Friday, March 12, 2004

its been two weeks since i blogged... well today was quite a average day... bad luck n good luck... tok bout bad luck first... todae while working... took out the big block of dry ice... use a hammer wanted to break it but in the end... ended up hitting my thumb instead f tt stupid dry ice... anyway its my fault.. who ask me to look at gals when hitting the dry ice.. serve me right.. haha... then when i got home.. my bro send me this c walk video... damn it its so cool.... then i go n DL the instructional video of c walk.. some part here n there... haha learn a bit bit of moves from there... haha now i'm covering it swear wearing my sec school shoe without socks... haha... kinda stink.. but nvm at least got a bit of protection.. hehe.. walao i swear damn lot sia... my whole face n back all watery.. hehe so disgusting ar... my bro gonan go dunno where to climb moutain ar,.. so when i learn so moves n he comes back.. i'm gonna teach him.. hehe.. well i know i sucks... but i wanna learn... so next time go clubing can show off.. haha... tts what he told me.. n its about another years's time? hehe... still long before i turn 18 ar.. WAHAHA!!!!