Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Hey shithead.

got back my test result. are satisfiy with it.

Fluid Mechanics - 82%
Applied Mechanics Dynamic - 92%
EM3B (Math) - 97%
Electrical Application Technology - 80%

4 As in common test.. tts a bloody first time in my 3 sem of studying. A feel of achieveing good grades is fun. but wateva there's still projects coming along n are lazy to do it. oh well better finish it asap then. hope my end of year paper will be easy like common test n hope i score well to get all As. at least i'm still feel worthy being myself as not a trash to the society. who knows. maybe i'll die at a young age becox of some weird diseases. damn milk gives me stomach aches. here i go again. make some chocolaty pudding for all to eat. thanks me for being such a great guy to make pudding for everybody. feel free to call or sms me if u wanna pre order ur puddings. it'll be 50 cents per pudding.. get it fast.. its sugar free n cheap n delicious! ask gabriel ting wee theong for opinions as he is the first guy tt have try before..

slacker signing out.

shitface idiots~

Saturday, July 23, 2005

Wahahahaha!!! Posted by Picasa

Nice comic strip by my brother.. hehe!! Posted by Picasa

Friday, July 15, 2005

Till the rest of my life, I will find the answers that were always here. I will find the meaning this time, i will fight the end, till the end is here.

Common test coming up on tue wed thurs n fri. not bad, at least i'm willing to mug for it. even though i love slacking, i dun wanna fail my paper. why? well always think ahead man. failing means u have to waste time taking the retest which gives u 50% points only even if u get full marks. what for rite? use this time to slack even better. haha. kai's theory yet again. weee.

i dun wanna be in this situation like him.

damn it.

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

hi. now its 3.30 am.

I suddenly have the urge to update my blog.

There it is. updated.

off to sleep. nites guys.

Yawns. now its 3.31 am.

I suddenly dun feel like sleeping.

Go toilet shh shh.


Lalala. not its 3.32am

I think my eyes are closing.

Weee. can;t wait to close them n enter dreamland.

ZzzZZzzzZZz (-_-) zZZzzzZZzzZ

nite guys.