Sunday, February 29, 2004

todae is a day tt happens onli 4 years a time... its 29 of feb... wahaha.. well lots of things happen this week... got my result.. pierce my ear with andrea... play pool.. haha... well first i would like t say is bout result... from A1 to D7 all the grades i got... wahaha...

A1 - E maths
A2 - Sciences
B3 - A maths
B4 - Design and Technology
C5 - English
C6 - Chinese
D7- Humanities

Fucking humanities... know sure fail one.. but at least i get d7 not e8... haha.. cox prelim get e8 ma.. then now d7.. hmm not bad la at least got improve a bit.. wahhaha... yesterday andrea came to my house... tok lots of crap... then make her never go church.. i so bad bad.... wahaha... then i did something i never did for years le... hehe... u all dunno no need to know ar... secret... keke.. after tt went to church then ton at jun xiong house... woke up late todae... 930 then wake up.. YF starts at 9 n we were damn late.. got there like 1030? haha.. have like halg an hour service like tt... then after tt stay back a while help to move chairs table for worship... hmm got free lunch.. foos was kinda sucky but nvm la just eat... after tt went to play pool with andrea an fu wee koon jun xiong clemence.. kinda fun.. play crappy pool.. wahah then come home.. later at nite going geylang with koon n jx perharps.. heeh not go there fuck gal la.. go there eat.. wahaha... kk i wanna watch water boys le... cya tml bloggie!!!