st lesson was like talking session with dickhead nic, after tt lunch then workshop was crapping with dickhead nic again. bloody asshole man he. i was falling asleep during workshop cos the teacher teach i dun understand n its after lunch. a good time for a nap. n when i wanted to go in dreamland he keep hitting me and ask me to wake up. idiotic. then during the quiz, teacher gave us all he answer. so whether u listen or not doesn't matter. this particualr lecturer is good. cos most of the lecturer will like. do ur quiz. not talking at all. but his quite slack n so it was good. back home, i overslept my stop. bloody hell super damn dulan. have to walk home cos i'm lazy to go n take bus. !@!@!#%!#$ u know bloody !@$!#%#%!#$!%!&^&^*$^$&^#$%^@!!!!!!!!!!! arghhh.
after that was gaming slacking n gaming n dinner n gaming n blogging n sleep.

which is now, to sleep. shagged out.

tml is a important day, n i hope it'll turn out good. i'm gg to pray like crazy. please ar! make it a good day tml. know whats happening tml? well i'm going to...

i'm not telling mofos. as if ur so eager to know it.
go !@#$ urself in the toilet la cb kias.

Friday, January 13, 2006

i predicted it will rain today who knows it didnt. not bad. weather so unpredictable.. i guess it'll rain midnight or wat. sian man.. if not can go skate at SP. tml having fellow min meeting. sian man this year's on fellowship. fellow min sure damn busy one. awww. nevermind. there's a way to overcome. lalala.

Fianlly tml can sleep late like till 1145? cos meeting 1 pm. lucky its not morning if not i'll be damn pissed off or purposely go late then heck care. hahaha. no ka. after that will be sunday then monday school again. then tuesday, the long awaiting day. hmmm

what's going to happen on tuesday? its secret. someone will die on tt day. i promise u that. dun believe go check the newspaper then. everyday there's ppl dying. muahaha good for them those mother fcukers~

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Rainning 24/7. shiok. cool weather, nice weather to make ppl not able to go out n thus able to cut down the rate of littering, dirtying the earth n stuff.

did nth today, watch anime n hellboy on com n was practically sitting in front of com the whole day. crapo morocok. i went to jog ytd n it feels great. hope tml will be a good day to jog. rain or not rain also jog. running in the rain should be fun.

Why did God make guys n gals unequal. why isit that gals are usually classified as weaker than man. why cant gals be stronger than man n everything better than man? if only he did it, i would have freaking fight off some gals out there. punching, kicking elbowing them in the face + a 360 degree whampo chopo on their neck causing them to suffer a stiff neck or wateva injury they got. not say i have any problem with gals but was just thinking when i was shitting. shitting period was kinda a thinking session though. tend to think lots of stuff when baking cake. like mass vandalisation of some carpark near my block. using spray paint to vandalise the walls and spray on other ppl's car and make them miserable. but doing it will cause lots of trouble so better not dude. i would have to go jail if the smartass police would have caught me. there's no where to hide in singapore and police find u quicker than u can run off man.

school's starting. project's coming. its going to be fun. project. haha. i have my ways to handle them. a slacker got to do wat a slacker got to do mate. every slacking way u learn in school, poly or wateva crap will definitely be useful in the working society man. whoo ha! nuff said i'm off to my dreamland, hoping to see my imaginary fren.

oh wait. u dun wan ur name to be mention here right? well too bad dude. jackass is ur name n it shall be forever mentioned, provided i rmb it. anyway i will definitely rmb it since i tok to u so often. shithead jackass lesbo morocok!

chiao u no lifers.

Sunday, January 08, 2006

Wassup losers.

Tim stayed over ytd at my place.. came around nite time like 8+, said he was boring and i asked him to come n he came. oh well we have quite a good time slacking around, talking nonsense and stuff. the best part was going to friendster and laughing the shit at those ah beng ah lians who can type properly. something like "sistas fererber; moii tt-sheert nieecc oourr nottzz?" like wtf? u think this is cute? u can s*** my ****~!!! (due to sensitive ppl around, its better to censor this kinda nice words rather than getting all shit hell response from them)

Alrite then we went 7-11 and had supper, talk crap and came back and continue our search for shitheads. got tired and thirsty and went to drink voka with pepsi twisted, taste alrite and i'm totally shagged as its already 4 am? went to bath and fianlyl got to rest at 4.30 like that. tim stay up all night surfing pornography. wat an asshole. i think he wank in my room which i dun wanna imagine n its damn sick. oh well i'm just kidding. he went to surf some lame website call myspace or wateva shit. i didnt really know what he did though, i'm too shagged to realise anything.

Woke up by the awesome shitty alarm of all. too tired to wake up, when suddenly shithead timo asked me to look at the com screen n he was looking at some girl profiles which are u know(not naked pictures please.. some bikini pics of girls from myspace). and ya i was wide awake at that moment, i mean who doesn,t.. when u wake up and see these kinda shit, i'm sure ur be wide awake. off to get prepare for church and reach there around 9.10am? went in worship hall and was like WHOA! WTF?! its super jammed packed and our fav. seats got stolen. f*** it man.

anyway sermon was like usual. visions and more visions. winston preached so seriously but then it was good i mean. this kinda things are meant to be serious. some stuff he said hit me though, cant remember, nvm. after service went to bk for lunch. oh b4 that called the jackass n she respond. like WHOO HOO. she admited. haha oh well she says she's going to me apathetic to me and hate me and crap. wat a cute reaction u got there little samo-man-tha~ hahaha. ok back to bk, after our fabulous lunch was slacking n more slacking. help little innocent leah in her amath, actually didnt really helped her at all. just help check whether she did correctly or not. i duno also. math kinda rusty already.

then it was home sweet home! with sicko wanker coming my house to slack. tt shithead came my house n 1st thing he did was go search myspace girls again. freaking pervert shit. haha. then i wanted to use com to play game n he lied on my bed and sleep. the way he sleep is so freaking funny. he open 1/4 of his eyes when sleeping. took lots of shitty pics of him, show it to u peeps next time. then that bastard freaking drool on my blanket can. like wtf so disgusting. i gave him my 360 strokes of the wonder of small poster attack on his ass n everywhere to wack his freaking mind up n gave him the big pillow from the living room. he can drool all he wan for all i care. cos i dun sleep on tt big pillow. lucky he didnt drool on my pillow, if not i'll striaght away go clean my pillow sheet man. that freaking shithead. i should gave him a 720 strokes of the wonder of small poster attack on his small tim man. let him have no father days forever and he'll go look for guys at myspace instead of girls. that freaking gay.

and so we had our dinner, watch tv for a while and off he goes back to the grapes land of jurong. while i continued slacking at home, dreading the freaking school tml. i thank God for making my lesson start at 10 on mon n 9 for the rest of the week. cos i hate freaking squeezing on the bus with those shithead students. bloody idiots just conquered the whole bus and making it hard to breath also. oh well longest entry ever this beginning of the year.

butts up ppl.

**** off and die!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, January 05, 2006

Hmmm its a freaking new year and i guess lots of stuff starts to change.

my fren said something that hit me kinda hard.

"everybody talks talks talks, thats what the world is"

simply put it, we talks n we cant do what we say. i think its quite true. Why bother saying things you can't accomplish? i wonder. we all are like that cos we're not perfect. its just how it is. maybe we should just keep quiet at times. maybe its just me. i'll learn, i promise.

Ah. 2006. how great to start off this year with common test. new year, fresh start, new things to pursue. i can't wait for holidays.

i wonder. hmmmm.

Monday, January 02, 2006

Happy New Year nerd freaks.

Timothy is wanking in the toilet and he's being there for like the past 30 mins. Can't believe his actually doing this in my house. sigh. oh well. his a wanker after all. nvm.

just kidding.

Oh well i'm gona go register my bike soon once my exam finish. i haven realy mug for my papers which is coming on wed thurs and fri. man i hope i dun screw them up man. december is really a busy month, lots of event happening, outing, and it has finally come to an end. its the beginning of a new year and everything is a new beginning. i'm finally 18 and its time to use my age to go places i can't go. hmmm mass vandalization of the carpark has failed. i'm 18 and if i'm caught i'll be send right to jail and ya forget it.

Jackasses of the world will one day unite together and play pranks on themselves, on others, on stuff, and they rocks.

timothy is such a pervertic guy and wants to surf porn using my com.

just kidding.

enjoy new year nerd freaks.