Saturday, November 27, 2004

In this world there's the bad guys n there's the good guys.
there's black n white.
there's good n evil.
there's god n satan.
there's love n hatred
there's happy n sad moments
there's always something opposite of something.
what if.. all of them are merged together?
hmmm let's see.
black + white = grey
God + Satan = Destruction?
Good + Evil = Peace?
Love + Hatred = Gloomy?
Happy + Sad = Lonely?

I duno.. if these were to be merged together... everybody will be so "stoned"
no feelings, no offsprings, no nothing.
Live without a purpose mates.
that's my thinking haha.
i'm evil, bad, full of hatred, sadist.
i have my pals to cancel all this out.
thanks for reading.
go n die.

Wednesday, November 24, 2004

mayday sayonara.

Tuesday, November 23, 2004

hmmm i duno what to say to you kai.
nvm u know it urself can liao ok? haha.
keep a low profile man.. u need no tell the whole world..
ur've been in lots of trouble lately.. but u manage it well.
so keep it up.

ur subconsciousness little angel

Sunday, November 21, 2004

geezx.. my life is so complicated.. i wish i could turn back time. im in a big fat mess now bitch.

brandon: hey wassup bro.. dun mistake it.. is me trying to think of wat others may think of me.. nobody said tt to me bro.. dun be angry ok.

oh man. how i wish everything just fades away......

Saturday, November 20, 2004

Hey Loser Kai!
Do u know tt many ppl out there loves u?
and at the same time do u know that how many ppl hates u to the core?
Well i know u well best mr i-know-it-all-kid. Ever wonder who am i? yea.. i'm ur sub- consciousness u bloody faggot. u know its bout time u stop ur stupid behaviour man.. laughing at ppl.. scolding ppl.. been a loser.. hey ur a loser anyway.. yeah trying to attract attention.. geezx.. ur really an asshole man.. u think ur some kind of superstar that everybody respecT? ur nth mate.. a piece of junk~!! ur trying to act cool but ur not.. come on u get a life man.. stop thinking of ways to attract other ppl's attention.. oh.. u think but writing this entry u can attract lots of attention n ppl will tag ur board out of sympathy? well maybe ur right this time but wat does this prove? ur in help? ur having a problem? hey u can't really trust anybody u know.. sometimes u have to keep ur secrets or ur problems to urself.. when they ask u to share cox they are trying to help, better dun.. their trying to gossip bout u rather than help u.. its true mate.. unless ur like.. knowing tt person wont ever ever ever betray u tt kinda stuff u know? then perharps u can leak a tiny winy bit of it la.. Man u ought to be ashame of urself been a CHRISTIAN n using such a gothic blog as ur blogskin.. come on! stop been a disgrace.. stop showing to ppl ur a bad christian.. might as well u stop been a christian n join me.. come to hell.. suffer in the burning sulphur.. ur a bad person.. u ought to be punish.. in the first place do u really believe in afterlife? as in heaven or hell? what's ur main purpose of going to church? to know more bout god? isit realli like tt? no rite u idiot. ur going there to seek attention.. u dun wana be lonely n yet u wanna be famous tt everybody knows u rite? don't u know.. this kinda behaviour in church is really wrong.. u should get banish from church.. u stupid boy.. u dun believe in gods or devils or wateva do u.. ur doing cox ur frens are doing it huh? wat a lousy little poser.. hypocrite.. ur in the hypocrite club!! geezx.. u think i dun know wat ur thinking little maggot.. u dun wanna go to heaven nor hell in ur afterlive.. u wanna be the grim reaper rite? the one who took ppl's life away when their nearly death rite? ha! let's see whether u could be one man.. i think ur a perfect person for this kinda job.. sadist.. hypocrite.. loser.. non-lovable.. contaminated.. geezx.. go to hell boy.

Ur sub-consciousness little devil

Angels... Geez.. need blogskin designed by my bro.. i wonder if its girly.. MAN... i dun wanna have the same blog as my bro ma.. yo bro when u come back help me design another one will ya? when ur free tt is.. Posted by Hello

Wednesday, November 17, 2004

This is me found dead with dry blood stain on my pillow. Posted by Hello

This are the blood stain on my pillow. Posted by Hello

Saturday, November 13, 2004

Wa sian.. Blog make like that also kana scold.
song boz.
nvm la.
burn n suffer in hell lo.

Friday, November 12, 2004

Hey Bro chilled out man.. i ain gonna change tt pic.. n even if i wan i duno how so dun worry.. its damn cool alrite.. my results are out.. haha.. i love my grades man..

Elementary Maths 1 -- A+
Applied Mechanics - A+
Electrical Technology - A
IAC - B (thanks to my bro smoking project which i copied a lot from)
Oral Communication Skills - C

Whoa ho ho forget those b n c cox thier useless subjects.. wat's most important is the first 3.. man.. i got all A.. WAHAHA..i so damn happy..

Anyway dun be mistaken my previous entry tt Verse is a Damned verse.. if u duno wat the word damned means i got nth to say.. please read properly.. And bout the pic.. i'm sorry i'm not gonna change it.. cox its not like i kneel down n worship tt pic.. we just see it as a pic of art.. n this piece of art is real cool.. sorry peeps.

A force of light an angel
Sent through time to destroy
Avenging the dark ones
Descending angelic force

Heaven sent the hunter
Her mission to crucify
Slay the hellborn
is offspring demonic force

Descending from heaven
The angel sworn to bring him down
The hunter the thunder
The wrath of heavens comin' down

she swore an oath, an allegiance
Armageddon is in sight
To be thorn in the devil's back
To make him weak. the final fight

this song is call.. "THe HUNTER" by "ICED EARTH"
Oh gosh! My brother is a pro in html man.. look what he did to my blog~!!! this is totally way too cool.. he's awesome.. Perfect man.. totally perfect.. well wat do you know.. brothers think alike~!! haha

Bought a cd at hmv today which cost me 51 bucks.. man heartache but its really really nice.. luckily it didn't waste my money but have to save up for it.. man everyday spending money like nobody's business.. ought to save manz.. can't go out too frequently.. yeah..

Oh btw the cd is call ICED EARTH : The Blessed And The Damned

Cool.. u should go heard it to.. iced earth... its a heavy metal band but it ain satanic.. the guitar solo is awesome too.. not forgeting the vocal skills of the lead singer.. Jon.. haha.. ain tt cool..

I'm so happy that i think i probably won't sleep tonight... tml the release of my poly result.. i hope i can get good grades.. cox i put in all of my efforts in doing it.. well leave it to god god god god..

The Damned Verse
"Better to reign in Hell than to serve in heaven"
- John Milton, Paradise Lost, Book 1 , Line 262

Wednesday, November 10, 2004

To be hurt, to feel lost
To be left out in the dark
To be kicked when your down
To feel like you've been pushed around
To be on the edge of breaking down
And no one's there to save you
No you don't know what it's like
Welcome to my life

Anyway sam lended me simple plan new album on sunday
she always lending me cd when i ask.
tts so good of her
oh yea she had a nice haircut too.
geezx rotting everyday at home but luckily thurs n fri's gonna go out
with the duck
the loser
the shithead
chiku nei nei.
well wateva hope her devious plan won't work tml
o level's peeps.. 2 more weeks to go.
get a life k.
haha.. losers.
oh yeah tagboard's gone but chatter box came.
hope those mofos who use sprout nonsense doesn't come again.
bunch of faggots n posers.
take them n slash them n stab them n slit their throat
n make them into yong tao hoo

Friday, November 05, 2004

Hey idiotic diary.
i finally completed my game.
Tales Of Destiny 2.
haha.. nice n easy.
Next gonna try Tales Of Destiny 1
Well who knows.
Tml gonna go ice skate with church peeps
After that going to rock climb at some sec school with my poly mates.
ain that cool.
stupid diary
ur a piece of shit manz.
I wanna burn u also cannot.
the only way to delete u this zaggot
is to click the delete button.
u always make me shit when blogging..
shithead diary.
go n die.

Wednesday, November 03, 2004

dear stupid diary
u make me tore of 3 of ur pages today.
thanks to the obscene language the human race invented.
stupid mofo diary.
once again.
its so boring at grandma house n i have like
erm.. 3 more days till i go home?
as u can see my guitar is at granny place.
couldn't bring them home with me either cox it will be darn bulky
geezx maybe i'll think of a brilliant idea to get it back home.
perharps a cab.
let's see the cash i have.
whether its enuff for stupid cabs.
taxi or wateva u call it.
got home gonna do wat?
the same thing i did here.
i mean to me its the same except i have a swimming pool for me to swim.
well i can always cycle to hougang swimmming complex.
haha wateva.
i'm going to shit n bath n chiao