Friday, December 30, 2005

Ok my bad for critisizing ppl religon.

I wanna lose everything in live, so that i'm free to do anything.

Thursday, December 29, 2005

Some comments to qying's entry...

HAHAHAHAHAHA.. stupid dumb dumb. book of mormoms are damn funny. why isit mormoms n not morons. Jesus n Satan are brothers. cool. damn crap man. book of morons. macham joke book sia.. wan a good laughter. remember to get a book of mormoms and laugh ur ass out. or if it seems too crappy n you wanna throw it away, please dun. use it to wipe ur ass cos it made u laugh ur ass out. WAHAHHA. i can be God if i'm a mormom. whoa~ then how many Gods are the mormoms worshipping. hehehe. ok enough. later morons come wack me.

ARHAHAHAHA. stupid morons.


tts all.

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

freak. i'm getting sick again.. crazily consuming pills now, hoping to get better.. once reach chang mai, there's gona be a rally. like WA~ so fast. crap.. hope we all remember wat to do during rally man. if not that's it. ppl please help keep us in prayers thanks. jx's leg is feeling the pain again.. is this what they call spiritual warfare? man oh man. we cant lose to satan. cos we're God's children.

take care all seeya soon.

Monday, December 19, 2005

Oasis, Bash, Camp's over.. thai missions to come.

I feel sick, feel like shit, feels weird.

when will this ever ends?

Saturday, December 10, 2005

I'm 18 finally.

Its time to go SSDC or which ever DC to register n start learning what i wanna learn for the past few years. the time has come.

Ytd went sentosa with the guys to slack la. then when the clock strikes 12, my right arm was bashed by mr neo jx, left hand by miss Chan tzu yu. piang chan mali chan punch is quite painful man, dun play play. but anyway that's not the point.. the way i spend my birthday today is damn weird. haha..

Had dinner with parents at downtown east eating wat sakura jap buffet style kinda crap. not bad the food la. eat till siao. my dad is a jackass man.. eat the food all use hand, lazy bugger sia. but nvm la kana influence by him also. thanks a lot dad n aunt for bringing me out to eat. haha.

Tml have missions announcement. crap i hope the slides will be up, if not i'm dead meat for sure cox i didnt even go memorise wat the crap i have to say. ohwell.


Tuesday, December 06, 2005

as i said earlier i'm sorry for pissing ppl off.

take care n enjoy while u can.

Monday, December 05, 2005

Crap Crap Crap Crap Crap.

Parsonage Single sofa have bed bugs man. sian i got bite by it n now it swells till damn freaking big la. I hope u ppl will see thi n sit with caution, if not ur ass will be bite. lucky not my ass got bite.. somewhere near waist area.

These few days i damn stressed up with school work and church stuff, if i'm mean or unreasonable or quiet or whatever, i apologize. Right now i'm feeling damn stress up n i know i will get agitated easily, so i better write here first, in case of any misunderstanding.

I just need a day where i can freaking rest myself. i need sleep seriously i need. I dun mind having eternal sleep now, whatever's crap coming up i also dun care liao la. Care so much about it for what? Not like people or event or whatever needs me. i'm just a extra person in every thing i do. See this is what i mean. i'm really getting crazy n yea. i need to go off n mug liao, Not like ppl care also. This world is crap man. Why is december so freaking packed with everything. why must camp be on weekdays? are poly student so damn outcast? why my lecturer doesn't teach stuff properly n make me in this stressful state? My birthday is coming n i'm not even excited about it. if this is God's plan for me to feel stress n crappy, so be it, since his plan is good n pleasing for me, i guess i have to walk thru this alone. aww crap.

i'm feel so pathetic now man.. i'm always pathetic. crap.

Friday, December 02, 2005

I need freaking sleep la. I'm dead bit usually after 10, but still can't go sleep as i have to finish either my homework or some other stuff to settle. sian. this sat have retreat, sun jam n some cousin wedding dinner, next thurs bash laio. haven got my songs done. going to borrow ipod from none other than miss shing. haha was shock that she would actually say yes when i asked from her ytd. haha. oh well, thanks then shing. u saved my life.

Being spending quite a lot of money this week. bought shoes n shirts, watch movie. wa sian i bankrupt sooner or later.. still have to get a big bag also, to use for yf camp n thai trip. next sun still have to go make annoucement for missions. paing damn paiseh. i wan to get crumple bag also. hai. i dun have the heart to spend my money even though i want. shit.

Take care ppl.