Saturday, October 30, 2004

dear stupid diary.
i cant seem to hold much longer.
i hate ppl saying anything here anything there.
so irritating. anything anything.
as if u duno wats the meaning of yes n no.
losers shithead jackasses.

went out with chiku nei nei today
ate lunch.
walk around heartland mall.
bought chocolates muesli bar soup.
it was fun.
thanks for her to kill my time of boredomness.
thanks idiotic shithead.

my head is gonna explode.
cox of this word anything.
it just pissed me off man.

Thursday, October 28, 2004

but the world is black.
hearts are cold.
and there's no hope.
that's what we told.
And we can't go back.
It wont be the same.
n ever n ever n ever.

" All of the questions
are the answers to our sins
All of our endings
are waiting to begin. "

miserable, hatred, violence,
Gore, Evil, Darkness.

wonderful, love, gentle,
Clean, Good, Light.

nonsense, idiot, jackass
stupid, crap, YOU.

(-_-)_|_ t('',)

Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Slipknot : The Subliminal Verses
Nice album teeheehee.
wat happen last week.
Exams and its finally over.
Holiday holiday holiday.
rotting at home rot n rot n rot
Thanks to miss oblangata a.k.a.
chi ku nei nei, donkey penguin,
donpenkeyguin, idiotic girl,
jackass shithead dumbass etc.
make it short rachel.
for her vcd to keep me occupied at home.
hurray for tt shithead.
hope everything goes well for her on thurs prac.
same goes to every student who is still stuck with o
haha bunch of suckers.
nah just kidding
dun come running after me with a chopper.
i'm a good boy.
hurray for me the good boy. :)
enjoy peeps.
oops.. o peeps mug hard..

Monday, October 18, 2004

i know the happiest day of my life
is the day that i die.
Really i think.
Then ya dun have to worry bout stuffs man.
Tml having AMS exam.
Hope everythings goes on well.
Studied with frens.
End up playing games.
What to do.
All of us are slackers.
Gonna go do last minute revision.
That really helps a lot.
Last mintue revision rocks.
I love it.
Mugging everyday is boring.
Gonna enjoy life too ain ya peeps?
stop mugging everyday for goodness sake.
Being a bookworm or act as one is stupid.
Slack. slack. n slack.
Thats the way of life dumb dumb.
The Chronicles of Life And Death.
Totally awesome man,

Sunday, October 17, 2004

CGL appreication day today.
Wonderful day it is.
had lunch with CG.
Lazy to go shit it out.
Shall wait after dinner n flush everything out.

Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Dad's smoking again.
stinks my room.
oh. wateva.
cant do a thing.
since i left my room door open.
went swimming with jx
studied in churched.
became a game freak nowadays.
playing games non stop.
gonna study tml.
friday's math paper.
hope i'll do well
Greenday freak too.
listened to new album almost everyday.
"wake me up when september ends rocks"
Alter bridge.
Great skill, Great songs, Great rhythem,
5 star for it.
oh crap.
i gonna go shit.
constipated no more.
my bowels is full of shit.
gonna go flush it out.

Monday, October 11, 2004

hey ya.
my dad is snoring so loudy
hmmm jx came to sleep on friday
jamming session on friday was fun~!!!
played this love, obviously, love is only a feeling many more
hope next jamming session comes pretty soon.
i still duno when is my exams.
frens coming tml to study
hope we really study
yeah all the best to those peeps who are having exams
good luck to all slackers
study hard
play hard
work hard
shit hard
do wateva things hard
constipated few days ago
hate it~!
well take care then

Wednesday, October 06, 2004

A poem i found on net.. rather interesting..hmmm..

a thousand tears
gently falling
sad story that it is
sad life that is mine
endless depression
endless hours without sleep
every waking hour
filled with hurt
guilt and anger
so hard to go on
so hard to move forward
so hard to let go
a life full of sorrow
my tears cloud my emotions
my very existence clouded by confusion
this sad life that is mine
this life I did not want

terrible mood swing at night nowadays.. been thinking some stuffs lately.. n i actually forget wat i'm thinking.. tts so weird... Exorcist tml.. hmm.. hope it will be funny...

Tuesday, October 05, 2004

I'm so freaked out after looking at go check it out.. the spi files bout a brutal rape n murder case at bukit timah there.. walao.. i go n DL the clip somemore n the media files.. was having cold sweat just now.. a bit calm now leh.. hehe.. maybe god have calmed my heart.. lucky... Its bout them exploring bukit timah at 12 midnight on the first day of hungry ghost festival.. then there's this video clip la.. of a bush producing ring tone kinda sound.. there communicate with the "ringtone" like the guy was saying.. erm is there anyone? i forget leh la.. then he was like are u trying to communicate with us.. if yes maybe u ould tok to us or by playing the sound at a higher voloume.. then it was played in a high volume.. uDL it n heard it.. i was damn freaked out.. haha.. shit manz.. now i'm feeling kindao k.. but still freaked out a bit.. i shall not say it anymore.. u guys go check it out urselfs.. i think my gothicE font is kinda irritating.. even me myself can figure out wat's its saying,, thing i gonna go change it. yup..

Tml n thursday not going to school.. cox tml only have math lesson.. n their doin revision n if i go school also never revise.. might as well stay home n play ninja turtle on my ps 2... gonna use RAPHAEL.. or maybe leonardo to complete the game.. see my mood la.. haha..

sigh... i'm gonna go read the bible n say my prayers later.. hopefully i'll do tt everyday..


Monday, October 04, 2004

Mike Dirnt, Billie Joe Armstrong, Tre' Cool {GREEN DAY}

Today is another boring day.. woke up at 6 just to go school.. squeeze in the bus n arghzz.. i hate to squeeze with those irritating students man... they occupy almost 70% of the capcity of the bus manz.. arghzz.. luckily tml start at 10. but still must wake up at 8.. HAIZZ... nvm.. tahan one more day.. tml n thurs not going to school.. cox wed got math lesson.. from 12 to 2.. i go there also talk cock sing song play with my fren.. never listen.. i never go better ar.. never disturb the class then can sleep at home nice nice.. teacher also give up hope on me liao.. i mean she never scold me la.. cox i everytime never listen to her teaching then get high marks somemore or full marks some times.. then she got nth to say la.. cox this particular module the math isthe same as sec3 - 4 a math.. so its kinda easy u see.. hehe...

Played socer after school with another class.. we won.. haha.. then i sold my boots to my fren, zainul the fire fighteR~!!! hehe.. crappy.. cox the boots is to big for me.. then his leg very big.. fit in just nice with my boots.. n thensomemore his boots today spoil.. then no hope liao cannot repair liao..he somemore say wan go cobbler.. make me laugh like siao ar.. heez.. sold him at $40... can la.. then get money go buy new boots.. this time must fit ar.. or else.. waste $$$ again...

Erm... when is my exams anyway?

Enjoy~ Posted by Hello

Sunday, October 03, 2004

Greenday - Amercian idiot~

Hahaha... today din went for service... oopz... xD... keke.. cox yday went to jx house n sleep.. then realise he got to go dinenr with family at night.. then... i should have gone home aryday.. then can go service.. cox from 12 to 5 i got nth to do.. so i went home.. who knows? when i reach home idun feel like going out leh... nvm la.. next sunday can go.. keke..

Amelia present n Leah present with JX.. he didnt went church today.. so have to give them next sunday... koon asked lydia to pass it to her sisters.. but lydia say no becox she ain a messenger... well i knew she would say tt.. tts y i kept quiet.. let koon get the scolding!! haha serve u rite koon xD.. JK JK... actually i also dunno lydia will say tt.. i prefer to pass it to them ourselves u see.. more sincere mahz.. lydia was rite too la.. she ain a messenger.. she's just a msn messenger.. wat u expect? a msn messenger to be like fetex(issit spell like this?) huh? khuakhuakhua~!!! jk jk

Dun get offended k pls.. hehe... actually lydia do u know tt when u said tt.. koon came onto me n cried u know.. he was so depress he nearly went to the toilet n tried to commit suicide by putting his head into the toilet bowl after an fu finish shitting without flushing.. lucky me.. save his life ar.. or else ar..

khuakhuakhua~!!! talk crap la.. Everybody relax la.. if u wanan wack me.. can la i dun mind la.. but koon pls dun wack me.. u judo one leh.. i will be killed ar.. at least lydia hit me.. i can hit her back then she fly mahz.. hahahahaha.. chill chill...

Lydia if ur reading this.. u must be furious rite now riteZ? KEKEKE.. chill chill Sponge bob square pants k... ninja turtle donatello n raphael... leonardo n power puff girls k..

At the center of the Earth
In the parking lot of the 7-11 where i was taught
The motto was just a lie
It says " Home is where your heart is "
But what a shame
Cause everyone's heart doesn't beat the same
We're beating out of time
City of the Dead
At the end of another lost highway
Signs misleading to nowhere - City of the Damned
Lost Children with dirty faces today
No one really seems to care
I read the graffiti in the bathroom stall
Like the holy scriptures in a shopping mall
And so it seemed to confess it didn't say much
But it only confirmed that
The center og the Earth is The end of the World
And I could really care less

Greenday - Jesus Of Suburbia; Part II "City of the Damned" Posted by Hello

Saturday, October 02, 2004


Keke... I'm watching teenage mutant ninja turtle now.. later gonna meet the rest to buy presents for leah n amelia.. khuakhuakhua~!!! tml thier bday.. i wondewr how r they feeling now.. keke..

Gonna watch vcd later again.. weeeee... yamakasi~!!!! kekeke...