Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Alright i'll make this short and sweet..
This is some apologizing stuff to everyone..

To Yf:
Well sorry for always trying to seek attention from you all. I know what i have done in here are stupid things and just causing trouble to you people.. I'll try to act mature and not to really make trouble or throwing your name away..

To stone:
Guys i know i have being some asshole lately.. really sorry man.. kinda felt like i'm always the one disgracing you ppl and yea make u guys kinda dispite me though. Sorry i'll try to behave myself alrite?

To Timothy:
Hey now i know what a "great" fren you are, i'll not seek your help anymore, not trouble u with my problems anymore dude. rest assure bout this man. you will NOT ever ever heard from me and my problems again dude. i know i'm just some loser trying to ask u help me with stuff u dun even bother about, but really, thanks for helping me when i have trouble last time, whether its fake or true.. if i'm really such a burden, just say man dun have to tolerate it man. i rather u say it then having this awkardness man. i rather have u as a hi bye fren then no fren though. well. at least u hint me today with ur way of helping man. "thanks" bro, "thanks"

To jx:
hey bro. sometimes i really think i have being a asshole and trouble to you la. i think ur the only guy i can share my problems with unlike someone la. not just you, the stone guys also but ur being really nice to me man. sorry bro if i have always piss u off man.

To rach:
hey sry for what happen lately man. all the best in ur studies and yea..

To amelia:
Thanks for being a buddy man. haha. u never fail to brighten up my day but at times sorry for irritating you haha.

To koon:
hey dude.. thanks for everything u have done man. ur a great rocker and my great fren like jx too. my solution to my problems.. all the best for "A" brother!

To anfu:
hey you are like a messenger of God to me man, when i doubt my faith, ur the always the guy who strengthen my faith. thanks a lot man.

To clemence:
hey dude, u always bring a smile to me with your laughter. sorry if i piss u off ya? haha. thanks for encouraging me often though.. hehe..

To Addie:
ur being a great cgl man. the strong bonding of stone are of ur works though. cox when u share bout ur life the rest of the guys does too.. haha thanks a lot for ur encouragement though.. yup..

To edmund:
though ur younger than me by 1 year, i respect you a lot cox u are always there to correct me if i done anything wrong man.. yea thanks for tolerating my nonsense though haha.

To the rest of my frens:
thanks for tolerating my behaviour and stuff, this is the normal kai, but yea i'm really happy that u guys can tolerate my behaviour though.. cheers in wateva stuffs u do..


To God:
Thanks for always being there when i need you, Your the true person i can talk to, ur love is so powerful, ur always hinting me with stuff by causing some great or bad things in my life, and ur plan is always great, pleasing and perfect, and ur the only one who love me even though i piss u off with my actions and stuff, u will still be there to help me haha. dun worry i wont see u tt soon i hope, i wont wanna see u for a sec and then u send me to hell man.i wont go kill myself to see u la so stupid ya? haha.. thanks for always be there when i need ya. haha.

well, guys this is what i think. i know i sucks at times but i really need u peeps man. ppl like jx, koon, the stone guys, without u peeps i think i really can go die liao. haha. forgave me in wateva stuf i did to piss u off k? i'll try to change guys. hope to see u all soon on sat man. cheers.

Saturday, September 24, 2005

Tml's my dad birthday and we cut the cake today instead. think aunt can't take it anymore. haha so gong man.

Cheok and timothy are two best partner for snoring man. shit sia early snore snore snore snore. so feel lile bashing their face with my boster. but didn't, instead go disturb mr cheok as his right below me only.. go tickle his nose then his reaction so funny man. hahaha. after that was suppose to meet amelia and was late..

Well reach church watch some indian tape, slack go buy food, slack eat, slack diner with cheok and tim, home sweet home. tired sia.

Next sat having audition for worship. oh well. oh dear. tml going to let addie see the plan for next sat event. haaven do yet gonan roughly do it now.

Well Clemence and Timothy is at my house playing winning eleven, such a boring game, to me and not to them la. Sunday going to make some annoucement on some stuff la. Don't if stll wearing the dumb stuff shing suggested. wear or not wear i also dun care la. what's important is that they really go n do what we say can liao. haha.

wonder if the work audrey said was really that labour not.. mon to fri everyday from 830 to 530 at changi hospital there. pay duno, work duno, sunday got to ask her bout it.. most probably going to work since i got nothing better to do. yup

Tml's having keyboard lesson, then the guys most pro at home ba.. hope they dun mess up my house though.. after that going church to watch a tape, match making tape for amelia. going to help her choose her husband. kit kat? time out? calbury? duno. see which she like lor then think going prata after that i duno.

Today's going to be a long night. duno if i should go keyboard.. lazy though.. see how la. haha! if i can play the song then good la.. aiya duno la most pro not going la.. heck la.. arrr duno la.. see how la.. bla bla bla.

We were meant to live for so much more~

Gabriel love Singhua.

guess he wont scold me cause he surely never come my blog one.

Gabriel ting~~~ TING TONG. hahaha gabby!

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

I'm sorry for hurting you over and over again.
This will be the last time i did it. yup.

Went cycling with the guys today, tiring, but quite fun though. Lots of slopes as usual. yup nothing really special except that we had war with mosquitos.. Mosquitos attack 10000, our defence was 0, was bitten real bad but i wore long sleeve so kinda protect myself except my legs. it was damn hot wearing long sleeve but worth it anyway. haha. stupid mosquitos. sickening man.

I'm really sorry that things have to turn out this way.
Please forgive me k. hai.

Monday, September 19, 2005

Death could only solve my problem now.

Anybody know the way to heaven,
even if you commit suicide?

I'm just playing. haha.

Jx thanks for helping and i still need ya help.
Shhhhh. thanks bro.

Monday, September 12, 2005

The bike have been found, i guess the some or the parts will be gone for sure. But who knows maybe it will be back in one piece? at least its found i can rest assure and mug. haha. all the best for tml paper for myself. haha. how pathetic wishing myself luck. who cares. i'm gona get a fcuking A man. na bei.

Friday, September 09, 2005

WAHAHAHA.. Doesn't this just look like my fren luqman.. i think he's the most alike to this south park character.. plays with knife, same colour tone, stupid specs, bastard fuck.. hahaha!!!! so funny man.. gonna show this to my poly frens.. hehehe!! next up we have.. Posted by Picasa

2nd its rachel.. haha.. manage to do something like this.. the hair dun really look like hers but i think this is the only one tt looks like her hair. the rest are all spikey and stuff.. hmmm next up we have... Posted by Picasa

Finally This is me wahaha!!! Create ur own stupid south park character at http://images.southparkstudios.com/games/create/sp_game.swf.. so fun man.. i love luqman one.. super look like him lo.. Rachel one was ok.. haha.. hope to do somemore if i got the time wahahah~!!! Posted by Picasa