Monday, October 31, 2005

Dear my friends,
in the time we spent
forever after beyond this,
When will our nightmare ever ends?

Pull the trigger and the nightmare stops......

Happy deepavali to all the indians out there.. tml u guys will be celebrating it at little india i suppose and enjoying urself while i rot at home. happy?

Life, past present future. The End of the World will come one day, as Satan will be unleash from hell n reign over earth. at this time our lord and saviour will appear as the one and only light from the skies and save us from this miserable and suffering life under's the Devil's control. He feeds on our sins and sorrow and suffering and what we humans are doing are giving him power everyday. Did the bible said about this? Seriously i duno, maybe i'm right, maybe half right, maybe not right at all, its just my thinking. laugh, scold do wateva u wan i ain gona care.

How many times you say why a day? why do ppl love to ask questions like "why this happen, why like that? why this why that" why why why. why do humans love why so much. Curiosity kills the cat but i love cats so why not kill humans instead of cats.

if assasination is a legal job, i'll take it now n kill those mofos and i dun care who the hell you are.

why is ppl saying that they dun fear death but at the moment their leaving, they're like little children crying out to ppl that they fear death.

How come ppl will have deep thoughts at time n u duno what the heck ur thnking about but its just fun.

There's a whole lot of stuff i wann say but i jus can list them out. i prefer telling it to some one who knows everything. u know. haha.

hai. frens frens frens. they're the best but at times u wish u have none, then again u will definitely regret saying this. so overall their the best if u make the right ones.

oh well i'm off. i guess nobody will read this and even they do, they just think i'm crazy. if u think so, thanks, i got two words for u.

Fish - ish + uck Off.
Hahahahahahahaha. Sorry about my previous blog.. does it sound that real? haha suckers! don't be mad though wahaha.

Alrite today is the 1st day of school, briefings n more briefings and then its time to go home.. tml's deepavali! Little India wil be damn crowded with indian! haha. can sleep longer which is a good news. All those Bangala can go there n jio char bor and enjoy themselve la.

Yesterday do the post exam publicity damn paiseh man do the stupid dance and stuff.. lucky wear anfu's specs ar.. then i can see ppl but ppl canot see me la.. that's why i dare to do those stupid stuff.. well who cares anyway since its over.. after that went lunch then sim ling bugis prata house and then back home. it was fun n yet tiring.. out the whole day man. did the stupid icon of squeezing the baby cheeks on zhu tuo. haha it was damn fun to play with her cheek. stretchable like fantastic 4 the leader call duno wat mr stretch? hahaha. ok that's quite about it. wonder if the guys are going out tml or wat. oh well tonight then say ma.. the night is still young, its not even night yet so chill and enjoy!

If i'm bored like crazy again, i'll tell more stories again! and see if there's any suckers falling for the same thing again. haha so fun!

1,2,3,4 1,2,3,4

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

it was 2 am in the morning today. i went to the living room to think about the recent stuffs that has been happening around me. All those miserable thoughts, happy thoughts, everything was on my mind. I was sorting them out one by one when suddenly i heard some cried coming out from the window. its not really that loud but as it was late at night, you could hear it very clearly. "Who the hell was that?" I thought as i walked towards the window. As i got closer, i could hear a conversation between a girl and a guy.

"Jane, calm down.. we could talk this out.. please don't do anything stupid.. come back in the house alright?"

"Why are you doing this to me? Why? I ain't gona trust you anymore, You'll such a jerk! Even if i die here i won't let u live a happy life with that bitch!"

"Come on there ain no girl i like except you.. Why are you thinking this way? i love you and only you!"

"Oh F&&k you John! Why? Why? Why? You wana know why? How bout u answer me first you bastard. Why do you always come home late? why do you have strong perfume smell all the time? why do u come home looking moody and stuff? if seeing me everyday makes you miserable, then me leaving this world will be such a great thing for you!"

"Come on Jane! Come back in! I'll tell you everything once you come in! You're You're You're SICK!"

"YEA I am! I'm sick of all this nonsense! Talk to me when i'm dead"

After saying this, i heard some rumbling sound and a body just appeared right in front of me and down it goes. SPLAT! That's a very very very very very loud sound. I was trembling with fear at that time.. I could hear John shouting her name over and over again and cursing bitterly. I didn't know what to do. I looked down and there the body was, covered in blood. I then took my keys and went down. Upon reaching level 1, i walked very very very slow. No one was there except a white figure lying on the floor. It took me a while to walk to the body.

When i saw that disfigured face and body, i wish i had never come down at all. Curiousity kills me this time. I nearly puke the dinner i had just now. 1 of her eyeballs came off her face with veins and fresh blood on it, her internal organs were lying everywhere, and she was lying there, face up, with one of the eyeball looking directly at me. Her face was red, her lower jaw came off and her arms were ripped off from her body. i guess she landed hand 1st and then her face.. I immediately ran to the public phone beside it and called for ambulance and the police. They arrive in less than 10 minutes and i during this time, John came down and was mourning and mourning to the body. I just sit at a corner looking at them. Police came and took statement from me. i just told them what i saw and was allow to go home as i told them i was tired. They asked me to go to the police post at compass point for some shit. Walao. I went there just now and they ask me lots of questions man. sheesh. You guys will get to see this shit on newspaper or what i suppose. Gosh.. suicide at my block, and i witness it first time. i'm gona have nightmares all the way.. hai. Death is stupid man.

Anyway. just kidding. I'm just too bored. haha!

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

ok the 1st one to see this is zhu tuo chu thow~ cox. i duno

today woke up at 645 as usual.. shagged la.. but nvm went to have breakfast, poo poo, then off to work liao.. reach workplace at 740 sharp, off to dungeon and sleep till 840 then go to work.. Ok la work kinda easy la.. time pass quite fast. then break, work, lunch break, slp in dungeon, work, break, go home.. raining sia.. my converse shoe the soles got hole.. bloody kuku reach home my whole feet wet like duno what la. so eeky yucky one the feeling.. yucks.. then 1st thing reach home change and poo poo again.. piang tahan from morning after break till i got back la.. shiok sia.. make fried potato for a special someone. i guess she'll love it for sure.. RIGHT? hehehe.. then play guitar slack.. makan.. play warcraft 3 DOTA.. so long never play keep dying but at least got kill some heroes la.. song bo. won the match.. haha..

Life's like that la.. everyday is like that one lor.. except for fri? sat? and sun.. yea the rest will eb quite the same baz.. oh yea next wed last day of work.. shiok la.. finally can REST. rest for thur, fri, sat and sun, then mon start school liao.. ain it fast.. oh yea.. ppl starting to enjoy i start school.. ppl finish their A's, O's i still have school.. oh well.. poly's timetable unstable like shit one.. haha but at least my class have few of my good pals.. some failed and then become different class lor.. but still have some same la.. like encik la.. power la his result.. so hang out with him sure can get good result one.. tml's got to work again.. oh well.. at least its a damn damn damn freaking slacker job.. hahaha..

cheers dude.

bu kong bu kong bu kong pi pi papa bong yippie oh lala li dididi ma yi gong gong kong bu poo poo boom!

Sunday, October 16, 2005

Hahaha... My upper ear hole i'm gona close it for good.. for the past few days it gave me pain n pain n pain.. sian.. aiya have or dun have still the same me la.. ugly ppl put piercing come out also ugly so make not much difference...

Today's kinda tiring n moody.. some stuff happen after yf.. i guess u peeps know la.. haha. but dun get the wrong idea la.. she's asking me to help look after her.. i think so something like that la.. cox i'm close to her in some way baz.. oh well.. hope she change for good ya? you know who u are stupid girl hehehe. well then went lunch.. was super sian already.. then went church i left without saying good bye.. actually i'm kinda in a state of shock n was nervous still la.. so i dun have the mood to really joke though.. then i dun wanna ruin their mood by saying i wanna go home.. lazy to tell them why also cox they sure ask one mahz.. so jsut leave quietly.. who knows all damn tu lan me never say the go off.. sorry la guys.. wont do it again...

Then.. just now when i pang sai that time.. was thinking of something and really freak out la.. i was thinking what if ur sleeping rite.. one day u woke up, and u realise ur travel 3 years back, for me is waht? sec 3? then all ur memories n stuff is in ur head, but ur friend's memory ain.. then all the frens u made.. all u have to make again.. have to take ur result again, o levels, and redo all teh shitty stuff u dun wanna do.. wa damn sian man.. can't imagine life like that.. whats the worst is u woke up ur like 1 year old only.. then u started to act n talk like an adult, become some IQ kid sia.. wa not bad.. k la i guess i think too much liao.. ytd sleep 3 hrs only.. so brain kinda think weird stuff.. but thinking of this kinda stuff really fun sia.. hahaha..

Pi gu pi gu pi gu pi gu heng kong pu leh.

Saturday, October 15, 2005

God is good...

i'm so happy for u bro... the conver today really rocks..

Koon u got a point.. i hope they will really change for the good...

including me also...

Lets do this for God.. and dun get too stress up for A's ya?

take care ppl..

Thursday, October 13, 2005


sian sian sian sian sian... why the friends i have macham become 3 dynasty sia.. so freaking wierd la.. 3 different groups of frens sia.. duno how to explain la. i love all of them leh then they all duno got internal conflict or wat.. sia la.. i also duno what to do la.. wan organise outing go out also so stress out.. later 1 not happy say dun wan go the other not happy also say dun wan go out.. like this right.. i also duno what to do la.. sian man.

duno realy got internal conflict or not la. sheesh. i bet all gang up bu shuang me one la.. chao. sooner or later my brain will burst stressing this kinda stuff.. come on la 3 dynasty fren.. go out together as one big china also fun wat.. its time to sign a agreement to merge together to become a big country la.. forgive n forget la. best of all dun hold grudge la.. take everything as a joke or wat la.. come on la we all frens.. dun need like hate this n that la.. if true frens rite will tell him or her straight in thier face on la.. like jx me if i annoy him or he annoy me we tell each other in the face then we fight after that apologize, then wont make same mistake again mah.. wakao jx n me face so many quarrel with each other b4 sia.. in the end still apologize.. dun hold grudge mah.. piang oi... kei simmm ar...

wan go out also so troublesome sia. haiyo. relax la.. alamak. the most all go out then pang seh me lor. nvm la i so use to get pang seh liao u all wan pang seh pang seh la i give up liao stay home play game all day long lor. no need waste money.. zzzz

all go eat my shit la arsholes.

Monday, October 10, 2005

i ain gonna care so much anymore.

Thursday, October 06, 2005

I got my grades...

Em3B (math) - A+
FM - A+
C++ - A
EAT - B+

i got shocked.. my hard work have paid off man.. staying up late at night till 3 - 4+ really ain a waste of time man.. gona work hard for the next semester also. yup.. cheers to all having their papers now, and to those taking o, n a's.. u guys can do it.. even slacker kai can do it.. why cant u all?

Monday, October 03, 2005


Today while having my lunchtime, some crazy bastard wanna jump down from changi hospital.. video tape the situation, but he didnt jump though. shit man.. though i would see a real life suicide case, n some real stuff from too bad.. but good thing the civil defence ppl grab hold of him when his not paying attention to them.. then everybody there clap.. what a smartass he is.. cox if he jump down n survive, the A&E department is just a walk away so could save his life.. jackass of the month goes to. That idiot who wants to jump off Changi Hospital. sucker man.

then when the police handcuff him and bring him to the car, his family members arrive i think, the mother or wife, i duno la.. was crying bitterly and stuff la.. think go and wack tt fellow la.. stupid sia.. I think is either he have mental problem, or he's being found out to have cancer or some problems, and he couldn't afford the $$ to pay for the bills and stuff then wanna die so he wont be a burden to his family.. who knows..

Morale of this shitty thing..

"Dying can't solve any shit man, even though you can run away from ur problem by doing so, but dun forget, ur family members have to carry ur burden after you, so stop being a selfish little bastard and think of the ppl around you! Even if ur life's like shit or no point living in this world, dun waste other ppl time by clearing up ur stupid body and having to waste time to solve ur loser case."

Thank you.

Sunday, October 02, 2005

Yo wassup.

Sat, great outing with the guys dude. kayaking was damn fun, apple clarice n joanne went too haha. i guess everybody enjoy themselve which is good. dinenr was fun, we ate at around 10+? cox of the cooking and stuff la.. tim's carrot was really nice man.. sweet carrots. even jx also say its nice, the rest also say its nice. simple dish he also can make till so nice, but its very fattening cox a lot of butter n sugar were been used.. but dun eat them too much can liao la. Eric soong came with us too.. i guess he enjoy himself too? haha! tt's great though.

Well actually today was suppose to meet Eric on the way to church.. miss his bus stop la.. then no choice have to meet in tp lor.. when we reach tp central, he also reach.. so fast la his bus.. then saw rachel she pass me some stuff and went to meet her parents.. sigh.. well service was ok, turning sorrow into joy? good sermon though u guys know what i mean.. hehe. if not nvm.

Thanks koon for telling me some stuff though. hahaha

shit day tml! call 123456789 for kai shit's 24 hr deliveray!