Friday, August 29, 2003

Today is teacher's day.... hurray... mr amos n mdn diana won the award n i forget wats the title of it.. haha.. mdn diana sure got a lot of patience... especially teaching 4e3 which is my class. haha.. i cant believe she can tolerate most of us in the class; we like to sleep or do other things in her class. haha i think we dun respect her at all.. lolx.. i wear a sure 'Feels like SHIT deja vu' to skool today.. seriously speaking i feel like shit.. haha.. after tt went to eat kfc wif sidon farid n koon... then go orchard wif them + eva n li lian... haha... meet my pri skool fren too.. Razaleigh.. wat a cool guy he is... haha.. we have a lot of things in common such as.... haha dun think anybody wanna know also.. haha.. tml still got ss n dnt... hmm wish i can finish my dnt... i HOPE SOMEONE OR ANYBODY TT CAN HELP ME IN MY CHEMISTRY... i totally sucks in it lor.. kaoz... i sure fail the mock test.. hmm... hmm... i heard from eileen tt i tok to her in mn at 3 when i was outside the whole day at orchard... i wonder whu tt guy was... was it my bro? or issit my fren whu knows my scount n password? or something else......? haha.. i dunno... anyway i'm getting scare n stress up for the prelims.. i dunno wat to do.. i haven study yet.. I NEED SOMEBODY TO STUDY WIF ME SIA!!!!! or i will slack at home n do something else such as playing games or wateva things lor.. haha.. any way happy teachers day... haha.. tts all... (i think my blog sucks but whu cares?) wahaha

Tuesday, August 26, 2003

Haiz... skool was again boring.. sidon n fadhli come to my hse today... then i forget to brng keys.. haha so need to wait for my dad to come home n open the door for me... but bro came instead of dad as dad wet to buy 4d.. b4 tt they went to motor shop n my bro bought a new bike.. dunno why also.. then we play n at nite they two went now.. haiz.. today is a bad luck day for me man... i wish i could die.. i hate this world... fuckoff....

Monday, August 25, 2003

Whoa.. today is a great day to... I dunno.. haha.. skool was very very boring.. cept tt stupid tommy bring a fake shit to skool n disturb everybody.. samantha was scre of it.. i dunno why.. n tt idiot put it on the floor in the canteen when we were having our food.. i wanted to vomit sia.. cox i was eating curry spag.. the colour was quite the same.. YUCK!!! stupid bear.. anyway after skool went to nokia care centre with afzaldinho wanker n V. ... saw mt amos there.. he collect his phone... say wat his mother board or duno wat spoil.. haha.. dunno la.. then return home went to play soccer wif my neighbours.. all of them r suckers man.. everytime bully me.. wack me like siao sia.. i good boy dun wanna wack them.. later i wack they go to hospital haha.. sia la dnt folio n artefact need to be handed in by friday sia.. see my face (0_0).... i didnt even finsih haf of it lor.. haha so stress. tml must start to finish lor.. though i didnt want to as i was lazy.. haha... sia la boring sia.. haha got to know two gals from irc.. kristy n marilyn.. haha.. but i m not like marcus n afzal ha.. haha they two playboy sia.. i good boy.. haha kidding.. dunno why nic like to play wif my hp so much.. haha.. maybe its time for larry to realli buy for her? haha i dunno... Tml is a great day to start working on my dnt.. i think so.. haha...

Sunday, August 24, 2003

HUH????? wat sia i press wrong button n i deleted everything i wrote!!! arghzz nvm i write this again.. haha.. i accepted christ today.. wahaha.. went to nic church wif larry nic n jess.. heard from nic tt jess is a smart gal.. i dunno... cox i dun even know her.. haha.. went to youth service n main service.. koon came too... then later when we finish i saw jx n yong quan.. went to buy ear rings wif them but i didnt buy.. haha no $$$.. they say they r going to wear this coming friday.. n i still dunno wat to write.. well dun care la.. haha.. maybe wear red undies.. dress up like supErman.. not supArman ha.. mind u... hehe.. dad just realise i was a christian... was quite irritated by it.. WHU CARES its my choice.. not his anyway.. haha M i being RUDE??? i dunno... anyway rachel if u r reading this just wana tell u to relax.. u n sk8ter boy will be fine after a few days.. think i can guarentte tt.. haha.. Hillsongs rulez anyway... i wonder if i can still listen to heavy metal songs... haiz..