Monday, February 02, 2004

whoa... todae i think is a wonderful day for me... once in a lifetime?? lolx.. went out with hui shi todae.. well long time never see her liao.. todae finally meet.. found her like become more matured... she bring her frens along too... andrea n lester.. well lester is a cool guy reali... n andrea is cool too.. she's my idol man.. i like her hair.. sooo cool.... the fringe all go to her right side one.. hiding half right of her face.. like so mysterious like tt... man.. she rocks!!! LOL... went to jam eariler this morning... hmm 3 hours.. felt quite short n i was very very late for the meeting time... cox i gonan meet hui shi n frens like 130? i reach there like 210+ haha.. so damn pai seh... lolz... then we went to eat 'earthquake' at swensen... hmm.. swensen ice cream not so nice.. but we have a fun time there.. reali.. i prefer häagen daz ice cream more... realli.. hehe... tml gotta work again.. hmm quite boring though... doing nth there... then have to stand somemore.. but good la can waste time there..!!! lolx... tml long day lor.. 6 - 1030... must do closing up.. hehe... yup yup.. todae i took foto stickers for the third time... yeah.. haha.. like 3 years since i ever took again.. wahaha... yeah yeah tts all dudes...

Now that we're here
So far away
All the struggle
We thought was in vain
All the mistakes
One life contained
They all finally start to go away
Now that we're here, so far away
And I feel like I can face the day
I can forgive
I’m not ashamed
To be the person that I am today