Saturday, February 19, 2005

First ever 1 hr party after everything.. cool? damn it i pity the cleaners man.. gonna spend the whole night cleaning up farking litters at orchard while everybody's sleeping.. 1 hr of enjoyment, 4-5 hrs of farking cleaning up work.. haha wonderful.

My toe's sprained, hope it'll heal soon.

"Thanks for visiting me today. you're so sweet, you're so kind, you're so nice, you're so wonderful n lastly.. you' re so gong. haha!"

I'll give my heart to you.
I give my heart,
'Cause nothing can compare in this world to you, whoa, oh.

Friday, February 18, 2005

WHOA! cool injury by mr yeo kai ngan. first finger toe's skin was ribed off n blood gush out, middle + ring toe got sprained n finally big toe n small toe are uninjured! brought to you by playing soccer. Posted by Hello

Thursday, February 17, 2005


Monday, February 14, 2005


KOON! haha. i where got disappear? i still slacking with u guys wat.. but remember this year u guys are busy with studies? a levels rite? then how to slack more? must go home n study wat.. tts y u dun see me often! hahaha. well though i'm gonna spend time with her too but then again. we paradox + stoned are forever brothers rite. haha.

Well today's valentine day. this is a first time i spend it with a girl cum gay, duno wat sex la. from mars i think. its not romantic at all becox i sucks in this kinda stuff n its just dinner n home n bye n " shit man wtf is wrong with me i sucks " tts all.. wahaha.

Gabriel, how's sing hua doing? is she n you goin well? hope u propose to her soon yea? haha. Koon!!! how's wen wen!!? JX!! HOW'S LIMIN!!? CLEMENCE!! how's REKA!? ANFU!! where's cai ling!?

WAHAHAHA. nah joking paradox guys are all single cept me. girls out there stand a chance too. jx so cute rite? koon so strong! clemence look wise but he's dumb, na kidding cool guy clemence! Big size n with protection, tee anfu!! lastly gentle n caring gabriel ting wee THONGS.

paradox rocks 4ever.

da great one.

Sunday, February 06, 2005


Today went sentosa with dear n bro + gang. damn fun ok. Today is the best day ever man. Yes it is. hahaha. BEST DAY EVER~!!! can't wait to see u again chiku nei nei.

I've waited all my life to cross this line
To the only thing that's true
So I will not hide
It's time to try anything to be with you
All my life I've waited
This is true...


i still wanna be a death god. ok not realli a GOD though. just some kinda peeps tt take cares of the death n protects their soul from the evil one. cool. if only i died n become it.


Thursday, February 03, 2005


i wanna be a death god.


Tuesday, February 01, 2005

This will be an awesome entry.

I just duno how to put this in words you know what i mean. Yea well if u wanna know what' this entry bout. then try destroying your own room n shout n cursed n swear every single shitty vocabularys u know. after that take something heavy threw it on ur door or even best ur own small sister or brother if ur parents not at home n ur planning to die. kill ur sibling first then cut him/her into many pieces n place it anywhere u like. after completing this producres, u have 101 ways to die a tragic, painful, suffering death in any way of pain u choose.. many might choose a way tt is not painful yea? tts the "high" way of dying. first find a box of panadol. n other kind of pills u can find.. mix it with coke.. drink it. n mix n drink.. do about 5 cups of it.. ard a full cup with a box of panadols in it. then i hope tt will kill ur freaking heart of mother freaking brain. One simple way go to the tallest level of ur apartment n jump head down.. try aiming on ppl so tt u will bring someone to hell with you cox such a impact from u hit him n will evenutally kill tt shitface person too. so yea. not bad. well u can try the bloody way too. this will be damn cool cox its like decorating ur own room with beautiful colour. red.. most of the freaking girl's favourite colour. first try a blade.. a sharp one is good.. slith both of ur freaking wrist then start by splashing it all over ur room.. try to make a foot print or palm print on ur wall.. then draw some pitures or write some stuff like "i tried commiting suicide on xx/xx/xxxx n it succeeded" remember to lock ur room too.. ok if the blood ain gushing out fast enough try slithing ur five finger n tt makes the drawing part easier by a lot.. if ur feeling giddy, it means u still gonna have to wait kinda long for u to lost most of ur blood.. so try tasting ur blood la.. anyway u will taste it no matter wat la.. have a last taste of it the take the blade n slith ur throat or pierce it right through ur neck n there u have a bloody death.. suits my bloody valentine by good charlotte but if ur dying becox someone dump u or wat then this will be a sweet way of dying. others will be like car bang u n u slip all ur fucking intestine all over the place n let the pigs eat it.. best u get run over by a fucking big shithead green tank. whoa. u'll be damn flat n yea can hear the "puoorrrkkuuueee" sound la. something like being smashed tt kinda sound la.. the best part is tt if u wanna die n u hate doctors, then fake u have cancer or wat then go surgery.. b4 t sneak in n change the "ma jui yao" into some plain water la.. then when u go into the operation room the nurse inject u the "mai ju yao" then if its plain water u still can feel the pain.. then they slith ur stomach hope the doctor is drunk cox of some shit then he accidentally stabs ur stomach 24 times n ur kidney ur lungs n ur heart n yea.. hope he smash ur head with a hammer too. The best way if there's this time portal u can control u can bring ur fren to come play like bring them into this dimension which u control time n everything n its like illusion but the pain its all real la.. in reality its hurting ur mentallity but in the "dream" world u created is hurting them physically.. first tie them up on some pole or crucified them la.. next make like 100 clone of urself appear in front of them n each holding a sword n continous stab them for 72 hours. n 1 sec n tt dimension is like 1 year of the real world.. but after like hell lot of time passes, ur frens went back into the real world after being stab for 72 hrs which felt like 100000 freaking years. n then its like just 1 sec have pass in the real world. nvm u faggots should be blur by now but nvm.

dun do wat are mention above u shithead mother fucking fuckers.

peace off. __