Tuesday, March 16, 2004

woke up at 12 todae... went online chat n play games... watch vcd.... then off to work.. hmm... work was boring n same... came home with mac nut brittle... bought it for discount.. use supervisior card la wat else.. 25% off worz.. haha... came back tok to my frens.. then suddenly my bro came in my room... took a video cam.. tot he gonna take pics of me wearing boxer onli... haha lucky he didn't... ask me to do c walk.. well i agree.. haha wanna take a look of how stupid i m doing the walk... well i look like an idiot.. if my bro upload the video to the com... i send u all guys.. dun laugh at how stupid i m please... hehe...

Oh by the way... today is shing's birthday!!! hurray...
Happy 15th birthday shing!!!

Get your walk on, get your head right
I know you feelin the shit, shit is dead right
Get your bounce on, back dat ass up
Bitch pass me the bottle, fill your glass up