Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Emocore songs f**king rocks my world man.
Thanks to keshia, My best pal's gf in primary school!? wahaha.. Razaleigh's gf yea know her for quite sometime recently browse thru her friendster and saw tt sickening raza's face.. n yea talked bout thier bands n told me they play emocore songs... which is like.. duno how to describe la but its damn nice la.. wahahah. my type of music.. hurray.. like finally i found out the genre of these kinda music.. silverstein rocks, A static lullaby rocks weeee.. and most of all my fav. Avenged Sevenfold.. weeeeee

Was sick yesterday. She came n look after me which is damn f**king nice la the feeling.. weee.. thanks man Rach.

Ok zainul and glenn came to study.. didn't really study tt much within 5 hrs? studied like 2 hrs like tt.. bunch of slackers.. wat can you do except slacking around doing nothing? except study the last 1 whole hour la.. wee.. gonna burn midnight oil later man.. didn't really work so hard for math b4 though. usually is just browse thru and heck care.. hmmm maybe gonna do some revision on mmtb too. wahahah.

Confiusic say "you go to jail bad boy!~"

Monday, March 14, 2005

Good eye, sniper
Here I'll shoot, and you run "
The words you scribbled on the walls
The lots of friends you didn't have
I'll call you when the time is right
Are you in or are you out?
For them all to know the end of us all

Coheed And Cambria Rocks.. its mean more than a month since i updated.. wahaha.. have u shithead come by my blog often? if u have well thanks lot if u didn't then nvm u are welcome to my bday party and i'll be treating you to eat my shits. Lots of stuffs happen lazy to say.

Exams coming soon.. by the end of this month.. then.. its holidays time!! can't wait for holidays man... like finally i can sleep as long as i want but its sure gonna be damn boring to be the only one having holiday man.. no frens to go out with.. even she got school too busy... arhahaha. nvm when the time comes then see how.. enjoy now for the time being.. wahahaha.

Take care idiots.


Tuesday, March 08, 2005

its being eons since i last update. since nobody will come by n read, i'll just write rubbish to entertain myself.

9 more months till i go for my bike licensce lesson or whatever u call that la. 9 more months? yea ++ la. zainul told me bout how most of his fren died because of bike accident. kinda sad for him though. watching his fren die right in his face. nvm la. die or not die. one day sure die. even now i'm shortening my life. like wat? find out yourself.

cigarette price increased to 11 bucks per pack for... the expensive brands n others also la.. cheapest i guess is 9.50 bucks? i duno. smokers in s'pore are going to buy from our neighbouring country which is like 2 or 3 times cheaper? hmm.. oh don't get mistaken. i'm not a smoker. am i? wahaha. find out yourself.

so what if i'm one? so what if i'm not? so what if i'm one? so what if i'm not?

wahaha. its my life. live life to the fullest. enjoy every seconds of ur life. you may not know whether you can go to heaven once after you die. maybe ur just go to hell. maye ur going to heaven. if ur going to heaven? even better.. u can enjoy life even more. but if ur going to hell, at least u once know how you enjoy life. yea.

tt doesn't mean i smoke. well. smoking is bad for health tts wat i wanna say. please ppl out there. don't smoke. keep the enviroment clean n green n dun pollute the air. smokers are unconsiderate ppl.