Wednesday, June 30, 2004


Hey.. all peeps reading this.. tml i got a lesson where peeps from different courses come n form a class.. i dunno why la.. maybe to make frens or wat la.. so... can u peeps reading this help me pray tt my class got some gals or not.. not tt i despo or wat la.. i dunno any gals from np lor.. ok la know like less than 10 la.. then my class shaolin temple one.. so super sian lor.. no motivation to school.. haha!!! thanks ar.. thanks ar... bubbye..!!

Push it out
fake a smile
avert disaster
just in time.

I need a drink
cause in a while
worthless answers
from friends of mine.

It's dumb to ask
cool to ignore
girls possess me
but they're never mine

I made my entrance
avoided hazards
checked my engine
I fell behind

Da Da Da(a)

I fell behind

Da Da Da(4)

She makes me feel like it's raining outside
and when the storm's gone I'm all torn up inside
I'm always nervous on, days like this like the prom.
I get too scared to move, cause I'm a fuckin' boy.

Tuesday, June 29, 2004


Just watch cheaper by the dozen.. its sooo cool... i mean if i have a family like tt.. i will be sooo happy.. imagine having 11 brothers n sisters... then u get to play with them do all those stupid stuff.. haha.. i can't imagine how life can be with tt... School is so boring.. Well.. maybe for the first week... cox its all bout the introduction of the courses.. then the lecturers' english are so powerful.. tt i laugh when they pronouce wrongly the words.. for example.. circuit... suppose to be "sir kit" one of them pronouce as "sir kute"... position "po c shion" Some og the guys just laugh so loudly.. then the lecturer was like acting nth happens at all... n continue the lesson.. of course, not saying tt word again..

Things just don't turn out the way u wanted it to be... Well.. perharps i think too much or what so ever... felt so useless about it.. i can't do anything now.. but to let the past be the past... n not repeating tt mistake again... realli.. i'm gonna think twice before i do things.. this is my lesson.. for not thinking b4 i act... sigh..

I don't wanna stay
I'm running away
Don't you hear me when I say...

So long
Nice try
I'm gone
You don't like being second
I don't like being wrong

SR-71 - Goodbye

Monday, June 28, 2004

Life's sad

Sunday, June 27, 2004

Blink 182

Hey blink 182 said this during their concert... its on mark tom n travis show album!!

Blink 182 u rocks!!!

Tom:Hey Mark!

Mark:Hey! if you guys are anything like me, You like to dress up in your mother's underwear n walk around the house trying to seduce ur father?

(crowd go slience)

Mark:What? just me?

Tom:I'm like u! i try to seduce ur daddy...

Stupid tom n stupid mark.. haha.. both of them are damn joker sia...
Well today we have youth sunday.. it totally rocks.. ilove One WAy the most.. yeah.. after tt we have games n yea.. The hang sisters suffer some injures like.. Leah, she fell down while playing.. n Lydia got hit by the ball on the face..ouch Then poor anfu step on the soccer ball n send him flying down on the floor.. got a bruise on his elbow.. me? haha i kicked the ball over to a construction site.. n yeah.. we couldn;t get the ball back.. how "wonderful"

Heheh.. we have hell lot of fun today... those peeps rocks today.. except tt i got comments tt i have a dead fish look(leah) n a dead prawn look(chloe)... Well... do i realli have a DEAD LOOK... Cool..

Saturday, June 26, 2004


I had orientation oh thursday.. kinda bad luck day for me.. i have stomachache in the morning.. had to visit the toilet quite a feel times.. haha.. then reach school have to climb the stupid hill.. tiring man.. then i realise tt my whole class no girls at all.. how pathetic.. but nvm.. haha.. we came to poly to study.. not to find girl.. yup yup.. so who cares... after orientation.. went to suntec to find those peeps..

Yeah clemence, anfu, jx n lydia went to suntec to watch day after tml... wa tt show ar.. freezing here n there one.. when u watch u find the cinema kinda freezing too.. i dunno y la.. when i watch it last time i felt like tt lor.. hehe... met them when they finish the show.. was slacking n listening to hillsong in life book store when lydia called to say show finish leh.. met them liao.. went to have dinner at kfc.. haha.. ate zinger meal.. was full n sick of the cheese fries.. jx n anfu left when we haven even eat.. which leaves me n lydia n clemence.. The way lydia eat her food makes me laugh.. she bite the burger then later use hand to tear some pieces out n eat then bite again.. very werid sia.. then the chicken she go n tear like noodle like tt eat.. haha.. i gave her a sarcarstic look which send her laughing like mad.. hehe.. not tt serious la.. trying to be sarcarstic here.. hehez.. went to take mrt after tt.. i ask cheok n lydia follow me go body shop take free tester spray they dun wan.. wat sia... then lydia say my bag looks as if a bomb bag if its left lying around the mrt area.. walao.. those drawings on my bag is artistic ok.. not some terrorist logo lor.. not bomb bag.. is artistic.. ahaha...

tt was wat happen on thursday.. today.. erm.. nth much happen.. stayed at home whole day.. bro let me use his laptop play game.. he's the best man... haha..

Yeah i'm tired... gonna go sleep in my coffin.. hehe..

Bye peeps.

Thursday, June 24, 2004

Cg Outing

Today i have my CG outing at marina bay there... yesterday went cycling with thos guys to casuarina to have prata.. got to borrow bicycle from jx... cycle there cycle back.. was exhausted after tt... slept at jx house... woke up at 1150 cox his mother barge in the room n shouted some stuff i can't remember.. we got change n went TTS...

I was piss off with waiting.. have to wait very long like 2hrs or something... took my blood then i n jx have lunch there.. crap a lot walk around went back for the result.. doc say i'm fine.. n i dun have to go back tt stupid place again... went marina bay n eat... well.. it was ok.. most of us end up with our stomach getting upset... we walk back to the mrt with edmund guiding us... Duno wat route we took n jx shited somewhere near the bushes where no one can see... actually there's nobody except us n some couples la.. he shited there cox he cannot tahan olready.. haha.. so funny.. i can't imagine how he.. oh nvm.. went home after tt.. real tired.. tml got to wake up early in the morning cox i have orientation again... cool.. i wonder if its gonan be boring... sigh... haha..

Oh btw this song is call The Call Of Ktulu - Metallica Cool huh... drums guitars n bass... nobody is singing... haha.. but if u hear somebody singing.. be careful.. it might be those kinda "thing" hehe!


Sunday, June 20, 2004


Everybody who are reading this......

Go away......

Leave me alone......

For now......

Thank you......

Fuck off......


Super super super sick... Went to Tan tock seng hospital at round 11 pm yesterday... cox dad was freak out by my condition... my temperature keep on staying on the range between 38 - 39 degree celsius... even after eatin the pills.. just went i'm bout to go out.. i felt weak n didn't have the energy at all to stand.. my dad helped me to the chair n called my brother to aid me to the car... i was sweating profusely btw.. i think at tt time the medicine started to work cox i felt must better after sweating.. took a blood test there.. doc say there are two possibility of illness i have.. either normal cold, or dengue fever.. i hope its normal cold.. tml i gonna go back again to test my blood.. oh ya the doc gave me another jab on my left hand.. makes me so numb.. dunno wat thing he jab into la.. just know can help me with my fever... i miss no limits today... n hope i can recover soon.. so tt i can go to the orientation of my course this coming thursday n friday man.. haha...

I don't wanna know
I don't wanna know

Your eyes were covered in sunglasses
when they first met mine
I sat there and stared at you
you didn't seem to mind
The awkward ways we meet

First comes heavy breathing
staring at the ceiling
What will happen next ?
I don't wanna know
I don't wanna know

New Found Glory - I Don't Wanna Know

Friday, June 18, 2004


I'm back from camp at last... its kinda fun at there... cox i got to know realli quite a amount of frens there.. n all of them are so friendly.. Haha.. freshman orientation camp rocks.. (FOC)

1st day was kinda boring cox i dunno anybody there... but like 5 mintues of interacting then frens liao... haha.. ice breakers all the way on monday n tuesday... tuesday have a dirty game.. walao.. damn dirty n disgusting lor... they put blanta margerine on everybody's head, splash cooking oil on ur body, sprinkle some flour on u... n egg will be seen flying above ur head... everybody got tt shit.. n was smelly n dirty.. the worse thing is.. we gonan have to eat dinner in tt kinda condition... i can smell the butter on my head when i was having my dinner.. GROSS!

Oh ya did i mention bout the flag day on tuesday which is so lame bout it? we went to do flag day at suntec... from clementi we took mrt to cityhall n walk to suntec.. n we reach there was bout 12+ n we need to be back by campus at 2.. so.. we did 15 MINTUES selling flags... n i can tell u.. i got onli three coins in my tin.. a dollar, a fifty cent coin n twenty cent coin.. but most of my stickers were gone... haha.. went to paste all around suntec.. n mainly on my fren's back... lolx...
Yeah n got to know this girl from np too when selling the flags... cox they were standing at a place there selling flags n all of us(around 10) went to "steal" their business.. i crap a lot with one of the gals.. who did not went to the camp... then took her hp number n run away.. haha!... went to eat lunch after tt... tt was the best part of the camp i think.. LOL...

3rd day we have camp fire.. n its so boring... so boring till i have nth to say bout it... cox during camp fire there will be other groups of ppl performing their pathetic 5 mintue skit on a small stage n we r sitting so far away n couldn't even see wat they r doing.. so decided to crap with my group members to pass time...
The luckiest thing is i didn't get a super sore throat from the camp. lucky... cox i didn't realli shout.. wahaha.. though i feel a bit a bit pain onli.. but will eventually go off like one or two days later.. hehe... after camp fire... disco night... all the way till 3+... then our group ppl all decided to ton... which end up i'm the onli one staying awake... cox we dunno wat to tok bout.. n wat to play.. n just feeling bored... then one by one started to lie down on the floor n yeah they went snoring.. i was the onli survivor whu last all the way till now... i haven't slept since yesterday man... n i went to catch a movie with jx n clemence just now.. n i almost fell asleep during the show.. haha.. kinda tired rite now.. think i will take a bath n sleep... didn't sleep well during camp becox... onli our group slept in the centre of the sports hall.. n the sport hall is a badminton court.. so the fans were pathetic... cox u cannot feel anything coming out from it n they are all been placed at the side of the hall.. so its like sleeping inside ur own room.. without opening the window n the fan.. n covering urself with a blanket... tt kinda stuff-iest man... i woke up with a wet t shirt btw for the two nights i slept... haha...
Well... like can't wait to go out or meet those frens i met at camp man.. cox they r like good buddies to me now in NP.. haha.. cool...

This is a awesome camp.. but... it kinda sucks in the sleeping part, waiting part and the bathing part...
sleeping i mention just now.. waiting part u gonna cheer here n there... which is so stupid.. cox all the cheers are repeating over n over again.. the bathing part was worse.. u have to bath together with a guy in a bathroom... whichis kinda squeezey... stupid man.. n the leaders will be banging ur door asking u to speed up.. so end up sweating after coming out from the toilet instead of been cool...

Yeah.. tts all folks... tired...

Monday, June 14, 2004


Tomorrow i will be in camp... hell yeah... i just packed my stuff... like for the pass 30 mintues ago... last mintue stuff yeah.. cya all peeps... tag my board ok? yeah.. take care everybody.. will be back on thursday... tired.... tml gonna wake up at 650!!! arghz... i'm gonna die... haiz... good bye my frens... have fun for ur rest of the week...

I tried to save us
but little did I know
you are a speeding train off track
with little time to go

I tried everything
tried so hard to let you know
but now I'm on my last thread
pulling away to know I'm real

yeah, now it's our time
and now it's our time
and I'll see you on the otherside

New Found Glory - Ending In Tragedy

Saturday, June 12, 2004


An army rises from the dead... a hero with nothing but strength n courage... he battles alone with the evil ones.. suddenly.. above the dark clouds came a bright light... a lightning bolt shoots down from the sky... a sword was form from the lightning.. on the blade of the sword are some engraving of words... EXCALIBUR... The hero took it... n fought with the undead...

I must seek... i m..u.s.t s..e..e...k.......i.....m...u....s...t........................

The great one above...
For he who gives me hope...
Whom i have faith in.....
that will rescue me....
From the misery....
Always....... watching........


Good Charlotte... :) Posted by Hello

Friday, June 11, 2004


Today was a boring day.. jun xiong went home as soon as he woke up.. cox he lied to his mom tt he went to the band bbq.. which was on tuesday??? haha... duno la... then my cousin came over.. because his dad locked him out... use another lock la.. tt he dun have the key... ai ya a lot of problem la he i also dunno lar... then later went down to slack lor.. time pass fast... though i was jsut listening to those neighbours of mine tokking cock.. azmi wasn't there so.. cool..

Went to watch movie with my another cousin... because his fren pang seh him then got extra ticket so i go lor.. watch the punisher.. alright la.. n they ut off the violence part when it was suppose to be nc 16?? hello??? Nc 16 n cut offviolence part.. a bit lame rite.. stupid.. then went BK to have my dinner.. cox i reach there too late n couldn't have dinner... watch the show with a empty stomach.. not actually empty la.. cox when i meet my cousin they all eating main course liao.. then they give me eat dessert lor.. ice cream n brownies.. nice.. haha... Then we slack at BK his fren walao keep on like "fighting" over some relationship lor.. cox this guy the girl fren very cheat one.. she dun like him then hor purposely tell him she no money then the guy stupid go deposit money into the girl's bank account.. because they last time together ma.. then... he say he still liek tt girl no matter wat.. then he kana scold by the other guy.. haha.. i was like.. trying to control my laughter cox the guy scolding him tt time very funny... wahaha.. evil being. yeah finally went off at round 12? then no mrt take.. then my cousin call his brother take car come fetch us.. cool.. got a free ride... yeah... just reach home.. tired.. gonna go bath n sleep le.. hmmm...

This world, this world is cold
But you don't, you don't have to go
You're feelin sad you're feelin lonely
And no one seems to care
Your mother's gone and your father hits you
This pain you cannot bare

But we all bleed the same way as you do
And we all have the same things to go thru

Hold on if you feel like letting go
Hold on it gets better than you know

Good Charlotte-Hold on

Wednesday, June 09, 2004

Overnight(sexual craps)

Warning! The below informations are dirty... Girls should read it with caution.. guys.. ai ya u all so pian tai one.. go ahead n read la..

Wateva... Ok i settle things with azmi olready.. hack care tt idiot...

Wats realli funny today is tt.. jx came my house to stay today... n i gonna dye my hair real soon... Copper intensive.. yup... ok heres the "sexual Crap"... he took my teens of may issue... n went to read sex+body... there's these two story tt makes him n me laugh until our stomach cramps.. first story..

Yankee Dankee
How many times is it normal for a 13-year old boy to masturbate? I've been doing it for two years about five to six times each week. Is this too often? Will this rate of masturbation lead to impotency or affect the quality of my sperms in the future??

second story...

Sticky Situation

I find a sticky substance on my underwear whenever i take them off. Sometimes my penis even gets stuck onto my underwear because of the sticky substances and it is very uncomfortable. I know it is produced by my penis but i'm still scared. Is there something wrong with me or my penis? Do i have aids?

Wat the hell man... those two idiots actually dare to wrote tt stuff to teens.. they did not even give face to those boys out there... they are so spastic.. dun they even learn science?? or they can consult their bio teachers wat... wakao.. write onto teens to make us laugh.. wat sticky substance la.. wat masturbation la.. alamak.. i wonder who taught them those stuff man... *shakes head* Sex + body is so boring.. everytime read about penis n vagina n breast.. wakao.. sick man...

Yeah... crap stuff... but its good la.. dunno must ask... hmm hmm...

Tuesday, June 08, 2004

Battle against the Evil

Tml will be a day full of problem.. guess tt stupid azmi figure out i have hate him... n gonan meet some neighbours n settle some problem.. crap... wonder if it will lead to a fight.. if it has to... then a fight will be it!! hmm... keep wondering n wondering n wondering.. wat will happen tml... crap.. nvm just face wateva thingy tt is gonan happen tml... i dare to talk bad bout him.. i dare to face the consequences... yeah..

Went to poly today.. watch some stupid concert.. haha.. quite dumb... then went sakae sushi.. ei leen treated me.. cox she lost a bet with me bout some o level result thingy.. n ate till super full.. after eating felt tired. then went home.. then while relaxing myself jx msg n ask me to go out.. n i did.. cox we tot we gonna watch troy at 2025 at cineleisure.. who knows.. we reach PS at around 2015... then change of plan we went Ps instead... talk a lot of crap with him.. got share some problems here n there.. was having fun until tt stupid azmi called me... then i felt sian... totally no mood to crap with jx anymore.. went home at 11...

Yeah let's see what will happen tml... stay tuned!!!! haha.. crapz...

It's down to this
I've got to make this life make sense
Can anyone tell what I've done
I missed the life
I missed the colours of the world
Can anyone tell where I am

'Cause now again I've found myself
So far down, away from the sun
That shines into the darkest place
I'm so far down, away from the sun again
Away from the sun again

3 Doors Down-Away From The Sun

Monday, June 07, 2004

Angel of Death

I think i'm gonna blog bout stuff tt is related to my blogskin... bout some bad stuff? n al the good stuff i will keep to myself... how bout it?? nahz..

Hmm.. todae was boring... stayed at home all the while.. watch tv... n went swimming in the late evening.. damn it.. i was swimming at the first lane i think... then got this uncle swim horizontally when u r not supposed too n i slap him... because i was swimming freestyle n i couldn't see him.. cox my goggles was foggy n the bubbles were blocking my sight... so yup.. i slap him somewhere i didn't know n it must have realli realli hurt him a lot because i can feel my finger nail hit him... my last finger nail.. which is the sharpest n longest... sharp becox some part of it broke down then i use the nail clipper to trim it so it looks sharp.. n feel sharp.. long becox... becox.. yeah... dun need to say...

Cycle back after cycling.. super tired but manage to cycle back in one piece... haha.. i nearly fall asleep while cycling... hmmm...

Tml gonna go poly for some stupid stuff... n i gonna leave house at 830? n the thing is starting bout 1030... 2 hrs journey there... crap man... real crap... haiz.. nvm gonan bear with it for one n a half more year... then i'll have a bike.. hurray.

And... Lydia wants my rectangle boy to put it up on to her blog.. i think... i think rectangle boy is gonna be a famous piece of art.. remember its my art.. i'm an artist.. (crap)... wahaha...

Angel of the Death came again...
Spilling blood n ripping of the head of the sinners...
Taking their souls back to God...
And God shall judge their after life...
And that's why...

"Death is the Beginning..."

I realise something today.. when i was looking at other ppl's blog or issit something tt just came into my mind..

Girls toking bout how cool looking a guy is... to another guy... tts sick... it goes the same thing for guys toking bout girls... if their honmosexuall tts ok ain it.. but.. eeewwww... imagine a girl tells u look how handsome n cute tt guy is... n dun tell me u gonna say.. oh ya he is.. tt makes me sick.. tt makes u sick too... damn i feel like vommiting now...

What have gotten into girls n boys this few days... can they be serious bout stuff? admit it! no matter how cute the guy or gal is.. u r not gonna know him!!! admiring him is a waste of time.. thinking bout him/her is a waste of time... WTH...

Wateva shit u wanna do.. its none of my business...


Sunday, June 06, 2004


Hatred is filing up my heart now.. i dunno why... can i just have a PUNCHING BAG in my room so tt when ever i have this kinda feeling.. i can punh the hell out of the punching bag??!!!? What the..... Geezx...

Technology is such advanced today... i hope those idiots can invent something like a teleporting port so tt i can go whereever i want... n whenever i like... n leave this place... go to somewhere in the forest... in the snow plains... n just have a communication thingy to tok to the animals.. so cool... n not talking to some shithead human beings... human beings are so stupid man... though they r real clever... but i think animals are the one... they learn independent themselve... n they knwo how to adapt to the enviroment... why can;t humans with brains do the same thing? i hate spoilt brats... wbecause they r spoilt... n tts why they are mean to be beaten up by ppl... who call their parents to spoilt them... n wy r there homosexual in this world? wat the **** man!!!! Pls human beings have brains to look for the opposite sex n mate n have a child... what can two same sex human beings get in bed? fun? happyniess? kiss my ass ok... idiots... homosexual are bound to be shoot n hang.. or even be beheaded... damn those idiots... damn human beings.. cruelty on animals, child, wateva shit... all came rom human beings.. well i m one.. n i hate them all... geezx... crap crap crap...

CRAP!!! i felt much better... CRAPPING... yeah yeah... wateva shit u call this.. i dun give a damn... i'm born this way.. i born to have the ability to piss ppl off... i'm born to be hated.. i'm born to find no happiness for ppl.. i'm born to be nothing... i'm born to make a fool out of myself so ppl see me will be saying " oh look this clown, this idiot have come to do n tell his stupid stuff again!! lets laugh at him.. he's such a lamer!!!" yeah wateva u call tt... ppl just remember me for the stupid stuff i did... they dun remember me because of wat i m.. god.. help me....


Saturday, June 05, 2004

New Skin

Got this new skin today.. Cool ain't it? muahahahaha... i'm quite a sadist person u know... at times...

Hello There...
The angels from my nightmare...
The shadow in the background of the morgue...
The unsuspecting victim of darkness inthe valley...
We can live like Jack N sally if we want...
Where you can always find me...
We'll have Halloween on Christmas...
And in the night we'll wish this never ends...

Blink 182 I Miss You

Crappy... gonna have dinner tonight alone... geezx...

fuck it.
Hillsong was awesome... Hillsong totally rocks man.... whoo!!!

Yeah tired day... but today was great n super tiring... oh ya to my brother fren or my brother whuever la.. paiseh la anyhow tag.. play play onli.. take it so seriously.. haiz.. sorry.. yeah bye.

Wednesday, June 02, 2004

Michelangelo... The joker among the rest... likes to crap a lot.. n likes to eat pizza... he's one crazy fellow for pizza!!! he wears a orange bandana.. n uses two "shuang jie kun" (paiseh i duno eng call wat..) to hit his enemy real hard... wahahahaha... Cool turtle...  Posted by Hello

My dream bike, Honda CBR600F4i.... its gonan be super expensive... n i gonan have a class 2a licence... sian... class 2a or 2b i can;t remember... wah.... nvm i'll jsut have my brother's bike... why is it so long to turn 18??? wahahaha... Posted by Hello