Friday, May 27, 2005

Life's Sad.

Thursday, May 19, 2005

I wonder how people could update their blog everyday n like write lots of stuff in it. And some of them are like all weird. they post online their entry n they don't want other ppl to read it. its so contradicting. if u dun wan other peeps to read it might as well u get urself a real diary n write all ur shit inside n nobody will get to read it. or dun bother writing at all. though u might say typing is far more faster than writing, i agree. Then u might as well save it in some file or have a secret diary online n dun tell anybody at all so it'll be super secretive. Not happy with tt? might as well go kill urself then. Eventually ur be forgotten n nobody give a shit bout u man~!

I just cut my hair again. I dun trust malay barbers anymore. they sucks. never again i shall go there unless i'm shaving it. geex. ugly or wateva i dun give a fook bout it. ha! I think i look like my big bro cox i cut the same hairstyle as him. awww.. i'm sure he'll comment something bad on my tag board once he see this blog, rite brother?

Why are there so many religons in this world n every religon is telling their ppl tt other religon are all fake n there's only one big almight god? Christian, Catholic, Muslim, Hindus, Buddist, Taoist, Rastafarian, Satanist.

Weird. Maybe one day the earth go boom, explode n everybody die and we all woke up its just a dream n we're keep repeating this dream as a baby n all grown up n die n then later woke up again as a baby n boom! all when we're dead, our body is sleeping n our soul goes into our dream land and into another body with no memories from the past then keep repeating. or when we die, some go to heaven and some go to hell then u gona live there forever. then its liek ur have eternal life and will u get old? if not everybody there will be like super young n then what can we do in heaven? play all day? wat if u sin in heaven then u get banish to hell n u get torture eternally in hell n awww!!! My brain is going to burst trying to figure our life after death. maybe u peeps should try it out n tell me. go and die! have a mass suicide i'll be laughing at u man.

*evil grins*

Friday, May 06, 2005

Wonderful week it is.

Chalet at aloha from Tues al the way to thurs morning.. actually its until friday but its kinda boring to stay tt long in chalet man.. what we did there was really boring..

First of all when we reached chalet. my friends starting playing games cox he brought his ps 2 there.. then play till dinner time, after dinner time continue again. well we went to changi village to eat.. didn;t see any "ah guas" at all though.. then nth better to do play game to kill time becox we're waiting for fire man to come n bring us to old changi hospital.. it was like opposite of our chalet only. haha.

After fire man came.. i grab my torch light(luckily i brought cox nobody else bring it) n we went off.. its very dark la when we were climbing the stairs to the hospital. so switched on the torch light.. fire man was leading us up cox he say he knows how to talk to the security guard to let us in.. so when we reach the entrance, i saw this light in the middle of the entrance.. i thought it was a light floating as it was super eerie.. when we went closer to it. it was just a lamp being hung from the ceiling n tt darn half naked uncle came out of the room n freaked me out man. tot was wat cox he got this huge beer belly n just came out of no where? then we saw this 4 guys also wanted to explore the hospital n their using fire burned on some solid fuel. the uncle told us we can explore but don't damage anything. ok. so we went in. in our seperate ways with the 4 guys. it was super dark n eerie and i'm jsut following them. kinda freaky at first.. later when i was the one leading them( cox i was holding the torchlight ) there's this part where it freaked me out la.. there's this hallway that leads to the left n the right. my friends were hiding behind me then i looked at the right first then when i turn to the right, the 4 guys was there then i was shock la. stupid idiots man. we walked together for a while then they disappear. Nothing special though. just wrecked building with the eeking sound of door when u open it.. then when we walked till somewhere which i duno. i heard something. i asked the guys to quiet down n listen. we heard whispering sounds. it was human being talking, a girl. know why i know? cox she was swearing. yup. a ghost won't swear rite? haha. then we switched off the torch light.. everybody was sneaking to where the sound was.. then my friend purposely coughed.. then the girls was like "ahhh whats that man" then we were like.. "hey 1 2 3 we all run out ar? ok 1 2 3 go..." then the girls scream like crazy cox it was damn loud. after screaming they were swearing like nobody's business.. chao ah lians. we release there were 3 girls n a guy. then there's this car parked there which is most probably owned by one of them. what a bastard that guy was. bringing 3 girls to go explore this kind of eerie place. most probably wants the girls to think his a hero or something. then they asked if they could join us cox we got a torch n they have handphone lights. bunch of losers. so they joined us n fireman decided to freaked them out once again. so me fireman n one of my friend call "qi guai man"( qi guai as in strange or weird in chinese) were leadingthe group.. so we whisper "hey on the ount of 1 2 3 we run n scream la ok?" the girls could;t hear us as they'll still swearing.. so we ran n they scream on the top of thier voice n swear at the top of their voice too. bitches. then later we seperated cox we wanted to go other parts of the hospital n they didn;t want to follow cox they have to walk a long way back to their honda civic n they dun haev a light. adiyos freakheads! then we couldn't find the monchary( lazy to check up dictionary.. a place where u put the dead la) my friends say it probably got demolished. who cares. hmm we didn't find the satanic room man. geex nvm but there's this room my fren went in n he said he got a bad feeling bout it.. i went in a bit n knows what his saying. it stinks of shit. wahaha.! but he didn't mean tt though. i duno couldn't feel anything. jsut shitty smell. msut be the dogs or cats shit. or maybe the uncle shit there. can't believe the uncle really sleep at tt eerie place man. ok we got tired n decided to went back. then police came n asked what are we doing here.. fire man answer him in malay then the police drove off. then i asked him what he says then he told me he tell the police we looking for ghost la. then police say u want to see ghost u go cemetary la. you know this is private property? you all having chalet isit? my fren say yes .. cememtary too far la. here near mah. we now going back already then police let us all off.. when we went back chalet all was worn out.. but they still have the energy to play twister.. i helped them to spin lor. then they play. hilarous game la. all was trying to sabotage each other.. stupid guys. then after tt we bathed n slept.. erm.. only me n qi gua man bathed the rest didn't bathed n sleep.

2nd day woke up kinda early though i slept at 6+ woke up at 11+ i think cox the pillow was hard. i hate hard pillows damn it! and qi guai man was snoring loudly.. Woke up "birdie" was sitting on the chair meowing. birdie is a cat, my friend calls him birdie becox of no reason. ironic name man. then i played with the cat n video taped it with my hp. show u peeps next time. then played game.. then the rest slowly wake up then they play game then at 4+ zainul came with the mee his mom cook. nice man.. we started bbqing at 7+ i think.. crabstick bbq with honey sauce was damn freaking nice.. next time anybody have bbq must try it ok. Stupid White ghost (cox he is very white n he look like ghost) go n kick my bro volleyball down the sea n i'm gona ask him to buy one back for me. or else my bro will kill me. after bbqing qi guai man "ah girl" (cox he looks like a girl n his leg is like 6 or 7 very small like girl) n me was talking beside the seashore (our chalet was beside a jetty) n it was fun. some of the guys left as they have something on the next day n we went to cheers to buy beer n alcoholic drink. saw 2 ah guas standing at the carpark near changi village.. its shoulder was damn broad man. i use it cox their neither a he nor a she. monster, so "it". went back to chalet, started drinking when fireman brough his gf came. another girl tt bastard two timing girls. but to me this is better than the other one.. the other one was super sticky to him. its like "sticky-er" than the 12 disciples of jesus christ following jesus. imagine that. ok so we drank n play stupid games. n white liquor taste like alcohol u use in science lab.. damn disgusting. yuck. ah girl was drunk as his eyes were red.. after the drink finish, ahgirl went to toilet n vommited. cool. then we all take turns to bath and i took videos of my fren walking thru the wall all tt crappy stuff n then we went to sleep. the videos are cool show you guys when i see you.

Next morning left the place early n went home. slack at home n watch school of rock which i downloaded on mon. wahaha. at 5+ went to meet rachy for dinner. i was early n tts cool cox most of the time i'm late. (sorry!) had a wonderful time with her. send her home n went home. slept at 11 - 12 like tt if i'm not wrong. then woke up at 12 this morning. msged rachel n she replied like at 5+ was worrying that she got kidnapped or wat. lucky not. she went to ocs campsite n were told not allow to bring hp so she have to leave it in school n thus didn'y reply. sigh of relief.

Ar. what a long entry i have type. u mofos better read this n leave a fucking tag ok. its seldom kai writes so much stuff. more than 5 tags i'm gona write a long one again. haha need tags to motivate myself. as in 5 different ppl tagging. no 5 then no entry unless i feel liek writing.

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