Sunday, October 19, 2003

Hi all... today is sunday which means tml i have skool... but i'm not going skool as i have caught a slight flu... go to skool also nth better to do so might as well stay home and rest.... hmm... tml i will be studying wif my fren during skool time.. but not in skool... at other place... yeah.. o level is coming and i have not even started studying... haiz.. tml is the beginning of my studying... hmm the best i try not to meet my neighbours too frequently as i may not concentrate on my work...
Anyway i took of the pin from the hole i pierce yesterday... hmmm it is damn irritating becox it keeps on getting stuck between my teeth... and it is very troublesome when i am having my meal.... even if i wan to put, it keeps on getting out when i'm eating so better to close it... i have swollen lips... haha i think kana infection liao... but i dun really care.. i won't die from it anyway.. even if i will, nobody really gives a damn bout it! life goes on even with me or without me... wahaha
Damn it i hate getting sick... especially flu... haiz.. wat to do? i also dunno how i get tt illness from man.. maybe i caught a cold myself? haha whu cares... ate a panadol olready.. feels much more better... hmm... i love the philipino songs charles lend me on the day we have our science practical... haha.. althought i dunno wat they are singing, i like the tune, the rhythem and their voices... sam lend me good charlotte cd too... it was quite nice... but the second album is far more much better than the first one... then when i was listening, i realise tt she burn other songs inside too... around 3 or 4 songs were sung by Bob Marley... hmm i tink Bob Marley is the person whu created reggae or i dunno... i'm not so sure bout tt... hmm.... today i'm gonna sleep on my mattress... even though i got a bed to sleep on but i wanna try sleeping on the mattress for once.. haha... i think i'm crazy.. but haha... hmmm still got wat to say??? Yeah! i think i'm gonna ask charles bout the philipino band whu sang those songs.... hmm.. will be telling u all the band when i get it from charles...

Here's the lyrics of my favourite song, 'Bloody Valentine' by Good Charlotte

Oh my love,
Please don't cry
I wash my bloody hands and we'll start a new life

I ripped out his throat
And call u on the telephone to take off my disguise
Just in time to hear you cry

When you mourn the death of your bloody valentine
The night he died
You mourn the death of your bloody valentine
One Last time, singing

Oh my love,
Please don't cry
I wash my bloody hands and we'll start a new life
I don't know much at all i don't know wrong from right
All i know is that i love you tonight

There was...

Police and flashing lights
The rain came down so hard that night
The headlines read "a lover died"
No tell-tale heart was left to find




He dropped you off i followed him home
Then i stood outside his bedroom window
Standing over him he begged me not to do
What i knew i had to do
'Cause i'm so in love with you



Yeah... tts all ppl... take care.. tata...

Kai Ngan
11:15 pm
"Don't let yesterday use up too much of today."

Saturday, October 18, 2003

Hi all.. Alamak.. i have made my father furious today... haiz.. whY? becox i went to pierce a hole under my lower lips and he said something bout i'm not his son? Well i don't care wait for him to cool down man.. haiz.. i dunno why he doesn't like this kinda things i mean its me who wants to pierce, not him... but i'm being thinking of closing this hole sooner or later as i really eat properly.. wahaha...
So anyway yesterday 3 of my frend came to ton at my house.... sidon and the rest r my neighbours.. we pierce at this morning 2-3 am... hha when everybody is sleeping... around 4 am, sidon and i cannot tahan anymore n we went to sleep inside my room while the two of them continue playing my ps 2.. finally, they slept at around 7 am... i woke up 12pm today... and then went to compass point to buy ear sticks to put on our new holes...but mine can really go in as i never pierce properly... haha nvm i will wait till tml and then put again.. buti scare my father will be very angry... ai ya see first la.. wahaha...
Later i am going to visit my grandmother... but i dunno whether we r going or not after my father realise wat i have done.. i think we will all keep quiet for the rest of the day and maybe even tml... or even a week... a month.. a year.. forever? wahaha i can't think of it now man... haiz... today is a sad and painful day for me.. ahaha... Take care then...

Kai Ngan
6:22 pm
"You can't control the weather but you can control your state of mind."

Thursday, October 16, 2003

Hi all... Hmmm... Today really sucks man... Becox... The boys including me in school today tot tt we will be having pe and then we bring our soccer boots to school... Who knows? Our school organise some lame post exam exercise for the sec 3!!! arghzz!!! see la we cannot play soccer liao... wanna show ppl my pe shirt also cannot... Does my teacher know that how long i took to draw the dragon on my back of my shirt? haha... nah forget it... its the past olready.. i can't change it so no use complaining!! hehe... Today we have a rehearsal for graduation day... hmmm my teachers said that on tt day itself will be a sad day for us.. some of us will cry.. hmm i wonder if i will.. haha... i dunno =x... really miss my good brader sidon if we leave school... haiz i can't think of tt day man.. maybe i will hug some of them... gals also hug la dun care.. lolx.. haha like they wan like tt.. hmm... i wonder... will it be more peaceful in beatty secondary school wif out we rascals? maybe it will be peaceful... haha i can't think of the future man...
Anyway after school we went to play soccer.... then on the way home saw samantha n hui shi n greeted them good bye.. ei leen n lynette was behind them too so also greeted them good bye... hahahahahah yeah sam hair was funny... hehehehwhahahaha she looks like a doll.. but was quite ok la.. then went to play soccer... nth different happen xcept tt viddot(vidhyaram) fell while sidon tackle him.. hehe i tink he landed head on on the wall.. (ouch!!!) wahahah then after playing for sometime afzal suggested playing violent soccer.. whereby we push n tackle roughly among ourselve haha.. i fell.. hehe... cox i was tackleing sidon when suddenly sidon ran towards me and bang me.. i trip and fell.. wahaha... now my elbow and leg hurts! nah whu cares... after tt we went home.. when i reach home, i went downstair and play soccer wif my neighbours late at nite and i reach home now writing my blog... Hurray! tml we r going to explore!!! well i and going wif azmi(my neighbour... some shu know him as i have mention him everywhere i go... he is considered my best fren around seng kang... i respect him and he respect me...) and sidon to punggol jetty the dunno wat istana buliding.. the building which the goverment wanted to demolish but instead of demolishing it, the 10 bungara whu were hired to do the job died mysteriously.. hmm.. i wonder how... anyway dun tok so much liao... tml confirm can write a lot bout this... and i am feeling quite scare now as nobody is at home!! dad went to see grand ma at hospital while my brother went for lesson... alamak... and one more thing... my 'tutor' or shu i say my god sister was sick!! haha all becox of her fren... she got flu still go school then pass on to my god sister and somebody else... then i wonder how is she now... wish her recover soon... hehe... see la study too much dunno how to take care of her own health now sick liao lor... lolx... she ha i dunno wat to say... lolx.. kk enough guys wanna go bath... Take care ppl.. Luv ya all... Remember to live life to the fullest!

Kai Ngan
11:00 pm
"You can't change your appearance but you can put on a smile"

Tuesday, October 14, 2003

Hi all... BORING BORING BORING!!! Haiz... Nowadays i hate school very very much... All i did in school was to sit around doing nothing... But something special happened today... i did the work my teachers gave me... I think a miracle is going to happen... Wahaha... Today the same old bastards never go school today except for two girls who are absent for today only... Oh ya tomorrow i have my o level science practical.. Haiz... i was kinda like... feeling boring bout it because i have to wait for like 4 hours in the hall for everybody to finish... Too bad i am in the first shift... Those people in the third shift really are fortunate man.. Once they finish they can go home... hmm how good can it be?
Hmm i don't know what to write anymore... suddenly i feel very stress up... Maybe is because i see my friends studying in class and i was.... playing? haiz... come to think of it, i should start studying now... Most probably at night cause i wanna hang out with my neighbours at noon? maybe it is not a good thing to do because they all have finish their exam and i was the one still struggling with it? Haiyo... any way bout the graduation speech i write, it totally sucks man... i presented it today in front of my class and all of them are laughing at it... i mean come on i don't mind because i really did not put in effort to write it lor... My eng teacher say tt it is a Teachers day speech instead of a graduation speech... hmmm u know wat? i don't give a damn man... i mean Who Cares? i just wanna read the speech.. i wish they let me read.. but i can tell tt i will not be chosen man.. because i have a malay fren in my class whu is very good in english... i think they will be choosing him instead of me... haiz... whu cares? fuck them all... wahaha... haiz.. today my brother and father will be coming home late and i am going to be all alone again.. how i wish i could be accompanied by someone.. i mean human beings instead of the u know wat...
Oh ya i can't wait for this friday to come man... Me n my neighbours will be cycling to punggol jetty and explore!! Yeah... althought i'm quite scare bout it but i know it will be fun... but if anyone of us encounter the thing, i dun think it will be fun any more... heard that they wanted to explore the dunno wat bungalow there which is haunted... Scary... But the lamest thing i heard from them was to go explore in the day time... i mean it is very lame lor... if wanna explore shu go at night wat.. but not the dangerous period la.. from 12 onwards............................ Anyway i will be writing my blog on friday bout this thing again... be sure to check it on saturday!! haha... But i know one of my frens won't be reading my blog on this friday cause she will get frighten n scare by it... hmmm.. i wonder... why is she so scare bout it? i mean she is not the one encountering it... Nah hope i don't encounter one... wanna know who tt person is? wahaha 'For me to know, For u to find out' It will be easy to guess once i say the class... She's from.... nah i dun wanna say.. later she kill me... wahaha... tt's all folks... always remember to be happy.... thought i am feeling quite lonely now... i dun think anybody will feel the same way i am feeling now... cox i have this feeling everytime... EVERYTIME when i went home and found out that my family are all not at home... Nobody will understand this feeling... hehe.. Nvm... don't worry bout me.. i won't be so stubborn to do anything funny... Wahaha... enjoy ppl.. good luck for everything u do and do ur best in it...

Kai Ngan
19:44 pm
"An optimist sees an opportunity in every calamity"

Saturday, October 11, 2003

Hm.... today is another boring day in skool but after skool a lot of things happened... haha let's start wif skool... today i went to class n the first thing i see is ppl playing poker cards.. haha... then hui shi was watching them play n then sam came in class.. then we chat a bit n school starts... Doggie was not good today.. she was a bad bad doggie!!! hehe.. she took the cca thingy home n did not bring it back when we need to hand in today wif our signuature on it to confirm our cca grade... as usual we ppl scold her n she buay song liao.. scold us back.. well not actually us.. was hui shi... we help hui shi of cox.. lolx.. the rest kept quiet cept me n sam whu was busy thinking of proper phrases to scold her... but most was it was done by hui shi.. i heard tt doggie ried after tt... hehe waddya expect? she is a dog anyway.. lolz.. but not those cute chubby looking dog.. she was a violent, smelly ugly dog with spots all over her legs + a dog body with her own head which is a monster... lolz... wahaha... we play a game heart attack n bluff.. at first marcus was playing wif them n i sit behind him n sabo him.. hehe wat a fun thing to do.. then later i team up wif sam n hui shi to lay bluff.. we won.. lucky.. then play heart attack... sam was sitting beside me n we were like helping each other? anyway pinya kana beaten a lot on the hand in tt game haha.. all of us sabo him... after tt nth fun happened n i went home..
Later at nite, this is where all the things happened.. we went jalan kayu n have our dinner.. i ate 2 prata cox i was quite hungry... (have not eaten since recess) lolz.. then we went exploring... at first we wanna go punggol jetty n explore as we were riding bicycle so it was very much convience... hehe end up going punggol park as we lost track of some of my frens cox they were ridding at a very fast speend so we were like waiting for them to come back.. we went round searching for them but in the end we found them lucky... so as we were cycling in the park, we were like joking around n racing.. haha was quite fun... when we got tired, we rest a while after tt cycle slowly along the track... my fren drop his towel on the track so we waited for him to take it n one f my fren said to me n his bro... 'wanna see something? look behind...' n i saw it... it was not so clear to me as i duno wat i m seeing but when his bro n him was like 'uh oh...' i knew something bad is going to happen... he shouted gulu or gula i dunno.. n iwas like uh oh... my frens were cycling slpwly in front n i had to shout it... 'GULU GULU!!!!' EVERYBODY was like shit!!! we cycle very fast away from it to a safe distant from it... some of them did not see it wanted to see it so my fren brought them back n when they see it they ran away.. haha... later one of my fren the gf wanted to go home n she was scare... so my fren n the other fren send her home.... n we were relaxing somewhere at the park n they were toking bout tt thing... they say tt we see it becox of the gal as thi thing like to how to say... like to target gals? i dunno... then we were like waiting for them to return when finally at 1145 they came back we were like come on lets go home!!!! we cycle at a fast speed home... then when i reach my block there we bid each other good bye wishing each other luck n giving our regards... when i reach home it was excatly 12 a.m. hmm... i tot... i was feeling a bit scare but it won't do anything good to me by feeling tt so i went online to tok to my frens then i went to bath.. hmm.. it was very very very quiet... n i heck care bout it lor.. dun tink so much.. then after tt i write my blog which is this thing..
anyway today i write a lot of stuff... was damn long.. lolx.. anyway good luck to those reading this haha tata take care....

Kai Ngan
12.57 am
"No one knows what he can do until he tries"

Thursday, October 09, 2003

harlow... haiz.. sad to hear tt my fren pass away.. for those whu didn't know, its non of ya business.. for those whu knows.. keep quiet.. yesterday i went to her funeral n her parents were very very sad... her mum was beside my fren... she was crying n rying n crying... i heard from some of my frens tt she started crying when she got the news... when i went there wif some of my frens we light up joss stick n give our respect to her... she committed suicide n reason was unknown.. dun ask me... if it was known, the police won't be investigating it olready... i went to take a look at her wif pei jian n kenny.. the rest of them were afraid to see, not tt i was brave, i tot it was nth because i have seen my mum face at the coffin almost everyday when she pass away.. But, when i just have a sneak of bout half of her face, i was shock n i stop looking n immediately walk away... it was like a totally different person n i dun know how to describe it to anybody else... haiz.. i was thinking of it from yesterday till now... even when i was writing this thingy... haiz
i think tt wat she do was not a good way to solve her problem.. she was quite selfish in a way tt she ended her life n leave her parents living a miserable life.. haiz.. ok dun tok bout this.. i started to feel scare.. haiz.. today skool was very boring.. we have free periods all the way.. i dun know why we still must go skool.. haiz... but lucky tml got pe.. yeah... today pinya went home at round 12 pm.. after his history class... he pon ten class la.. then some of my classmate know bout it but just kept quiet when mrs singh ask whu is not in class.. we act as if we dunno when suddenly a dog started barking' oh i know its pinya' hmm sam n hui shi was beside me n i can smell trouble when miss sim came in after the announcement of pinya returning to classroom... reason is tt before tt, sam was asking me in chinese "go back" then i reply "go where? home huh" n i didn't realise miss sim was beside her.. so miss sim came in n ask kai ngan i heard u saying wat go home then i was like no i ask sam go where after skool go home isst? i know i was telling a lie but whu cares... then she call him n found out tt he went home n then went out.. can tell tt she was furious... i dun care.. i hate her... she like to be sarcastic.. i hate her.. sometimes onli la.. lolz..
after tt i went home n play online game... play play play until nite go eat then play again then go msn tok to my frens then writing blog.. finding ways to sleep.. haiz... i shuldn't have went in to see her face.. damn it...

Kai Ngan
12:03 am
'You can't lengthen your life but you can enrich it.'

Saturday, October 04, 2003

Wahaha... hmm hmm.... today skool totally sucks man... i fail my humans... nvm if fail... at least give me a d7 la.. why must give me f9? haiz.. first 3 months to jc... POOP! gone.. lolx.. dun care la wahaha.. anyway i went to seoul garden as a class to eat there... it was very fun... this fren of mine, salleh a unsocialble guy in my class, whu live NEAR WOODBRIDGE HOSPITAL, desided to action in front of us to drink a cup of gross liquid, or shu i say a drink which no human being could drink? actually its a bet la.. we put all the soft drinks there n mix, all the sweet syrup, raw egg, cockles, mayonise, 1000 island, bake beans, n many many more kind of stupid things inside... at first he wanted to drink but eventually he back out... hmm... i dun blame him for doing tt.. cox tts not a drink for a human being.. i can guarenttee tt after drinking tt he would have diarrohea for one week? haha...
any way after tt we all went home... trip home was boring.. haha.. Finally when i reach home? my stomach was aching n i visited the toilet n do my business la.. haha.. then at round 7+ went down to find my fren, sit down tok tok relac relac then go play soccer.. haha.. fun man.. haha.. but tireding... *yawn* sian.. haiz... nth to say... even got also lazy to write... haha.. kk tt's all ppl... wahaha

Kai Ngan
1:10 AM
' You can't control others but you can be your own master'

Wednesday, October 01, 2003

today is children day.. wahaha... i miss my days when i was a child.. lolx.. na whu cares... anyway i have a new hair cut yesterday.. lolz. i cut 'botak' BUT... with two lines come out at the side of my head... tt makes each side two... if u r curious n wanna see it, come n see me in skool la.. lolx.. i wish i can hide from my DM or OM bout my hair style....
Anyway i pass my eng n chinese!!! yeah!! though i get c5 for each subject, i THINK i can get A1 for both a n e math.. haha.. welll i have confidence in it... lolx.. so please god help me!!! wahaha..
OH yes... tml i have PE lesson.. hope it doesn't crash with my mass revision!!! lolx.. long time never have pe n i miss it!!! hehe... hmm... i wana say something tt i have a god sis from nan chiao high skool... which is a secondary school near my house there... n she is in secondary 1... i wonder if i m falling for her... haha.. i duno... maybe it would be betta to be in our bro n sis relationship.. whu knows.. i dun really give a damn lor.. haha... anyway gotta go... cya again!!!

Kai Ngan
'Learn from your mistake and move on...'