Sunday, January 30, 2005

Finally bought two shirts for chinese new year although.. its black.. but got design so.. who cares.

was late again. i'm always late for anything one la.. except for lesson.. can afford to be late.. or else i will die. felt so bad making her wait though.

Slack ard in town. then came to my house. watch sponge bob the movie which i DLed last time wahaha. n the omen which she brought. dun understand wat tt show's bout. haha. then she went home for dinner. hahaha.

can't wait for wed to go update my passport. can meet her again. whoopie!!! kinda miss her ald.

wateva u shitheads out there think.

Friday, January 28, 2005


hahaha. ytd went to jx house to stay. talk a lot of stuff.. not bad not bad. hmmm went to srjc which is his school today. haha.. wore a st andrew shirt n beatty long pants.. sucks la.. than ask jx fren to bring sr uniform... not bad.. can fit sia.. went math lecture with him.. boring. dun understand a single thing but talk a lot of nonsense with him.. then after tt is her lect.. try to sneak in but got caught.. darn.. this teacher i duno la.. here's the scene we're making.

i'm gonna named her C cox its chem lect wat.

C: eh are u a j2 student?
me: nope.. j1 retainee..
C: name?
me: johnathon... yea..
C: hmmm johanthon? hmmm.. from which class?
me: eh 1s7?
C:1s7? oh ok...

i tot everything's gonna be alrite.

C: eh the place ur sitting is 1s3.. go sit with ur class..
me: oh okie..

i wanna run out of the lect hall cox i was freaking out la. darn teacher.. so i took my bag n walked towards the darn door when suddenly.

C:johnathon! eh.. nvm come with me..

so we were outside lect hall..

C: are u a student from this school?
me: YEA!
C: show me ur pass..

took out my sec school ezlink.. lucky i brought along.

C:oh okie.. are u sure ur from j1? cox the i remember clearly tt there's no retainee by a name johnathon..
me:eh... ok la.. i'm from j2 la..
C: oh realli.. then y are u sitting beside rach? u trying to make frens with her issit? no lesson for u huh?
me: eh.. having break now..
C: who is ur CT?
me: eh.. eh.. eh.. wats CT?
C: u duno? its civics tutor... like form teacher..
me: eh. eh.. eh.. i duno..

cold sweat came out.

C: how come u duno!?!!?!?
me:i always sleep in class la.. so tired mahz.. never listen.. then forget liao la.
C: are u ok with ur school life? anything outside bothering u?
me:no la.. just tired n sleepy...
C: well this year ur gonna take ur a level.. prelims are coming.. dun fool around.. a level determine which university..

bla bla bla

C: okok.. better buck up k johnathon.
me: yea thanks bye.

i ran away. haha.. went to library n slack n wait for her lunch.. didn't talk much during tt cox she was with her fren n i was talking to MARK. haha. waiting for jx which is after her lunch.. wait wait wait.. then go with jx eat.. then to poly.. do some maths online thing. finally finish so darn happy.. realise it was 4+ if i take bus i will be late.. thanks to zainul the firefighter.. he send me with his yamaha super bike.. VROOOMM. reached at 5.. got lost at expressway. haha. nvm though. thanks to him..

watch jx rocmoc stuff.. darn cool lor jx.. my idol. my best bud 4 ever. haha.. damn funny la he.. got this plump girl his belaying.. then i was sitting behind.. gave me the stupid look la.. haha.. can see him belaying with trouble though.. haha poor guy. so small.. tt girl so big. kekeke.

went out with her frens.. didnt talk much though.. all the guys show black face.. i show them my super black face back.. haha then they say they scare of me.. yea i win. wahahaha. jx call n have dinner with him she went to walk with her gf. crap with jx.. then walked her home again. darned shiok la. hahaha. she gave me something which makes me felt darn freaking happy la.. jump here n there like an idiot. hahaha. wahahahahhaha. i'm still crazy over it manz.

Your a part of me now.. n i can't live without you...

haha. stupid chiku nei nei.

Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Day 3.


Today went out to buy clothes. was telling bro n his gf n frens on how we got together. haha. stupid them. keep on laughing at me. like wth la. i really tt dumb mehz. well i'm noob wat. this is my 1st time after all.. n last time man. cox. haha.

bought levis 512.. not bad la.. then wanna proceed to far east but bro n frens say their hungry.. n far east is far from the place where we parked the car. so no choice. have to go with them.. i'll be back u stupid clothes.. on sun. watch out. haha.

Not bad la.. i can go out with her again on sun lolz.


since the day i know u oh... i know i have to use u everyday.. u always make me full.. n i like the thing in it cold... yea.. ur.. brown cuppy.. ur one sexy brown cup i use everyday.. sometimes i'm so lazy to use another of ur fren.. i poured soft drink inside n i know it sucks but its nice leh. n i bath u all over after tt k.. so dun complain so much u dumb stupid idiotic brown converse cup who comes free from some stupid stuff my bro bought when i was in p school i cant remember. nvm la. n ur damn dirty can. there's always like this dust thingy around u la.. but heck la i'm just to lazy to clean u even though ur dirty or wat. but tell uwat u dumb brown cuppy. if i got stomach ach or wat i'm gonna clean u with smelly detergent once n for all.. n after cleaning u.. u sick idiot always have the stupid lemon detergent smell on the water.. it feels like drink detergent can. darn u stupic brown cuppy. blue pong pong sucks big time also la. u like very buai song me issit. always wan go feed u food u dun let me feed. shit u man. next tiem i visit u u better let me feed u k. ARGHZ.

HAHA. brown cuppy n blue pong pong are still my best n best n best friends i have at home. sorry i dun tok to u often at home cox ppl might think i'm retarded or crazy when they found out ur jsut a brown cup n a blue toilet bowl.


i think i'm really crazy over her la. asked her some dumb question. make me feel so dumb too. but really la i'm like so scare can. haha.

tml is gonna be a long day of mugging. see.. mr yeo kai ngan the complete slacker n lazy bum starts to worry bout his studies. not bad for a change yea. hahaha.

i'm da great one.

Tuesday, January 25, 2005


I went to YJC today with chiku nei nei n her fren la. well yjc is like a prison la.. when u wanna leave school gonan scanned some crappy thing la.. then i n rach not yjc one wat. so we think for like 10 mintutes on how to get out of school, but b4 tt, getting in was chicken feet la.. tell the guard go appeal out then let us in.. then when the part we wanan leave the guard ask where our stickers we say drop off liao then he say ok nvm u can leave.. like wth rite. waste so much time on how to escape rom the hands of the guard. hahah. all rach's fault la.

went north point slack n bugis n every where la. today was fun cox she was there yea.

I'm still in a state of shock n i might go crazy anytime n yea its all chiku nei nei's fault.

ar man the shit stuck somewhere in my bowels, reluctant to come out. constipated sucks to the core.. ate one orange n nth happen yet. like wth manz. geez.


i just can't stop thinking of her every now n then. n tt rocks.

Monday, January 24, 2005


Chinese Doc who specialise helping u with sprained body parts or wateva crap rite. i duno whats the right word for describing them la.

they sucks.

well this old man, he play one, he play nick nag. ok rubbish.
well this old man, he was making my left shoulder la.. then he got n dunno do wat pinch my arm pit there.. sia la i this kinda ppl super sensitive to those hip ar arm pit those itchy parts la.. he go make make.. then i laugh so loud then he tot i screaming in pain. idiot. next my right ankled. all he did was rub it with some cotton wool soaked with some smelly ointment n rub rub rub like so fun ar? idiotic i pain like siao la. ok nvm, if tt wasn't painful enuff, he spotted the bruise n swollen crap on my shin.. then he says in teochew to my dad or wat.." oh no wonder i can't feel his vein ( or duno wat la something like tt la) its the cause of the swollen crap n bruise.. then he changed from rubbing my ankle area to my bruised area.. just imagine urself pressing ur bruise very hard n rub within tt area. will u scream in pain? well i did la.. its super painful la. i nearly kicked his face with my left leg la.. cox.. normal relflex wat.. but i didn't la even though my left legs one.. so i have to shake it to stop it fromflying.. it was shaking vigourously lor.. from shaking to stomping yea.

chinese doc sucks.

internal injuries sucks more.

i guess it SEEMS TO BE HEALING. i duno la.


awwwwwwww it hurts so badly.

eh. today is definitly my happyiest day ever. though the chinese doc sucks la. but.. heheheh.

I just wanna say i love you too.


Sunday, January 23, 2005


Service was ok today. talked bout wat? setting goals? geez i'm too lazy to do that. i am been ignorance n i have a resignation way of thinking stuff. not bad i used almost allthe word winston told us. Goal? hmmmm.

Hurray. i sprained my ankle. skating ytd from 5 pm to 5 am is really tiring. i haven gotten any sleep yet, well bathing in the swimming pool early in the morning sucks man i must say. the waterreally really cold. i'm dancing n jumping around inside cox its too cold n i have to generate heat from my body to prevent hypothemia.

I'm sick of skating for the next few days. ankle sprained, shoulder sprained... so far two internal injury n lots of lots of external injury especially shin area cox. its swollen, its full of bruise n i'm darn proud of it. yea like real. My Chemical Romance was alright man. i duno i properly didnt hear it at all on the way home cox i was dozing off.. oh yea i have a bad incident in the bus. i'm sitting like the last row of the seats... erm far right.. then center of the last row have been occupied by some peeps la.. then between him n me is like a small space la.. i was half awkae n asleep when suddenly theres this fat lady who got a fat ass came n squeezed inbetween me n eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. lucky she sit for 5 mins then change seat leh or else i will die. this reminds me of chloe saying certain someone during youth camp. ain it obvious? chloe favourite guy who possess the orange ball.. i think chloe likes gabriel. chloe's photo have been uploaded on leah's diary. i bet gabriel is looking at it now. hmmm. Not bad.

Recently, i realise the sky is getting more n more beautiful.. the clouds especially tt makes it look so nice.


Thursday, January 20, 2005


Ytd i dreamt bout the devil. He appears in the form of exorcist the beginning tt girl who got possess.. he use a knife n carve six straight wound vertically on my chest. i felt nth though but i was freaking out. anybody can tell me wats with this dream?

Wat a nightmare i had but after i wake up.. i realise my shoulder is much more better than usual. i can raise it up a bit.. n its better than yesterday though. is this the word of god or the devil? i duno. enlighten me.

Well anyway i just wanna have a simple life; find a girl, get married n spend time together first. then had two great kids.. first a female then a male or better still have twins, the eldder be female n the other male. after tt work n feed the family, retire from work when i'm old, enjoy the bits of my life with my wife, then die b4 my wife n from there i duno where i'll be going. nobody knows. hmmm.

I hope i wouldn't have to get into things that are troublesome cox i'm lazy to deal with it.

Gazing at the sky, appreciating mother nature is the thing i really wanna do. s'pore landscape sucks to the core. hardly can find any small little beautiful green hill that overlook the city, and have a great view on the sun set n sun rise.

What a great scenery that would be.

Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Holy Crapz.

Yea i changed my blog again n again n again n again cox i am a blog template changer. nah who cares la. sometmes i prefer this sometimes i prefer that. slap u ar.

Eh eh. shoulder gonna worsed. i cant lift up my arms high up in the air.. though i can still move my elbow. yea not bad. groaned in the toilet today again when bathing. sucks man. this time not so bad la.. wipe using one hand.. n it took kinda long lor.. usually ppl wipe body need like 2 mins or less but then i wipe with one hand took like 5 min. the water evaporated itself lorz. haha. sucks la.

Watch the darn cartoon for like 5 hrs straight then take a nap cox was too tired. dad woke me up by calling home darn it. my whole face was like so wet la. drooling again. geez. one whole patch on the pillow.. decided to get up. how to sleep on wet pillow? u gonna be crazy man. haha. then go buy food. ok food sucks la. just have to eat to fill my freaking stomach.

i'm so bored. i hope there's this shadow replication of me in my house to talk rubbish with me n do stupid stuff with me n entertain me. not bad ar. then when i'm bored i can take the sword stab him for fun cox his just a shadow of me. then he will go "boom" then disappear into the thin air then i can cast him out again then play game together go out disturb ppl. twin bro of me eh? shit wat if there's atwin bro of me then his name is like eh yeo kai gun then his like a freaking nerd n sissy type.. omgosh i think i'll just explode on the spot man. then later go out ppl mistake me for him then think i sissy wa siao bo!

ok. i think i watch too much anime n i'm writing rubbish.

well who cares.

anyway peeps if u click on the rope on my blog rite. u can play a game call hangman n its fun! u will get $100 from me if u win.

Well if u jsut try clicking that, then u r an asshole.
Do you ever have a sprained shouldeR?
Do you ever feel so pissed?
Like somehow you just can't control
The freaking pain in your shoulder!

Do you ever want to kill yourself?
Do you know how pain it is?
With the painfulness in my shoulder
That no one hears me screaming

No you don't know what it's like
When your shoulder feels not alright
You don't know what it's like to ahve a sprained shoulder

To be hurt
To feel pain
To be skating in the dark
To be dumb
When I falled
To feel I have a sprained shoulder
To be on the edge of the stupid curb
And someone's there to help me
No you don't know what it's like


darn it. i hate injuries. i have a sprained left shoulder.. n u think it doesn;t hurts? let me desribe the scenriao i'm in now..

when i was wiping myself with a towel after bathing, i was liek ouch ouch OUCH.. then dad came and ask. what happen? i say PAIN LA. alamak gong. haha. know what he did.. "hahahaha" came in through the toilet door. geez. black hearted. haha. nah then he wanna " treat my shoulder " n decided to help me massage. i was. ok.. then he say.. hmm its not swelling.. u dislocated ur shoulder? i say i duno.. then he say nvm i help u fix it back. n he hold my arm n start shaking. i was like ouch ouch ouch ouch OUCH stop it la! then ask him bring me to see doc tml la. or dun see la duno la.

by typing such a long entry, its like every ouch per 10 words i think. ouch.. like today is a ouch beautiful day.. i went to school n found out tt it started to rain ouch something liek tt la.

skating is fun. though i always get injury. this time is the most serious one. sprain shoulders. last time was just swollen bruised on shin. oh yea today i have swollen bruises too + sprained shoulder.. hahahahah.

shit u morons whose laughing at wat i type.

heartless BASTARDS!

Sunday, January 16, 2005

I'm not okay,
I'm not OKAY!!!!

this is wat anfu sings when he first heard the song i'm not okay by my chemical romance. nice song btw yeah. n anfu's voice rocks too. dun see him dumb dumb stupid stupid one.. his capable of many stuff k. though he look like one. arhahahahaha.

Welcome to my rubbish blog. once again its bullshit on the menu. DJ rock my toilet bowl. oh how i love my toilet bowl. everyday it sits there.. waiting in his blue coating.. to feed him with my shit. sometimes i can fuiful his requirement.. as i usually got constipation due to lack of fruits n vegetable (damn it i hate constipation) i felt bad not to feed him. haha. his always making the burping sound or duno wat sound la after it swallows my poo poo. cool ey? i name him blue pong pong. cox his blue n he make this kinda pong pong sound when i flush it. haha. blue pong pong rocks.

ok. today service was great. jasper was sitting between me n jx.. n he kinda got molested by we two.. on well. its not say molested la. we didnt touch him though.. just tt when winston say u must love ppl beside u as a christian n jas was beside me so i put my shoulder on his shoulder n sorta make the kiss sound la.. then his face turn red. i wonder. HAHA. ok la it didnt turn red la. but jx n clemence saw wat i did n laugh liek a crazy idiot. Cg was great too.. alpha meeting was.. erm.. i duno i didn;t go for alpha ytd so i know nth n sat there lor. who cares. haha. lunch was alrite. though me jx n clemence laugh at some stupid things aiya we laugh at almost everything la. then i saw this.. yummy curry sauce tt haven being open. i duno wat i'm doing la and we were like tokking tokking i suddenly went to open it n pour everything into my mouth. guess i was really hungry still. well it tasted good. hehe. not bad la. i dun find it disgusting to drink a sauce at one go lehz. hmmm i think u guys are weird if u think i'm weird or gross.

i realli like blue pong pong very much. and ar. bear bear boster too. ok dun think i'm childish or girly or any stupid things u wanan think k. i got 3 pikachus in my bedroom which ppl gives me when i was pskool n i have no intention to throw it or keep it la.. i'm jsut pure lazy yea? n i dun hug it to sleep cox its full of dust. hahaha. cool ey. n bear bear boster. its just a small poster since pskool till now n the cloth tt wraps it is in a bear bear design alrite. i dun hug it too. i use it to clean my drool off my face when i drool in the middle of the night when my whole pillow is full of drool which is damn wet n i can sleep like tt so have to flip over the pillow but b4 tt clean it.

drooling rocks. for those of u tt dun drool or dun admit u drool. u can kiss my ASS!


this entry rocks cox my two best frens in my house were in it. i guess they are in love with me.

hurray for rubbish!

Thursday, January 13, 2005


If u ask me what tt means. i will say i duno. its a song lyrics man. this verse have been going round n round n round my head for quite some days. duno y maybe cox it rocks? like chorus or the song yea? power la.

five iron frenzy still rocks.

haha. Level 27 too.

hmmm. jx, koon, anfu, cheok and the rest of stone peeps seems to be so busy with their work tt we rarely talks. sigh. y is a level so freaking stress ar. haha. and i'm the one slacking. sucks man. feel kinda bad.. though clemence cheok are having his holidays now but i think its boring for him to rot at home ar. duno la. he got a lot of frens so wont bored. haha. anfu i think he must be studying very hard lo. jx koon. A level. me. hmmm come home everyday from school play game watch tv slack here slack there. nvm la. whats new year resolution anyway. y i see ppl putting new year resolution? some kinda plan for urself for the new year? geez. i think tts lame. haha. y put something i will never achieve? haha. faking myself? nah i dun wanna me a maggot faggot. haha. for example.

Kai's new year resolution
1. To become the smartest boy in class
2. never ever slack.
3. dun ever touch my game console.
4. dun skate.
5. be a good boy.

haha. never ever i will be ever to do tt. " can one la unless u try.. must try wat" ar wateva crap u say manz i believe in words not bullshit. haha. i am a introvert. i am a pessimistic person. i am 1/2 sadist 1/2 normal. i'm scare of gruesome n gory stuff but have a temptation to watch it. i THINK i like blood mine not others yea. I miss my nose bleeding days. I hate history. I love to write rubbish on my blog tt makes no sense to ppl. I like to disturb ppl. I have been hated by many love by little. i am a hypocrite. I act nice. I'm not a friendly person. i like ninja turtle. i am a boy. i wanna have a shirt store of my own called "warth" n sell to all the kids around the world. i wanna try getting stab but dun die coz i wanan stay in hospital. i am a loner but i try not to be one but been thick skin n go tok to ppl. i think the bright blue sky is beautiful. i think i'm in love with nothing. i sucks at communicating wit girl. i hate the FU*KING WORD WATEVA OR WHATEVER OR HOWEVER U SPELL IT. it simply pissed me off. i duno why.

Go ahead laugh all you want or hate or do anything u want. i ain gonna care much man. i'm just a 18 year old kid.

Sunday, January 09, 2005

Tml gonna go school again.. sucks.. i hope the next next week or wat so ever will be my common test week man.. heard it starts rom 211 to 28/1 cool eh? one week break.. shiok la.. haha.

Church was alrite today.. watch the hillsong dvd again.. watch for the first hr after tt sleep for 15mins n watch the rest then finish.. cool.. watch meet the fockers with jx today.. realli funny show.. ok la not super funny la.. just average but its nice la.. not bad.

Check out this link.. its super nice. haha.. about animals.. realli cute.


Geezx. i duno why i got this heavy feeling inside of me. this feelings sucks man. sadness perharps? i duno why i'm so sad for. maybe is. nvm i'll just keep it to myself. how i wish december will come asap. then i wont be so bored. life sucks. God if this awkard situation is in ur wonderful plan. i hope it'll just pass asap yea? cox this really sucks man. i wondered.

Friday, January 07, 2005

Oh Great. i just came across anfu's blog and realise the same thing as him.

"i'm 18 this year"

Oh crapz. 18.. olready.. ok gonna behave more matured.. n yea.. haha.. time to be more matured.. can't joke here play there do stupid stuff liao.. stupud stuff still can la.. but not in front of those unfamilar peeps.. onli in front of stones or wateva la. haha.


i can't wait for december to come. come on its just 11 months n +++ days la.. dun care la. i wanan be truly 18.. cox once ur 18.. there's lots of stuff i can do n tt rocks.


Thursday, January 06, 2005

This New Years Eve, I'm waiting for tomorrow. My heart is on my sleeve, and yes I still believe, this New Years Eve, will turn out better than before, I'm holding on, still holding out, until they close the door... on me.

FIF - New Years Eve

Sorry i have to say this again. Five Iron Frenzy ROCKS. i wana get their old album once i go to ps.. haha.. the new one hear till sian liao.. though its nice.. haha..

Today went skating with kean.. my school mates say wanna follow in the last minute put me aeroplane.. sucks man.. but nvm la.. grind here n there.. didnt get injure tt much as before.. i earn how to do royale.. YEA! ROYALE ROCKS. hmmm.. still trying to master it la.. haha..

After that went back to school for the inline skating.. my cca.. skate here n there.. found curb but school curb sucks.. so.. yea play a while then dun wan play liao.. fell down when trying to grind at first.. hit my shin n now its super swollen.. aiya nvm la.. everytime i skate sure got injuries one.. haha.. pain is pain la.. but.. tts cool wat. haha.. though my fren say i siao one keep on harming my body. duno la. i only know that if u wanna learn something u gonna go thru lots of stuff like for me is falling, balancing.. bla bla bla.. tml have school at 10.. gonna sleep.. NOW. i'm damn shag. i nearly fell asleep in the toilet while shitting.. thats cool huh. haha.

Wednesday, January 05, 2005

If mercy falls upon the broken and the poor,
Dear Father, I will see you, there on distant shores.

FIF Rocks. I just realise their song gets nicer and nicer everytime i listen to them.. wahahaha..

School was alrite today. had a microsoft excel test.. ar.. stupid la.. open book test.. just wack onli la.. wahaha.. Tml thursday.. early release at.. erm.. 12 yea! friday release at 5. .sian.. sat.. camp afterglow.. hope it wil be fun.. hope i will control myself not to disturb or mock or do wateva bad things on chak yan. or else very wat. i also duno wat la.

Healing hands of God
have mercy on our unclean souls once again.
Jesus Christ, Light of the World,
burning bright within our hearts forever.
Freedom means love without condition,
without beginning or an end.
Here's my heart, let it be forever Yours,
only You can make every new day seem so new




Sunday, January 02, 2005

You said, "Down with the church", with your fists up in the air, all the rancor and the hate, yeah we saw your frigid stare. You hate Christianity, but love your animosity, it's the church who's getting rotten, yet it's Christ that you've forgotten.

Goodnight, goodbye, farewell to arms, it's time. Who incited, what ignited, all this hatred? Say farewell to arms. Broken hearted, dearly departed, maybe we should say farewell to arms.

Lay down your hate, (the burden and) the weight will disappear. If you could separate your anger, from that still small voice you hear.

Clench your fists and grit your teeth, save forgiveness for the weak. Let your bitterness consume, let the salt rub in your wounds. You have saved up all your spite, stoked the flame that keeps the fight, it's so hard to be objective, when your reason is defective.

You say that you've aged,
I think you're just enraged

Farewell to Arms by Five Iron Frenzy..

Man FIF rocks man.. ska christian band.. heard their gonna be disband.. man oh man.. was really sad when the shop owner told me bout tt.. thier music is nice lor.. ska band.. but there's anyone is nice too called Supertones.. once i got $$ go buy.. haha..

Yeah went movies with church peeps. well its kinda boring cox we gonna waste like 2 - 3 hrs b4 movie starts.. was really shagged la.. walk here n there.. tiring.. haha.. kung fu hustle was ok la.. not really tt good as i tot.. the fighting part was freaking boring la.. well.. kinda interesting n boring la.. keep on fight here n there one.. so sian. hmmm then went home.

Watch ocean 11.. man its nice man.. tml gonan watch ocean 12 at home.. bro bought the dvd from m'sia.. haha.. shiok la.. rock on matez.

Saturday, January 01, 2005

Today is new year. had a couple of things happening for the past few days. well school sucks cox its boring n i had to wake up at 8 every tues wed n thurs. well been playing online game to kill time? haha.. tml gonan go watch movie with church peeps.
ok let's tok bout camp.

Day 1
Boring. cox i duno my group mates n i found out tt that all the girls were small girls u know.. p6.. at first i tot it would be difficult for us to communicate.. who knows.. their so hyper.. and we even talk nonsense after that.. lunch sucks cox those ppl had no time to prepare luckily soya sauce comes to the rescue man.. haha.. thanked god for making ppl invent a sauce call soya sauce.. geezx.. played games all tt.. tired.. went to sleep yea.. amazing race sucks la. had to run the whole of sentosa.. skipped last station no time. then go back lor. yea.

Day 2
Alritez la.. know my group liao.. can communicate well la.. Zack was great man.. he keep on thinking of stratergies for the games coming up n yea.. cool.. sermon n workshop was alrite.. pastor william sam was good. his preaching is funny. yea.. worship was great man by the truth ministy of 3rd place if i'm not wrong.. fear factor was stupid la.. drink some sick drink n eat dried up worms.. the worms taste ar.. like the fish food smell.. yea.. gross la. haha.. water bomb games was alrite la.. slipper sucks.. keep on coming out then step on mimosa thorns i think.. super painful.. told eric bout it n he let us go wash up first.. tt was cool la.. got to bath first.. haha.. then yea write cards all tt.. hmmm.

Day 3
Sentosa Idol preparation. ok la.. was kinda pissed off with the manly contest done by pastor raymond.. cox he lock the door n eat our time of practicing as he asked Zack to join too.. so we spend 30 mintues of our time rotting.. for them is for me was like throwing stuff cursing bla bla bla.. then after tt kinda cool down n yea. well just bang on the table n threw a chair tts all.. the chair broke i think cox i took a huge stone n slam on it. aiya heck care la. The girls were hyper n took a hard time cooling them down.. but their acting was good la.. really good. mine sucks la.. cox i got stupid role. Tinky Winky.. like wth rite. geez. yea become an idiot n let ppl laugh at me. nvm la. used to it liao hahaha. after tt worship.. tt was awesome man. after tt we had like 1 - 2 hr of sharing in our bunk.. Stoned sharing.. everybody was honest with everybody n tt rocks man. though addie n jo chen wasn't there.. they wanna find out what we share but liek wat koon said.. wat we share remains in tt room n yea we ant say it out unless we go back to tt room.. then can share.. haha. then slept.

Last day
Appreciation hour.. haha i won best camper award cox of tt silly skit.. tinky winky dance.. stupid man.. nvm la won a hillsong london cd.. tt rocks. haha.. then left sentosa. had lunch together all tt.. cool. hahahaha. helped mel carried her bag n can see tt jasper was realy angry with me. geezx. shouldn't have done tt.. made jasper angry. sigh.

Actually to me they should have a star award to the campers ma.. i think the person who is most suitable for the star award in our camp is Chuck Yan. duno how to spell his name.. well his kinda cool n handsome.. every girl see every girl like tt kind. yea.. he rocks man. hope to see him next sat on our camp afterglow thingy.. girls confirm surround him one.. geez.. so jealous of him man.

ok i was been sarcarstic.. yeah,... chloe invented a song for him. u guys should ask her sing for you.. n she's the most gross girl in camp. cheok says one cox whenever their eating chloe tends to tok stuff bout shit n all tt.. she's really good in burping.. no the loudness la.. i'm the loudest n i'm super proud of it. yea! she can burp the alphapets a to z.. cool rite? cept tt the way she burp is funny la.. her hands will flap like the chicken n then her eyes seems to pop out tt kinda style one.. stupid girl man. hahaha. oh yea. Leah crazy too. said wat magic on her soft toy. she's crazy. yea lots of stuff happen in camp la. not bad.

stoned has become more united as before. tt rocks. cya losers!