Monday, November 28, 2005

Healing hands of God have mercy
On our unclean souls once again
Jesus Christ, Light of the World
Burning bright within our hearts forever
Freedom means love without condition
Without a beginning or an end
Here's my heart, let it be forever Yours
Only You can make every new day seem so new

This is so Freaking true.

Sunday, November 27, 2005

Ok i get the signal. I'm irritating, busybody, and annoying.

ya ya ya i know, dun have to add pepper n salt. i know it alrite.

alrites i know what to do. that is to F**k off~

Bye n enjoy~

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

This month n next month gonna be a busy month. programmes coming up are.. hmmm

-Community Sunday-26/11
me n jx are the in charge of the bungee trampoliane or something like that. I don't know how to spell. best part is we got unlimited access to it and u guys got to pay if u wanna play. come on! pay a few bucks la. hahaha. Anybody wants to help out in the deco thingy? its 9am to 12 pm this sat, 26/11 and 3 more ppl are needed.. sms me or call me if ur such a kind hearted person to help out. haha.

-Yf Bash-8/12
Guess its going to be a chilling night, prices are attractive, do come down with your best dress up and stuff. Its going to be a fun night where we just talk cock sing song play mahjong and basically, just chilling together~

-The Great day-10/12
its my birthday alrite? haha. finally its on a saturday.HEHEHEHEHEHEHEHE

-Yf Camp-13-16/12
Last camp with koon and jx as their going in army soon, so AMELIA IF UR READING THIS, can u put us in the same group? haha. Do come for the camp as its gonna to be fun. oh well.

This is a must to attend as stones will be sharing their testimonials in a crappy way and i hope its going to be entertaining and stuff. Jx Cheok koon gabriel me n duno who will be sharing though. and we're gonna put up a show for u guys so please come alrite?

-Thai mission trip-21-26/12
Will not be celebrating christmas with you peeps but with the villagers at shan village. cant make it for camp afterglow also. well just the 4 of us missing, jx me koon n edmund. its still gona be fun without us rite? Cos we're not so important ppl after all. with or without, its still the same! if i'm wrong then correct me. haha.

I think thats all for november and december i guess. enjoy yourself ppl. :]

~where have you been!?!?!!?!? sheesh..

Sunday, November 13, 2005

Thanks to "special someone" for the angel n mortal slide today. haha was shock to see it. today went to watch movie just like heaven and its really nice love story. haha. if ever life is as sweet as what they plotted..

Everybody's having trouble with love, everybody as in those who i know, not really that much though but it seems complicating. oh well. hope that all this problems n stuff n misunderstanding will be over soon.

Oh well tml have school. boring. everybody take care then. enjoy!

"Hannibal Lector rocks."

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Seriously emo kid u can just go and eat shit la. i dun care what the hell happen to you la. my day have being ruin by u n u sucks la. i know ur just trying to get attention la. stop it can? i dun really care whether u wanna come back to us or to the girls la. i might sound unreasonable here but u know what? too bad u ruin my freaking day and u are going to pay for this. u dun go n show me ur emo side n stuff on sunday or wat k? u wan u go n show off to the girls i dun care. dun come n ka jiao me, i break down i dun care winston or audrey or who ever the guys, i just go n bash u up like crazy. u may not be reading this but who cares? ppl read n tell u its the same. u watch out bro. ur messing with the wrong guy. I know as a christian i should not do things like this. but seriously i can't take it anymore. i'm not perfect. go change ur F**K up attitude b4 u come back k? dun come back like a loser emo kid n start being emo and stuff ya? who ever trying to help emo kid all the best man. ur the only key to help him.. hai i really feel bad for emo kid.. hai

Did i say i feel bad n sighing for him? Are you crazy who gives a f**k bout him? can help good cannot help also good. i dun care. ya? unreasonable? yea i'm being unreasonable. anybody wanna come n talk things out with him, might as well use this freaking time to go talk to bloody emo kid and stuff.

Go and care bout emo kid rather than me la.

knnbccb emo kid _|_

Monday, November 07, 2005

All of the things that i want to say
Just aren't coming out right
I'm tripping on words, you got my head spinning
I don't know where to go from here.

The future seems uncertain, things always doesn't go as planned. so why planning it in the first place? haha. okay some stuff u really have to plan, like for camps n stuff. yup bout things for myself, i rather wait for that particular problem to come for me then i'll solve it right on the spot. Eventually things will be alright at the end, if not, just treat it as a lesson learn, n not to commit that particular mistake again.

"Chuan2 dao4 qiao2 tou2 zi4 ran2 zi2"

Best quote ever.
Happy birthday My Brother Jx!

Hmmm. lifes so predictable when school starts. oh well. that's the way of life.

Avenged Sevenfold rocks man.