Saturday, November 22, 2003

Woke up at 6 todae... got science paper 1 and dnt paper... hmm both was ok... i think... haha... finally the day has come.. my o finish olready.. kinda like fast... but i dun give a damn.. i'm gonna find work wif sean n sidon later at parkway.. hmm i wish that the 3 of us could work together.. especially in the same shift... yeah... after dnt paper, talk to sean at the staircase at the block just directly beside the school.. was nice toking to him... haha.. after that we went to toa payoh central to take bus home.. saw razaleigh.. haha.. tt asshole.. then take 159 home n when i reach home, dad was cooking fish.. hmm... not bad for starter.. lolx.. went to play soccer again wif azmi and my other neighbours.. after tt we rest a while and it started to rain.. we decided to play in the rain.. got ourselves dirty... then wash ourselves with tap water.. haha.. rest for like 10 minutes went home.. journey home was quite scary... i was walking all alone from azmi block to my block.. but i dun care.. just dun think of tt thing nth will happen to me.. so when i reach home, first thing to do is to bath.. after bathing relaxing in my aircon room is the best thing.. haha.. oh ya.. tml gonna go sleep my grandma house beside i gonan go church at nite and then after church it would be late. so decided to sleep at my grandma house which is near jurong (choa chu kang) haha.. gonna visit my grandma sometimes u know.. she's been discharge from hospital just recently and was feeling rather weak.. hmm... feeling kinda tired rite now.. anyway gonna go and sleep.. tata.. cha!

Wednesday, November 19, 2003

Woke up at 6 todae... got a math n chem test... hmm.. both was ok... i think... hha.. i wanna get a1 for both of my math.. nono i must get.. lolx.. yup.. something happen todae... when i was doing my a math paper, my stomach suddenly felt super pain... bear with it for around 15 minutes until paper was finish. i was the first one to rush out of the examination hall and to the teacher's toilet.. haha.. shitting in teacher's toilet is much more better then shitting in 'students' toilet... lolz... after tt went to canteen to study.. ei leen teach me.. haha.. she super good in chem.. no need to see book also know the answer all... i salute to her and i would like to thank her for teaching me even though a math was her last paper... i mean not many ppl would help after o last paper... cox most of them will be like : 'freedom!! yeah let's go out play' haha.. thank u ei leen! lolz.. yup.. chem exam was a bit tough... TO ME... but i manage to do it.. hmm wish i get b4 and above for my combined science... yeah.. went to jam with my fren fter chem.. played a few songs like all the small things and salvation army? (dunno issit like tt spell...) after tt went home.. first thing when i reach home, brother called me to buy food for him.. arghz... no hoice gotta buy for him.. cox he is my brother.. well after eating we have a little conversation n then i went downstair to play soccer... hmm i swear a lot sia.. damn lot.. haha now still wet.. lolx.. gonna go bath now.. haha yeah.. tata... Cha!

Monday, November 17, 2003

Woke up at 12... play gunbound till 2... go azmi house eat at 230... came back at 6.... DL songs from kazaa at 615... study and listen to songs at 630... went down for a while at 7.... came back around 8... eat at 830... went down to play soccer at 9... before coming home quarrel with chee bye alip at 1115... filled with a bit of anger NOW... writing my blog now too... hmm.... fuck it...

Sunday, November 16, 2003

harlow.. this blog is for saturday.. since i'm writing it now at 3+ am.. i could tell u wat i do today(sunday) haha... anyway i have tuition in the morning.. yeah todae is the last tuition i'm having for the rest of my life i think... hmm... i dunno wat to do after 'o' sia... alamak.. nvm after 'o' then say ba.. lolx.. Anyway todae after my tuition, i waited for azmi to call me as he said he wanted to go buy things... i end up calling him instead.. haha.. well he said tt he couldn't go because his dad didn't give him money and i was like feel kinda busted.. but nvm lor.. not his fault also ma... then i go and play online game.. play until evenng time, dad came home and then we went out to eat at bishan... sakae sushi.. wao so nice.. lolx.. then went to see my grandmother at ang mo kio hospital... she is not actually sick.. but is just tt she is weak and couldn't move about tt much.. so its better to stay in hospital to make her able to move about more freely.. she's going back to her home this coming monday... hmm she asked me to go stay her house to help move her around like sitting down standing up walking.. etc la.. but i also dunno.. we'll see then.. haha... after tt went home, went to meet azmi to give him back his sarong.. yesterday he came my house and forgotten to take.. so i gave him back lor.. then we chit chat till 320.. after tt i came home and was shock to see tt there r still people online... i tot i am the only one who is online but i was wrong... well who cares.. hha.. anyway i'm gonna take a bath now... feeling uncomfortable wifout a bath before sleep.. even though i did no even swear.. lolz... kk tts all for todae.. good bye.

Friday, November 14, 2003

Harlow... hmmm todae is a hard day for me... haha.. first thing in the morning, i was woke up by a call from my neighbour... bloody hell he say he wanaa come my house i call him to shut up then i hang up the phone.. haha mean wsn't i? anyway after i woke up, i called him again n let him come.. so we play game until 1+ and then i went to azmi house... he asked me to help him clean his house and i was like 'anything'.. kahaha.. whoa it was really tiring cleaning his house... but we got rest a while and continue again la.. until 5+ we finish cleaning the house and he ask me to take a bath.. so i go bath lor.. haha.. then later go home round 7.. oh now la.. haha just reach home.. hmm... chem tuesday hor.. alamak haven study yet.. nvm la monday and sunday can study.. wahaha.. i last minute king wat... lolz..hope my 'o' can do well... the most important subject to me is englsih.. followed by two math then science then D n T.. humanities and chinese can fuck off sia.. these two subject go eat shit or disappear from my face forever man.. wakao.. i hate to study chinese sia.. but read comice all this got chinese nvm la.. cox fun wat.. ask me to memorise the bloody chinese charactor can die sia.. wahaha..
anyway later gonna meet azmi again.. maybe he come my house and maybe we relac relac at void deck... ahaha.. wat a wonderful place seng kang is... my ass... lolx.. tts all... ChA!!!!

Wednesday, November 12, 2003

Hiya... Today is yet another boring day.. but it is not as boring as any other day.. hmmm i think everyday is a boring day to me.. well i dunno... wahaha.. so this morning when i woke up, i play my ps 2 and suddenly my neighbour azmi msg me.. i also dunno why so just msg then he call me go his house... so i just go lor.. go his house eat.. hmm save money for buying lunch... lolz.. then my indian neighbour also go his house.. after relaxing a while, they went to my house.. azmi brought his sis along too... his small sis is very very cute man!!! i gave her a soft toy... elmo.. haha last time bought it at mcdonald... she seems to like it a lot.. well after playing some games on my ps 2, they went home and i started to pack my things for cell group meeting... i'm not actually in the cell group i think but susana just ask me go play then i just go lor.. cox i have nth better to do at home... hmm went there meet a lot of new friends.. but never really tok except for some... like Dexter... (the BAPO!!!) sharon (weirdo)... and i dunno liao... cox i went to have my dinner with them and was only close to the two of them there... haha... then took a bus home.. journey home was so boring... luckily i brought my md player... haha got to listen some songs on the way home... hmm... there's nth to say anymore.. oh ya.. though i went out and play almost everyday, but i really got study for my o level so ppl out there!!! dun think i'm a bloody slacker even if i am one!!! wahaha... Yeah tt's all ppl!! fuck the hell off!!! keke!!!
Wahaha.. yo where were u? i waited for ya to tok tok and ya didn't come... busted!

Tuesday, November 11, 2003

New template.. hope it seems better... haha fuck it!
Hi ppl.... today is another boring day for me... well at least it is better then sunday.. keke... hmmm today i went out with azmi to meet a gal from irc... haiz.. too bad for him.. the gal was rather big size... but i dunno her la.. was quite funny when i saw her because azmi was mumbling to me like scary mary or something.. haha... anyway when we came home... azmi came to my house to relax and left at round 5... after tt i watch Rave alone till 7++ while waiting for azmi to come. We went down and relax at the sepak takraw court... tok some cock with my other neighbours and then suddenly spar with azmi... haha.. we spar without using hand but leg... yeah... get to kick his butt for round 3 times... he kicked me too, but i block it with my knee.. it was quite fun sparing with him but he didn't use his fist.. if he use them, i dunno wat to say... haha... then i went to compass point with two of my neighbours.. one black one malay.... Blackie wanna buy clothes so i just accompany him... Disturb him throughout the whole journey... yeah blackie rocks when it comes to a victim of my nonsense.. Wahaha.. ok nth to write anymore... o level really sucks man... Wahaha... Fuck it!

Monday, November 10, 2003

Boring Day....
Today.... A maths.... Can't finish..... Sick.... Boring.... Sorry sam forget bout ur blog... my internet spoil and tts why i didn't went online and update my blog.. but now its ok... Anyway how did u and farid make ur website till so nice? hmmm maybe i should try it out today...
Later in the day i'm going to azmi house to waste my time.. i wonder why the cambridge wanted to give us so many days off till next tuesday? I just wanted to finish all my exam this week.. so i can finally end my chapters of secondary life... hmmm... yupz... today i have a quarrel with tommy... one of the bastards in my class... it seems tt i am not the only one whu hates him... anyway today rite after exam i was toking to my frens and i suddenly burp up, forgeting to close my mouth and he scolded me 'mother fucker'.. though i usually say this kinda hurting words but i wanted to changed olready... yeah i nearly punch his face but i stopped.. didn't wanna fight in front of so many people... and i just walked away... Then i saw Ei leen who was walking in front of me... i wanted to catch up with her but she walked too fast for me to catch up... i was tot of running towards her but lucky she turned her head and slow down... greeted her and bided good bye upon reaching the mrt... took mrt home today... kinda boring...
When i reached home i realise i did not bring my keys.. lucky a lady who come to my house every monday to do house cleaning was at home... went to watch Rave and it was nice.. and now after finishing writing my blog... i wanna try to upgrade my blog a little.. or else its a bit ugly..
Yeah.. i wonder wat to do now till the next paper comes.. hmm.. nvm........

Sunday, November 09, 2003

Wahaha... i'm back... hmmm o level started olready and i think i will do badly becox all the subjuect i study last minute one... haha wish i get good grade so can go poly take good course.. jc.. haiz if onli it is not compulsory to take chinese i sure go one sia... but i first three months never cannot get in so might as well forget it.. wuahaha...
Yeah just finish my tuition for a math... yesterday i had it too... and after tuition yesterday i went to geylang wif sidon farid sean and azmi.. azmi wanted to buy clothes there so we just go there walk walk lor.. then later sean say wanna meet gal at ps there.. we went wif him cox everybody were like anything... sia la when i see her fren... kaoz the face "scary mary' sia... like fuck man! hahah.. aiyah no my problem also la...
haha my internet finally ok liao... long time never go net olready sia... wa after o dunno wanna go where sia... want to go work or wat leh? haiz... nvm still got a long way to go... Anyway the band charles told me about was called 'Eraserheads'... if u like classical rock or i dunno how to describe the music la but its nice... hmmm... to all the people taking a math paper tml.. best of luck... haha... tt's all.... tata...

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2:23 pm
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