Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Bro's back from Aussie~ Hmmm. ytd got to sit his bike to tampines there to get something from my fren. my butt is numb from the journey. kidna scary man as when i put myself in his shoe of sending ppl on the bike. like so scary man. what if u crash. u die nvm but the one on ur bike dies how? like shit man. ur be miserable for the rest of ur life. so better not anyhow send ppl home when i got my bike license. i'm bound to get into accident man. duno just no confidence. wahahah.

My fren finally found the lost ring~ whoopie.

Bout the last entry, it was nth wahha.

My posters all dropping off. shit man. wonder if i should go paint my wall or something. sian man see those posters for like duno how many years already. also not really my idol just put to decorate the wall. wall wall wall wall wall wall.

sian. nightmares for sale. anybody wants nightmare? call me at i -want-nightmare. i'll freaking let u eat my shoe. the sky is high while the sea level is deep n the moon is round at times. blogging is so dumb n so nth else to write. ar sian go sleep nite.

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Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Hope this entry will screw you people up.

9am. Worship you sing, you dance, you do whatever u want to feel god's presence and all. Wonderful time worshipping the Lord rite?

9.30am. Some announcement again from some stupid youth hoo ha or wateva lame stuff tt doesn't really concern bout you.

9.45am Whoa i like this preacher! i'm going to give full attention to him or whose this? eek looks like old hag surely nagging sermon or Aiya sian la he/she again. wanna sleep la or whoever the preacher is ur listen with all your heart.

1020am YaY~ finish closing songs.. another call for some stuff.. see if my best fren go.. dun wanna paiseh myself or God i want to feel you more and up u goes.

1030am Yf ends. hurray time to go~

Does that seems so familar or what? Yea. From MY point of view that's what a normal yfer will do right? this entry is much similar with aloysius from last year's. That's how cold yfers are. Oh so by saying this that makes me different from yfers? hmmm.. No.. not really.. I'm just like them. but i dun really fark off from church once yf is over.. i'll try to talk to those i'm not that close too. but it just seems so hard. i'm not even close to them + their with their own cliques. Yea i admit i'm always too with my own cliques of friends. So You must be thinking wat the fuck am i tryin to say here rite? well what i'm trying to say tt yfers are jsut as cold as a murderer. Why do i say that? take me and jx for example. When we first came to yf, our only frens were clemence anfu koon our group ppl n some other guys. What were the rest doing? i duno. Talking n playing or doing stuff together with their own cliques of ppl. Nobody took the intiative to befriend us. ok we look like gangster at first. we look fierce. think why is tt so. Cox we're just bored. ppl enjoying themselve while the two of us were been left out. I;m not saying we're the great kings that you guys must come n befriend us. its like newcomers come to some stuff. they wanna feel welcome but we felt like shit tt time. Although camp was really nice. After that we went back to TPMC for the sake for stone peeps. Slowly we took the intiatives to go n know them like wtf its so weird man we the newcomers go n befriend yfers. so fucking wrong la.

Only ppl in befriender ministry have the rights to befriend other ppl? no way man. everybody have the rights to befriend newcomers. ok after talking so much nonsense, u must be thinking like. " hey kai u talk so much why dun u go n do it? keep on saying yfers, u urself also never go talk so much for wat?" i'll tell you bastard n bitches. "it is you ppl who teach me the theory of newcomers to come n befriend the rest." How? i dun think you ppl give a damn at all la. haiyo waste my time only. thsoe ppl u duno come or never come u also wont give a shit la. doesn;t concern u at all all tt shit. right not. Really hope that yfers could be friendly n make those newcomers feel welcome man. Other churches are like so over friendly that i felt too welcome while ours is over cold till they felt they wanna fuck off asap. They are so extra man. shit la. aiya i talk so much you all sure like wanna say me or shoot me or give me reasons to fight against me one la. defence urself only la. want face only la. all not balls no guts at all one la. dun dare voice out this kinda stuff dun dare this dun dare that scare ppl scold u or say u or hate u. so scare for wat? u keep on praying to God n do no action also same rite? its like u pray n no actions done of cox nth happens la. Dun tell me bout miracles k. i do believe in them but hey. not everyday is sunday man. if God does miracles all the time i'll be at home slacking all the way praying money will drop from my ceiling everyday man. nvm off topic.

So What do ya say? are yfers cold, unfriendly, heck care idiots or are they friendly ppl who make u feel welcome n cosy? you decide yourself. make that change if possible. For those of u who get pissed off reading this or have something to say feel free to tag my board. dun put annoymous please. dun be a loser. just stand up for urself if u think i'm wrong. oh yea one more thing. even though we really have to leave worship hall after our service cox it'll be quite rush or wat, it still cant be an excuse of not going to know them. u can always ask them out for lunch together with ur clique of ppl rite? then slowly ur clique will interact with them n everything will be cool. but it is whether u wan it or not lor. yup. i'm sick of these stuff la. u wan to do or not its ur problem la. i'll be cheering n celebrating if yf is dying. wahaha.!

bye shitheads.

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Awww. sad when everybody starts school i'm having holidays. When i'm having holidays they'll having school. Sian. Life's so unfair they get to enjoy life n i have to suffer with school work. Wateva i ain gona care.

Its been a while since i last updated. being scolded by some peeps as i call them to update while i never update at all. khuakhuakhua. So i'm updating here. i duno what to write man. if its bout scolding ppl and all that crap i know i can write a lot of stuff here.. but it wouldn't be nice ain it. just scold them in my heart can liao wahaha. or find another way to solve my problem.

Shit man i knew what i'm gona write on my blog today but kinda forget bout it.. hmmm oh yea! today i tahan pee from my school all the way till home. my bladder nearly bursted and all. lucky. didnt. burst. stupid bus driver duno how to drive bus make it so shakey then difficult to control. wheee.

Geex duno why whenever i blog i always wanted to screw some ppl really hard. maybe cause u duno what nice things to blog then think of all the bad stuff to write. bla rubbish. rubbish rubbish. i dun even know ppl will bother to read bout my blog or not. update no update still the same la. Ar.. I know Planet shaker rocks man.

Awww. nth to write anymore. this is the problem. blogspot ain a place for nasty things man. ppl might go hey i read u blog are u ok? or ppl will be mad or wat. then u lock ur blog u dun even bother to go update la cox u know nobody will go read liao since u lock mah. geez measn what u got to blog bout nice stuff? maybe. yea tts a good start.

maybe not.


Sat amazing race. sian. in charge of some station. can sleep manz. wa tml msut wake up early for school wa sian.. stress ar stress ar. i need my stress reliever.. the f word.. come back to life!! wwa.... WAAAA.. i need u mr. f!!!!!!

I so feel like killing everyone now. Why is there hatred in human beings?

OH YEA. i want to talk bout something. ppl ard me are so weird. Its like when there's this group of ppl they acting all good n hyper n all weird.. once its just us.. all started havoc. like WTF? i'm me with wateva group of ppl. u wan me to adapt into them im sorry. dun go like " oi dun scold bad word " i know i'm in the wrong nvm. but its like ater those peeps are gone u peeps vocab started to become havoc n lots of shit come out from ur mouth. hey fuck u i say. dun be a hyprocrite man. if u wanna correct me in wateva fuck i do. u change urself for me first man~! dun go fuck me upside down n then later ur there swearing n all. yea from wat i wrote above i swear like nobody business. tts me? rite kai the swearing king. if u wanna change me, change urself first. if u succeed n correct me. i got nth to say. i'll respect u but if ur jsut acting all in front of ppls especially girls or wat. then i tell u. fuck off man.

Who do u think i'm saying. go n think urself. if i'm unreasonable then come tell me. let's settle this if ur not happy. If u think wat i say is true, good for u.

Fucked up life.

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Got back from camp today. Miss her a lot.

1st day
Trip to seremban is long. Thanks to the mp3 it ain tt boring. slept thru out the trip. Check in room after lunch. Room was good. not bad. nice cold n comfy. well a little bit too cold. but nvm. I kinda forget wat did i do. Oh ya i forget to tell one of my frens not to brign laptop for me cox i'm in malaysia. Ha! lucky she's not mad at me. if not she'll ask her bf come wack me. Theme talk at night was nice at FIRST. maybe its nice to everybody n not me cox i find it boring after a while. started to fall asleep. geex. Wanted to go a & w but didnt go. was worn out. everybody went to sleep lor. Nth much happen today.. food was nice. haha. oh yea shit a lot.

2nd day
Woke up early with jx today. was the first 2 guys of stone to go eat breakfast among ourself la. after finishing breakfast we're goin room to slack. saw the rest of da guys. wahaha. so we went back to slack around. shit. wahaha. i dun remember seeing jx shit. oh yea. at night he was complaining bout constipation. say his ass is hurting. haha so funny tt guy. Theme talk 2 n 3 was boring man. theme talk 2 was ok. listen a bit at first then gave up. then was lunch then talk 3. play my hp game wahaha. slacker rocks. then it was free n easy. but youth team organise games for us. so we had to go. i was liek a clown during the game. doing stupid stuff n all tt. nvm seeing the guys laugh like crazy its so fun. wahaha. stone rocks. then it was dinner n worship. worship totally rocks man. Then at night went to A & W with a lot of ppl. almost all the youths except jx and some other ppl cox jx leg was tired from the soccer we played after worship. yup so i go n da bao for him. came back n slept cox was tired.

3nd Day
Woke up at 8+ n went dinner with wei ann. jx wanted to sleep so i go n eat lor. after breakfast was two workshop. didnt attend any of it. cox we wanted to went back to wake jx up n go together. so me anfu koon n wei ann went back to my room. jx was still sleeping then when he fianlly wakes up n prepare finish everything? it was like 925+ so didnt wana go then stayed in hotel till 10 then maybe later we're go attend the workshop. when its 950+ , i ask the guys wanna go or not. then tee anfu was sleeping. the guys were restless so i guess tts a no we continue resting. then till 11 went to take our stuff n go shopping. shiopping was boring. all the stuff was fooking expensive like paragon stuff.. wat ddumb armani guess all tt dumb branded stuff. geex. shopping there was like shopping at orchard road. no difference between the prices lor. bought 2 shirt for myself n 1 for rachel! haha. hope she likes it n also chewing gum for her, some pirated games... hmmm tts all. jx bought games too. we're freaking our self out when we were thinking of how to smuggle in. told him just put in bag nth will happen he still scare. make me scare also but heck la.. enjoy forthe moment first. went a & w again. then we wait damn long for the dumb chicken for mr tee anfu. by the time we got back to the hotel. it was like 4 am + anfu n guys who ask us to da pao for them slept. so they gave the food to the rubbish can scotty. haha jk. wonder how tt guy can stay up for so long. weird. so slept after i bath. oh yea worship rocks too. wahaha. damn long man. till 12 - 1 am then stop.

Last day
Woke up at 11 o'clock. check out tiem was 1030. we tot everybody check out except us we 2 was liek freaking out. we miss breakfast + worship + testimonel talks. nvm. i'm so tired man feel like sleeping already so i'll cut it short. bus ride was boring. then stop at some point to slack. ate ice cream. smuggling succeeded. teasing ppl. disturbing ppl. share cab with benjamin. reached home. slack. then now wanna sleep.

Above entry contain lots of broken english n some sentence i wrote u might not even understand wat it means cox i'm tired to go n see wat i wrote. haha. who cares.