Monday, August 22, 2005

Lost soccer yesterday, 5 - 1 To AMKMC Team A yesterday... Our Team A was slacking away as AMKMC Team B did not come for the match.. haha.. suckers.. then Team A just won like tt.. basket.. yesterday dislocated my shoulders.. cause i slide and i when i land, all my body weight was on my left arm.. the shoulder was dislocated n it was really painful.. then when i was tryingto get up, it went back to its own position with a weird sound, the sound when u try to break the chicken wing tt kinda sound. Ouch man.. When i get home i'm sick. went see doctor n get MC for today... Rest the whole day today, Rachel came visit me when she say she's going home. wat a surprise to see her when she came. haha! So we slack in the house n she left at 7... ate dinner n medicine jsut now only.. going to sleep soon perharps.. haha.

i hate being sick.


Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Lot's have happen lately...

Being involve in sonic fest as crew, worked 1 time at stage 4, some sound n light company.. the school of rock thingy at j8 is tt company do one.. i was there beside the stage n shaik haikes n denise was right in front of me.. like 1 m away? so cool. shaik was damn big size.. the way he behaves reminds me of army daze back in the old times. wahaha. stupid fat ass. oh yea he sit on this foldable chair rite.. n the thing supporting the chair bend.. holy shit imagine he sit on u. ur ribs will crack n directly pierce ur heart n your die. so cool. denise was damn skinny man.. haha oh yea those two idiots were given drinks n drinks n drinks. 1st was mac coke, then lemon tea from coffee bean or wat.. then was sugar cane drink... b4 everything was mineral water.. n those two lazy buggers didnt't even find any of it la.. like some sips of it then put it on the floor. duno how to throw away one.. then kick until the whole floor wet.. stupid idiots..

Monday was damn shagged cox sat didnt sleep.. n sun i type crap la. when toking to rach, i duno what i told her.. some stupid stuff n yea shit man i need sleep.

being seeing koon typing entries bout hyprocrites for a long time. well to most ppl they say like.. i think i am one lor.. to me, i AM one. haha. judgement day perharps i'll just be thrown to hell man. even if not, i'll request to go to hell with my family and stuff rather than enjoying.. sheesh. when tt day comes then let HIM decide. who am i to decide my own fate? ha!