Monday, May 31, 2004

Donatello... The smartest among the rest... Wearing the purple bandana n using a WOODEN FIGHTING STICK (shiying say its call tt... issit? i duno) as a weapon... Cool... smart turtle... wahaha Posted by Hello

Sunday, May 30, 2004

Leonando, Leader of the ninja turtles... Wears a blue bandana n uses two katana blades as his weapons.. what a cool turtle he is.. wahaha... Great Leadership of cox... hmmm (crapz) Posted by Hello

Wednesday, May 26, 2004

This Pic here is dedicated to the one n onli beloved princess Lydia! haha.. Happy Birthday to YOU, Happy birthday to YOU.. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO LYDIA!!!! HAppy birthday to YOU!!!! Turned 16 olready huh... its good to be 16 u know? cox u can go n play pool lor.. got licence liao.... haha.. Take Care always n stay as innocent looking as ever!!!! Little Princess!!!  Posted by Hello

Monday, May 24, 2004

This guy here is called Billy.. he's from Good Charlotte n he is the lead guitarist... stolen from samantha's photo album.. haha.. Posted by Hello

Sunday, May 23, 2004

Nice portarit of Cigarettes took by me... Well was slacking with my neighbours n decided to use their cigarettes to create a art portarit... hmm (crap) Posted by Hello

Saturday, May 22, 2004


Have CG todae... wonderful... today's cg is the best man. haha.
going to jx school tml.. or todae? haha. gonna meet koon at 10 in the morning at kovan. gonan get some sleep. nite.

Thursday, May 20, 2004

The Truth is out...

today is a day tt i can't bear it anymore.. i'm gonan tell the whole world wat i did... brother dun be shock when u read this.. i hope u dun read it at all...

ON a particular tuesday night... my neighbours n i have a plan to steal some guy's hp.. cox all of them hated them.. which does not include me.. i think i'm just doin tt for fun... now tt i regret it.. there's no point... hmm.. yeah.. we successfully took it.. n i was the one who volunteered.. (stupid me)

Days passed n my fren used the fone... until one day he activated GPRS n he tot the police will catch him if he activate tt but it won;t.. he believes wat the victim said.. i knew he olready suspect it was us.. n he somehow tried to bluff us in returning him n it works.. my frengave him back the phone.. n how lucky we was to find oput tt his uncle works with the goverment as dogs... (police) yeah.. n now his threatening my fren to pay him back 300 bucks by the end of this month n my fren paid him back 100 bucks olready.. now left 200 bucks n i... yeah dun asked me to lend tt guy money cox he owes me 140 bucks.. can say tt if i help return i'm safe but.. wat i did was wrong n if he really calls the cops.. i think i'm ready to face the consequences... face my parents... my relatives... yeah whu caress... its my mistake to knwo those nieghbours of mine... starting of this month i didn;t even contact them olready cox i felt tt being with them is like being with a bad comapny.. well they r a bad company.. shit.

Yeah i did all tt crap... fucked it... i regretted wat i did n there;'s nth tt can change the fact tt i'm a THIEF.. yeah i'm thief... hate me all u wan i dun care... bye... fuckers... felt happy tt i'm suffering n fucking stressed up rite... fuck off i dun give a damn...

Wednesday, May 19, 2004


Today was crappy.. crap a lot with those guys n gals i went out with... yeah went out with koon, clemence, lydia n nicole.. watched 50 first date.. in my school uniform... well wearing my old school u seems weird.. really... poser.. haha..

Went home... kinda feeling moody.. dun know why.. perharps... mood swing.. haha.. crappy.. i feel like wreking something.. just.. feel like destroying things now.. dun ask me why..

haiz.. Wonderful day it was todae... n a fucked up day as well...arghzz... shitty... AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Wat the Fuck! i'm gonna go sleep... bloody pissed off n fucked up!!!!


Tuesday, May 18, 2004

Hot.. Humid..!!!

Nowadays the weather r getting hotter n hotter n humider n humider... hmm there's no such word as humider rite? haha!!! Tml gonna catch a movie with frens... yeah.. the funny thing is i gonna wear uniform becox i dun wanna be extra... well nvm i'm proud to be a beattyian... haah..

cousin came today to help repair my com.. found 138 viruses which could not be cleaned away.. so have to delete away the infected files... makes no difference after cleaning it cox the viruses have affected the programmes olready.. my last resort is to reformat my whole com... gonna go find my graphic file installation cd, window's xp cd n internet cd... where to find it? not so sure.. as long as i can use msn for the time been i happy liao.. haha! yeah... today kinda fun... cousin install a game into my com... very very very nice to play.. haha.. was playing it like 2 hrs.. haha..

well gonna go sleep soon... gonna muanch on my kit kat white while watching my bedtime vcd... Cooking master boy!!! wooo!!! looks so nice n delicious the food they cook.. haha!!! gonna buy more la pi xiao xin vcd.. watch those over n over again makes me boring.. hehe...

Take care... zzzzzz...

Monday, May 17, 2004

Cheers!+ Hai! = ZzzZZzZZ

Well.. tml n wed off!! hurray... cox my cousin will be coming over to help me repair my stupid com... zzz.. dunno being infected by how many different type of viruses... The worse comes to worse i gonna format my whole computer.. everything i mean EVERYTHING including ALL the songs i DL n ALL the pictures my fren send to me.. oh!!!! aiya.. nvm la.. haha.. whu cares? as long as i have my msn back!! i'm willing to sacrifice all the stuffs in my com... haha! Haiz.. a bit heartache la.. all those songs... sob...

Wed gonna go out hmm.. Yeah! can watch 50 first date finally!!! Eons since i have been into a cinema.. let's see.. hmm wat's the last movie i watch... hmmmm....Erm... i forgot.. geezx.. i think is love actually or lord of the rings the return of the kings.. ai ya dun care la... as long as wed all of them going i happy liao.. scare some of them last minute put aeroplane fly away...

Tired... gonna get some rest now... SR&!, My World..

Does he make you high?
Make you real?
Does he make u cry?
Does he know the way you feel?
Love is all around you,
Your universe is full.
But in my world,
There Is Only You......

Sunday, May 16, 2004


Heex.. fri sat sun go out.. hmm.. let's tok bout fri first.. went to meet "hey mama"(audrey) raymond aloy anfu koon clemence at pizza hut tt day.. ate pizza.. (of cox??) heex.. wakao.. $88+ sia.. raymond treat us.. gonna thanked him a lot.. heez.. yeah then went to te pots meeting.. then go prata house near jx house.. hmm.. slack there for a while then went home.. nth special happened..

Yeah on sat jx came over to my house... cox he was at kovan doing his PW so he come find me lor... becox i wanna go his house n play guitar ma.. so he come n meet me.. have lunch at compass point.. crap a lot with him.. realli a lot.. tok bout stuff.. hmm... no really stuff.. tok bout any kind of ppl i saw n started teasing them.. well to jx of cox not to them...he was like laughing like one mad fellow n everybody was like eyeing on us so we walk away real fast... ya crapz.. then after tt he went out with his parents i go out with my family n eat at HMV.. fiish eating meet koon n others at prata house again.. haha.. then went to the playground near jx house n slack.. decided to start our project PX-02.. yeah project starts with first target miss michelle cher.. called her n she was at dunno where eating.. zzz then she say to call her back later.. so wait for a while lydia msged clemence.. saying she's ready to pick up the phone i think.. haha.. project starts... crap a hell lot to her.. i think i was the onli one toking.. clemence was like holding the phone n laughing, koon was sitting one side dreaming.. an fu n jx was like playing among themselves.. playing the sand i think.. haha.. but all got gather n crap a lot la.. then michelle called.. clemence was like toking to michelle then i put my phone to him,(lydia was on the line) n both of them was like confuse by wat clemence said.. cox liek toking to two person then both also dunno wat he toking.. then he scold me.. wahaha.. continued doing tt.. wahaha he got pissed off n he run away from me.. n the last part was like saying bye bye to lydia.. wahah.. made her say a lot of times bye bye.. cox i give an fu first then an fu say bye, then koon, then jx , then clemence then me... then she was like... hey how many times u wan me say bye bye? got her pissed off.. heez.. finally end the conversation n went to jx house n zzzzz...

Todae woke up at 846... i was the one who woke up first n jx was like.. snoring n i have to wake him up by force.. calling his name he doesn;t even respond except thru his snoring.. so have to push him pull his blanket throw my pillow on his face then he finally say "wake up olready la.. stop it!!" then i stop then he continue sleep.. -_-.. but nvm we still manage to go yf.. off time of course.. reach at bout 930.. wahaha.. yeah end at 11.. have lunch with addie... then play pool with peter jo edmund n joezer.. an fu too... play till 5+ go serangoon find jx to go jamming at 630... jam finish go prata house eat again.. haha three days of going prata house.. hmm.. yeah just reach home recenlty only. yup yup..

Hey hey Lydia.. u weren't pissed off? u like the punjabi fm by dj kai ngan? whahaa!!... hey wheres my musafa snack bar? dunno wat u call tt... hmm if i never see it next sunday i'm gonna scratch u!!! RRRiiiMeOOWWWWWWW!!!!!!!

Saturday, May 15, 2004

Wa sian man.. today super tiring.. went to meet koon n guys... dunno wanna go where on sat sia.. but just meet la.. at 1... sure somebody will come late one lor.. pua sian... haiz... nth special happened todae.. tml i will be getting my pay.. dun know wanna go work not leh.. think just go la.. haiz..

Brother brother.. i think i the one sian first man.. i give up olready.. haha.. u won't give me one also.. zzz... nvm.. hehe...

fuck it!

Thursday, May 13, 2004

Hmm... mid years are soon to be over... i'm so envy of students studying for their exams, going to school.. its been such a long time since i go to school.. haiz.. its strange doesn't it.. teenagers tt r going to school wanted to go work so desprately n teenagers tt r waiting for school to start are desprate to go to school.. know wat i;m saying? hmm.. it like.. oh nvm.. whu cares wateva... geez.. i'm trying to talk no sense here.. as in NO sense.. zzz crappy.

Work is super tiring todae.. i dunno why.. just feel tired.. well working is forever tired... hmm.. wat can i do with the money i get? haiz... save it? i just throw them in my cupboard n leave them to rot.. tot of buying clothes n all tt wonderful stuff but lazy to go shopping... unless its with my best pals... perharps i'm going this sunday... after service.. yeah gonna ask them tml again...

azmi did not come work todae.. tt jackass... my dad ask him if wanna work must come everyday.. he didn;t come todae = not give my dad face... ts wat my dad say... arghz.. i dun really care manz... wat now i'm really despo is to get 18, get a bike license, n steal my brother bike n ride on the road... whooo.. can;t waittttttt..... well his bike might PROBABLY be mine since his going to aussie to further his studies... well if he dun wanna give me.. i can buy another one... hehe

Brother reading my blog again? hey u! ur bike is mine! if not i'll ask dad poke money buy anotehr one!!!!! bleah.. haha.. give me ur blog leh.. or else i everyday must scold u at the bottom of my blog le.. till it pisses u off n u give me ur blog.. u selfish dickhead... =X i'm gonna die when he sees wat i wrote.. his muscular arm is gonna place its position on my body with a huge amount of strength used... n probably a 'blue-black' mark will be left behind... shit.

Wednesday, May 12, 2004


Hmmm... everyday do the same thing super boring sia... but at least can waste time... can;t wait till poly start school man... so sian.. everyday do the same thing... n have to watch tt fucked up azmi attitude... well i think after june when he pays me back $140 i try not to contact him liao... one fucked up guy whu owes ppl money dun wan return one.. my discman lost in his house... walan how to lost in house one? i told him say if he cannot find within june he must pay me 100 bucks.. if can find good la.. give me back.. n not forgeting the money too... n i will not ever ever ever lend him anything.. fuck sia.. ppl thing dun wan give back.. i will not lend ppl stuff liao lorz.. unless is those trustable one la like koon jx anfu etc...

yeah i catorgarise everything in my hp in chinese.. my folders.. my friends name... oh ya koon if u r reading this i gonna put ur name as wei ge, anfu as ju ren, jun xiong as xiao jing ling, clemence as hua xin xiao zi, lydia as xiao gong zu, michelle xiao gui, huishi xiao fo, andrea as si bu yao nian, amelia as di yu lao si, kenny as zhu kan, mencie as xiao ke ai, daryl as chuan san jia matt hing as fu wong, addie as shi tou dai ren, cheryl as shi wu zong du.... lolx.. n a lot more la... hope u guys dun be angry...

yeah tts all... i need to change the names now.. take care bye..

Haha brother brother... think i'm gonna piss u off till u tell me ur blog sia... WAHAHAHAA... fuck u brother.. i'm gonna name u da bian lao... HEHEHE....

Monday, May 10, 2004

Wonderful working day... huh... those fuckers abandon me n left me alone doing ot... swept the floor alone.. clean the workplace alone... do everything alone.. but good la... time pass fast heez... i love BEYOND... they are soooooo cool.... sad.. their brother died in a concert... issit a concert? forget... haiz... sad sia.. then shortly after tt their band break off... LMF also break off liao... last year... yeahs... SR-71 is cool too... bought it yesterday then today listen... nice! a lot of things happen recently... hmmz... went out with an fu aloy n eileen on sat... didn;t know wat to do..; wan to watch movie or play pool... haha in the end play pool.. went there no table.. onli billiard... so we just play billiard for a while... hmm all of us sucks in billiard man.. then got a pool table so we switch to playing pool... eileen dunno how to play... haha! taught her a bit n she hits a ball in... not the white ball of cox... not bad not bad... keep up the good work...

After tt.. tot of watching movie in ps.. midnight show... basket full house like siao manz... so went home lor.. didn;t went home.. went to an fu house n sleep... friday also went to his house n sleep... talk a lot of cock with his twin brother an gui... an gui very nice to talk to sia.. can disturb him one then he also not petty one.. like an fu.. not petty also.. but disturb an fu sometimes didn't realise tt it was too much at times... geezx... hope he won't be mad... sunday went to church.. hmmz... service was great tt day... after tt went to kfc n eat.. saw leah n her mother... then went to long john cox clemence wanted to have tuition with amelia.. michelle was there n she was as usual.. very crappy... always end up kana suan by us... heex... kinda feel miserable on tt day.. cox it was mother's day... yeah.... dun need to elaborate la...

today my brotehr went to the temple n 'bai' my mother... hmm.. damn it i didn't go bai my mum for a long time.. geezx... dunno when i will be going again.. maybe the first sunday of june baz... yeahz...boring boring boring boring... i think i'm crazy... cox i always like feel like msging this gal tt gal... but after typing the msg end up never send at all.. well tot bout it felt tt it was a waste of money n time... i mean msg for no special reason kinda stupid... so never msg.. haha... zzz.. crazy....

I'M SINGING BEYOND SONGS LOUDLY NOW!!!! hope my dad dun mind... i think he dun even mind.. everytime i sing song in front of him then dunno lyrics just utter some vulgarities n he doesn;t care at all.. should i say he dun really care me scolding english vulgarities but those hokkien one he minds like... ya we all knows tt so.... *cough *cough*... KA NI NA BEI CHAO CHEE BYE... oopz...

hope time pass real fast... hope poly starts soon... i'm so boring... i had enough of holidays!!! 6-7 months of holidays is damn sian sia.. haiz.... nvm..

Fuck off!!!!!! hey Brother! r u reading my blog again? geezx... tell me ur blog le... asshole! wahahahaha!!!!

Thursday, May 06, 2004

To my Dearest Brother, Brandon:

Hey Brother... its been long since we tok... yeah kinda miss out a lot of stuff from u.... haiz... well theres something i must really tell u... how should i say.. i'm scare to say it face to face with u.... i will just say it here... erm its...........
"Fuck You Asshole!!! Read my blog la... basket then u have blog dun wan give me... arghzz FUCK YOU!!!! Still reading on? off the com n go clubbing... y waste time reading my blog... when u dun give me urs!!!???!?!?!"

Your Most Beloved brother,
Yeo Kai Ngan.. =)

Yeah... my brother is an asshole... fancy laughing at every of my entry... zzz... todae work sucks.. totally sucks... cox it rain fucking heavily n.... stop at round noon time... when the time i have my lunch break.. know why? cox when i just wanted to REALLY fall asleep, the fucking siren work me up... wakao... sian work start liao... then all the way lor.. my eyes closing... na bei.... Previous blog was a bit emotional i think... haha... crap a lot with my work pals... tot me some strange language... of cox... those 'good' vocabs la... geezx... nvm next time anybody go out with me i sure will say one la.. if u hear very werid then is i learn one.... yup yup...

Hey fuckers... its soooo damn boring... if got call out remember call me go... dun care who la.. as long as go out call me arz... yeah.... hey brother!! u still reading? hope tt u r not laughing ur ass off this time but be real piss cox i wrote bad bout u.... shit head... nvm ur motor will be mine! in a few months time... wahaha.. enjoy.... MUAHAHAHA!!!!

Tuesday, May 04, 2004

alright... gonna make it short n fast... yupz... didn;t went to work today.. cox my dad playing badminton n if i go work i gonna come home myself n i'm too lazy to do tt... slack around with my neighbours... played sepak tawraw... then gonna go fishing next friday... brought $1.20 downstair just now.. tot of buying kit kat white when going home time... felt hugnry n bought luncheon meat home.. small one.. 198g one... cook myself... hmm.. not bad... reminds me of mum's cooking... lolz... a dish is not enough i tot n found out tt i have mushrooms... i didn't know how to cook at first.. then i recall back wat my mum did when she cooked mushrooms... oh yeah soak it in water first... to make it absorb the water so it would be soft.. i GUESS so... pretty satisfiy with my own cooking.. well.. can say its a first time or wat i dunno... yeah gonna go bath real soon... n watch incredible tales.. MAYBE... cox todae's episode of incredible tales is so lame.. geezx... guessi will just watch my bedtime vcd n go sleep... erm its not porn anyway...

Yeah also.. cherish mother's day as much as u could... be glad tt u have a mother with u.. going thru all those difficulties n happiness n sadness etc... sometimes u might find them real irritatng, nagging u all the times, scolding u for not doing this n that... n u might probably be thinking "fuck u... so irritating i hope u r not there" think carefully guys n gals... when the time comes tt she's not with u.. u will regret for ur rest of ur lifes... presents especially for them on mother's day is not wat they wan... all they wan is for their sons or daughters... like u n me... to be respectful, to study hard for ur future, healthy, happy, etc... yeah... well... mother's day is a sad day for me.... but... treasure this day... no... treasure everyday with ur mother n be grateful tt she is by ur side all the time... for been a housewife for her is difficult too... she gonan go to the market, clean the house.. cook for u.. wash the plates... wash ur clothes... mend ur clothes when u torn it... scold u n feel bad about it when she heard u cursing her for been ignorant n etc... been alone everyday alone doing the same stuff... hoping her husband n u to come home so as to accompany her... n yet u fid her nagging at u.. she cares... tts why she does all those thing becox out of 24 hours she can onli see u for most probably 1 hr; waking u up, looking at u while u prepare to go to school, comes home n u lock urself in ur room chatting, doing hw, sleep, n she's too busy to go into ur room cox she might me preparing dinner... n even if she gets in u find her ignoring... dinnertime... yeah tts all n it adds up together probably 1 hr... anyway.. cooking is not easy... try cooking for ur family to eat.. u find tt super stress ful.. cox if u overcook... the food is wasted n gona order pizza or some stuff... if u didn't really cook it well.. in a way tt its half raw... everybody gonna get stomach pain... n its stressful u know... for me it doesn;t really matter... cox i'm the one whu is eating it... yup..

yeah so after such a long time toking bout mother, all i can say is treasure ur mother....

Happy mother's day... in advance...