Thursday, September 30, 2004

Project... Done.. Tml's presentation.. After tml kinda relax.. yeah... Thank God for putting thru this with me.. without him i think i'll be stunned now, thinking bout how to finish the project manz... hee heeh eee...

Here's a short story by me... hee hee hee hee heeeee he h eeeeh eeeee...

Have you ever try sitting alone in the kitchen with all the lights off n just slack there? And when you are slacking.. all of a sudden, ur imaginary ran wild.. then u thought u saw a figure but u do not know whether its a figure or its ur imagination.. then after that.. You realise its 12 am... And you are all alone.. ur family are not at home.. only you... Suddenly, u heard breathing... hard breathing... panting... n then it was like choking for air.. this time.. a real figure started walking out from the toilet.. u realise it is dragging something behind... it was raining heavily.. lightning suddenly struck... the light reflected the figure.. it was headless.. with soggy skin... u realise it is dragging its head... the stomach n intestine were all gorged out by some force.. the head was attach onto a rope n the hand was holding onto it... then suddenly.. the head flew in front of u.. lightning struck again.. u saw the head.. the most disgusting thing on earth... both of the eyes were gorged out violently... blood was oozing n dripping out from it.. the nose was been ripped off.. you could see the bone instancely... the mouth have sharp teeths.. it was smiling at u...the head move closer to you.. closer n closer... you could smell the blood of it.. and.... it open its mouth n~~~~~~~~~

Chill out peeps.. the night is still young..


Chill out peeps..

Tuesday, September 28, 2004


I just changed my blog font.. two more days till presentation... Presentation powerpoint done... left survey n Final Report.. gonan finish it today... hopefully that is.. Well didn't go to school today.. cox i need tiem to finish up my project.. keke.. nvm la.. sunday service was good.. sermon's bout PORN... yeah porn.. talked about how much money u can make from porn stuff a lot more la.. maybe go be pornstar can earn lots of money huh? nah just kidding.. HAHA..

Projects sucks.. My group frens sucks even more.. they a bunch of useless animals who live in the garbage area eating garbage everyday.. haha.. not bad wat.. helps to clear the amount of garbage singapore have.. losers~

Sat went blading in the day n at night with jx.. learned how to grind a bit.. hmm.. tts fun.. haha.. Sun went to church n after tt was study time.. Amelia taught me complex number.. like wat she said complex number ain tt complex at all.. after a lesson from her, complex number was kinda understandable to me.. thanks amelia~
Monday was kinda fun.. we played block catching again.. haha.. this time manage to play only two games.. after that went for lesson till 3... have lunch with zainul at canteen 1.. after that took a ride on his bike to have tuition with my lecturer for complex number... used in AC circuits... amelia never learn b4 so she never teach me n i went with zainul to have lesson from her.. yup.. after that zainul send me to the zebra crossing near the exit of my school n i didnt fall off his bike.. haha.. cox b4 that when we reach the block where our teacher is.. i kinda fall off his bike when trying to get off.. luckily no one sees it.. HAHA... Took a bus home n slack.. then decided not to go to school today.. whoopie..


Thursday, September 23, 2004

Happy bIrthday~


Today is kinda a boring day.. went to school at 12 n ends school at 2.. went to koon house n help koon to record a song he wrote n i'm there to listen n to press the "record" button when jx n koon was palying.. well was kinda boring there.. cox i have nth to do n nvm.. just bear with it.. n the stupid jx tok ar.. saliva keep on coming out non stop.. i was darn irritated n yeah nvm.. just tahan.. tts so gross man i tell ya..

Its late now.. gonan go sleep liao...

Anyway Happy Birthday Brother~!!! Hope have have a fun time celebrating ur bday in aussie with Jill.. khuakhuakhua~!!


Tuesday, September 21, 2004


Alritez.. i have olready plan wat to do during my holidays.. these are some which i plan to do at home which i have mention atthe left hand side of my blog.. gonna ask dad permission first.. n guess i have to learn to play some songs as paradox will resume jamming at mid october.. yeah...

Gonna do my IAC stuffs now.. hopefully i can finish things by this week.. n yeah.. gonna do self reflection on oral com tml.. friday is the deadline but i'll try my best to finish it tml... etech is getting more n more difficult.. i guess i have to start revising myself.. perharps nextweek.. when i'm done with the project.. math... yeah amelia's gonna help.. so not to worry bout tt.. cox she's smart n i think she'll finish getting complex numbers into my brains within a few minutes.. yupoz..

enjoy ur day peeps..

Sunday, September 19, 2004

Beep beep~

Oh man.. went to macritche reservoir n walk the forest trail route.. hmm it was 3.5 km n we did it.. it was dark.. we use torch light to nabigate our ways.. n yeah it was scary at first but after a while, we getting use to it.. i must say.. i think my eyes is playing trick on me... i tot i saw a cloth somewhere the bushes yesterday.. amybe it was my imagination.. n koon said he saw a cloth hanging oh a tree branch... i duno i didnt see tt.. jx didnt see anything.. guess HIS BLIND... haha.. anfu didnt wanna come with us.. oh well nvm.. he say he's busy.. but i'm not sure wehther his lying or not.. haha~!!!

Today service was great even without the guitar.. i mean walter make n effort to worship the lord n i think he's good... except the fact tt he 's a girl.. ( he calls himself michelle tts sick rite? gross walter!) yup yup yup~! n Cg was ok.. nearly fell asleep cox we're listening to some sermon tt addie brought.. dog n cat theology.. i duno how to spell la.. my english is down to earth... woof woof~

Iac project.. i'm dead.. i haven start doing it.. HOW HOW HOW HOW HOW.... one week to complete it.. must motivate myself liao lorz!~ die la.. how sia.. arghzz.. motivation motivation... bang bang kill myself more better...

Its been long since i last saw blood.. haiz... so boring~ last tiem use to have nose bleed all the time.. kinda miss it... but nvm.. i'll just have to find tomato juice somewhere... to replace my thirst of blood.. WAHAHAH... 'm an asshole man.. but seriously i feel like drinking tomato juice.. yum yum.. forget bout the blood part k.. it makes u guys sick ain it.. haha.. but seriously have u all tastd ur own blood b4? khuakhuakhua~!! dun freaked out! i'm nota crazy person~! i'm just telling u its not weird to drink ur own blood... i mean not drink taste...

Alrite alrite.. i know ur feeling sick olready.. pls dun.. i'm a sadistic guy.. i mean i'm not a sadistic guy.. i'm a good boy.. realli i'm a pure good boy n i'm innocent so pls dun teach me bad things k... i'm a good boy i will finish my work n i shall do my work proeprly n study everyday after school.. no coming online.. no games..

Hey come on if u believe tt crap i wrote just above this paragraph.. u just got trick JACKASS... fine if u duno wats a jackass.. nvm cox its refering to u~!!! khuakhuakhua~!!


Thursday, September 16, 2004

I hae been editing this shit for the third time.. ihave misinterper some shit.. damn it..
Reali shit..
Cant i express some shit when i'm feeling shittyly down?
damndamn it.

Saturday, September 11, 2004

Today is a crazy day for me... n its fun too..

First thing in the morning.. i arrive schoollate by 10 minutes.. saw my fren n since i am late... decided to wait for 2 more frens at the bus stop.. walk to my class... then i was hungry.. n so we decided to have our breakfast first (if we are late for lesson for 30 mins, we will be counted ats absent) so we finish our breakfast at 945 we went to class room for lesson.. our lecturer very good one.. always mark attendance during break time n then if u arrive eariler than break time ur not be counted as leate or absent.. so we went in at break time n we weren't mark absent.. haha.. fun man..

Next lesson's break time... we were slacking in the toilet n my fren zainul the fire fighter.. did a fire man lift on me n carry me from teh toilet in to the class room.. of cox i act as if i'm unconsious... it was fun by my ball hurts.. khuakhuakhua~!!!

After school went home n then went out with the boys (jx n koon) for dinner at kovan area there... then after tt decided to go n explore since nth to do... we went to cjc there n koon saythere's a creepy hill near his school which he have never been b4 n we went there... but b4 tt we need to pee n there are no toilet... so we went to the big drain beside the main gate of cjc.. n we pee there.. wahahaha.. koon didn't wan to pee cox he say its such a disgrace for him to pee at the gate of his school.. so i n jx did.. it was hilarious.. haha.. then we went up the hill n walk out to the communtiy centre near SCGS... on the way we saw some houses n it was real dark inside.. there's this weird house with a red light n the gates were open as if welcoming us like tt... it seems so satanic.. i think its a satanic grounds.. who knows? hmmm after tt we all went home...

I still like the part where wee pee at cjc.. it was so fun... khuakhuakhua~~!!!

Oh ya tml have to go present hunting for our beloved sister MEL! with chloe.. hmmm... hope can find a nice present for her.. yup yup..


Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Master Of Puppets... when will i able to play as fast as kirt hammet?

Arhzz... its seems like there's this weird feeling like i wan to play faster n then all of a sudden i feel tt i'm playing slower n slower n if i'm not concentrateing it seems like i can play aster n faster.. what's with this weird feeling.. I'm talking bout the picking u dumb dumbs who dun understand..


Today at school i was damn bored.. so i decided to find someone to talk to.. n at last i found my dongsang!(sometinhg lke sister) melissa! wahaha.. yeah thanks for her presence to let me disturb her or else i got nobody to disturb i will die.. n yeah i lied to all my clamates tt melissa was myeal sister.. all of them dun believe but with my acting skills, i was able to bluff them.. though they have some doubts.. n one of them even wanna come my house to check.. nah.. he wanan come my house n play n then i joke with him say u wan come my house know my sister say la.. then he was like no la.. go ur house play game la.. then i was like play wat game? i slap ur face ar u pervert.. wan to take the oppurtnity to know her when i go toilet shit issit.. ok tt was lame.. khuakhuakhua~~!!

And also.. Wats with khuakhuakhua~!? khuakhuakhua is wat one of my fren likes to use n i think its cool.. n he is also cool too.. his name is Zainul.. a fire fighter... power.. fireman manz..

Some may say i have no originallity as i copy him.. so i invented my own laughter..

Kuwahahahehahwhaheah.. (wateva)



Monday, September 06, 2004

Hmmm.. Sorry for the bad words used in my blog.. forget wat audrey have said to me.. hope u guys out there dun mind..

Wonderful night today..


Sunday, September 05, 2004

I realise something today... kuawahwawuahwah.. Jx is so famous among girls.. tag my board for ur opinions.. today topic is... JX is Cute n he loves me... luwahaha.. nah i'm just kidding.. bla.. but his real famous among girls la,, wahahaha,,

Rotting.. watch vcd bout death on friday.. it was damn gross.. bloody.. n DISGUSTING.. yuck.. they show u death bodies .. n in super bad condition.. example.. bodys the head been cutted out.. chest area being slit open , head been crushed, internal organs been ripped out, a hole in the hand cause by shots from a hand gun i think, blasted head from a shotgun shot i think.. n many more like burns etc.. gross.. but who wan to see it can tell me i'm willing to let u.. but u dun puke out can leh.. kuwahawahah...

And also on friday i watch a dvd call Eurotrip.. it was damn nice man.. wat a nice comedy.. n tts where the famous song "Scottie doesn't knows" comes from.. it comes from eurotrip the movie.. anyway the sogn is sung by lustra.. go DL it.. its very ncie.. kuwahwahawha..

Scottie Doesn't KNOW!?!?


Friday, September 03, 2004

Irritating Bastards.

Fuck Off And Die a miserable death.
Finally i finish my IAC Hw.. its so stressful man.. stupid IAC.. waste of time.. now left the assignment 3, Self reflection and eh... Project.. oh man.. when can tt idiot pass me the information i wan so i can starting planning on the survey form and stuffs like that.. i must call n irritate him everyday man.. wahaha..

Got back form skates just now.. i learn parallel turning today.. i'm so happy i know how to do it.. wahaha.. i realsie i haven bath yet.. and i think i stink.. WAHAHA...