Sunday, April 24, 2005

deleted all the photo from my blog.. makes it so laggy.. dumb dumb.. haha.. jst fell from skating trip.. going too fast down the slope.. no time to brake n wateva then was trying to turn right but fell.. bruise is wat i earn from today skating trip

help rach think of some ideas for her pw.. hope she'll be fine with pw.. wahahaha. she's so cool.

hand so uncomforatble manz.. geeez.. next week duno wat to do leh. rach having exam the guys also duno doing wat..hope next week ain boring.. chalet coming soon.. so cool.. wahaha..

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Say "Good Morning" again
Show a dream again
It would be nice if we had a good day

It's these normal things
That can be easily lost
A dream you see with your eyes open
Carry it to an unknown tomorrow
I put my arm around your shoulder and hold hands
Because i want to stay your lover or friend

Say "Good Moring"
Show a dream again
With your natural way of living

now's the 12th of april. working everyday is boring. there's nth to talk bout work is there? just work work work see those stupid croc skins. till sian. today didn't go work as dad go to play badmintonwith fren so stay home. go eat dinner with rach come back. play gunbound whole day. haha. gunbound is fun though. cox got my classmates play yet tts all... tml going ubin for cycling trip with class peeps.n what else.. yea hope tml ain gonna rain man.

I'm MIA for church... wahaha. nvm.

Let's see if u see a stupid boy this sunday then.


Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Finally this dumb bloggie can work. shit u dumb DANPO! ziel!!! Gihuzi!!!

All those word are invented by me. it got no meaning. damn you!

Melissa is such a brat. she's so rude n she's gonna get spank by her parents one day. bad bad bad girl.

nah just kidding. but really melissa is a dumb dumb. wahahaha. i think she's gona say WHATEVER. tt dumb word. hate tt word totally. so irritating.

Chloe VS my brother. weirdos man. come on la its just a joke dun get all serious up man. wahaha.

Work sucks la. no money work la dumbasses out there.

So long never meet rachel so sian can. fark it. miss her too much.

And FINALLY. i say this once n for all. dun call me a fucking gangster or ah beng cox i am not one n they are a bunch of fucking losers. i might look like one so if u wana say me. damn god first for making me look like one. so if u dun wan to damn god stop fucking call me one. though i know its a joke but its fucking irritating.

mother fuckers. All of u stop been irritating even though i like to irritate ppl. HAHA.

I'm trying my best to act like a fucking 18 year old bastard man. I'm trying best to stop being childish even though i am childish but u must give me time to adapt to the adult world what.


i duno if ur angry or wat with me saying vulgar languages but. tts the way it is now.

sorry to all civilise n classed ppl for reading such a unclass n uncivilise entry.
Cox i just feel like saying it today. maybe next time will be less shit words.

Tml MIGHT be a better entry.